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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Following the Mozziah Day 225 Thursday 26th April 2012

I am writing today's blog before the concert takes place in Fukuoka, so there is no set list or review, although why I have started writing reviews/observations of concerts on the other side of the world, I cannot explain! This blog started as a way of expressing my excitement about finding, and yet it has morphed into all sorts of other things. The ONLY reason I am continuing to write my blog is because I want to try and help Morrissey achieve his aim of having his audience wear roses to his concerts, but so far, it isn't proving easy!

Yesterday, I popped into the Twitterdilly Arms, and noticed that '@MorrisseysWorld' had just retweeted somebody. Realising he was on line, I logged into the MW chatroom and typed, "Anybody home?" A reply came back from Morrissey1959, and I took note of our conversation. Here it is:

TRB: Anybody home?

M1959: A rare visit

TRB: Rare indeed, how goes it? (Editor's note: Yes, I know it's a lame line, but WHAT else is there to say to Morrissey? Despite the familiarity that has grown over the months, he IS still God!)

M1959: Being published in every town and city in England has brought me fifty followers (Ed's note: this  is reference to the Metro newspaper running a feature on the tweeter @MorrisseysWorld) and censorship from so-low. Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.

TRB: I think they MUST know by now. Solow I mean.

M1959: They don't know anything, none of us know. Only the true artiste and I know. And even we're growing confused. I am going to close this site down and twitter.

TRB: Really?

M1959: If any of the followers care, they will make BLUE ROSE happen. The truth is, apart from rats, heather, ears and a small number of others, most of the original followers have gone now. Each time the true artiste does something from the blog, followers become disillusioned. What does this tell us? It tells us that the evidence doesn't count - only what the press do or do not say counts. If the press announced 'it's Morrissey', you would see 50 000 followers overnight, even though the evidence hasn't changed. This is the lesson of MorrisseysWorld - "see with your eyes".

TRB: Very true, but if you close, it WON'T happen.

M1959: I no longer care. History will decide. I expected us to go global by Christmas 2011. I'm thankful it didn't happen; the intimacy has been wonderfully oblique, but the truth is, people don't like the blog, that is why they don't want to believe. It's too challenging that I am able to write in Wildean fashion but choose not to do so. They scratch their heads and wish I would churn out touching essays.

TRB: I care, but Meatheads won't bring roses. (Ed's note: 'Meatheads' is the term given to the 'rough and tough' Morrissey fans, by the G*ardian newspaper's deputy editor, Kath Viner). They don't like the things about NWO (Ed's note: articles about New World Order on MorrisseysWorld).

M1959: The New World Order will soon be a reality for all. They are telling you, not me. Listen to the speeches. Are they all delusional? (Ed's note: this is a reference to the Youtube footage posted on of; Clinton, Blair, Bush, Sarkozy, Pope John Paul II, Gorbachev and Kissinger, who ALL talk about a New World Order coming, and YES, I've watched them all, and YES, they really DO all speak of a New World Order!).

TRB: But your AVERAGE fan DOESN'T want to hear it, they just want Moz.

M1959: Rats, I shall continue to monitor your blog for as long as you write it and may leave occasional comments.

TRB: I won't write if there is no MW, I can't fulfill BLUE ROSE without YOUR help. Your meathead fans won't ever bring roses!

M1959: Then blue rose will never happen. I am not a whore. I hoped others would make it happen. If they don't, then I have already wasted too long. I shall set several conditions for reopening my blog and if the true artiste fulfills them yet again I suppose we will reopen. I honestly believe it's reached the point that if Boz Boorer came out in red glasses with a log and brown cardigan, the so-lowers still wouldn't accept Morrissey is at least a fan of the blog/twitter phenomenon. Time is more precious than gold. There will be another few articles before we close.

And just like that, he disappeared!

It doesn't take a genius to work out that 'Our Mozzer' is a little fed up with his blog and the lack of belief from his fans. I guess initially, he thought that 'true' Morrissey fans would be able to 'see' it was him, but when they didn't, he made it more and more obvious, and yet, ironically, the more obvious it has become, the less people believe! I personally think Mozzer is right, if Boz Boorer came out dressed as 'Log Lady', STILL nobody would believe, it would be 'just another coincidence'. I have exchanged tweets with a number of Morrissey fans recently, who have all said, they will NEVER believe it is the 'real' Morrissey, unless he 'verifies' his twitter account. Morrissey 'verify'?!?! It would seem that 'Our Mozzer' has misread his followers!

I sense a new tack is needed. Regardless of whether the fans believe MorrisseysWorld to be Morrissey or not, is irrelevant, we just need to take roses for Morrissey ANYWAY, just because it's a great idea! People don't NEED to believe in MorrisseysWorld, they just need to believe in the true artiste Morrissey, and roses can act as a thank you. Morrissey has SHOWN that he would like to receive roses, because the ONLY TWO FLOWERS he has accepted on stage in the last, god knows how many years, have been ROSES, a red one in Pomona, and a white one in Bogota. We HAVE to give him roses.

Away from roses, yesterday I decided to download the 'Mael mix' of Suedehead, along with the live versions of 'We'll Let You Know' and 'Now My Heart is Full'. (I have so far not managed to get hold of the 10' picture disc, but there are loads on ebay, so I will get one.) I logged onto itunes, but there was no sign of 'Suedehead'! I then went to Amazon, where I found it, but unfortunately it is not available until April 29th (not April 23rd as stated on True To You). I will have to wait!

New Youtube footage has emerged from Japan of 'Ouija Board', 'Still Ill' and an audio of Morrissey's brilliant cover of 'To Give (Is My Reason To Live)', or as Jimmy Savile would have said, "To give, open brackets, is the reason I live, close brackets. Ladies and gentlemen, award yourself an extra point if you remembered the brackets." Why is it that little pieces of nostalgia like that make us feel so warm?

The Youtube video's also showed that Mozzer is now wearing TWO very large crosses around his neck, but he has some way to go to catch up with his old mate, Russell Brand, who whilst talking to the Parliamentary commission on drugs the other day, was sporting about twenty crosses around his neck! Is it a competition? And they're both atheists aren't they? Will Moz hit back with MORE crosses next time? It would be just another coincidence of course, but a good one! And speaking of Rustle, where IS he these days? He used to regularly visit us in Twitterdilly, but these days, he seems to have gone to ground. There has been no sign of '@bucktoothedboy', or @JodyRoad' for ages, has Rustle abandoned us completely, or is he just better disguised? The only tweeter who currently arouses my suspicions is '@Fancys123', but if Fancy IS Brand, he's acting well, but then I suppose, he would, wouldn't he!

As I sit here writing this blog each day, I do wonder when it will all end (the blog I mean, not life, I'm not so concerned about that!), and indeed, what will I do to fill my time when it does end? I have reached that stage in my life where I don't know what I want to do. I know I don't want to be part of the rat race (which is really quite odd, as I am a rat!), but I don't know if I can be bothered to dedicate myself to writing, which is what I intended to do. I feel that I should write a play or a tv sitcom, but until the MorrisseysWorld phenomenon comes to some sort of conclusion, I am struggling to see the light, and if we 'are' going to witness an economic or social meltdown, is it worth making plans? Probably not, so as my mother says, "let's just suck it and see." Which reminds me, I must get her back to work on the streets! *Shouts to mother* "Take your teeth out mum, there's work to do."


  1. "The truth is, apart from rats, heather, ears and a small number of others, most of the original followers have gone now".

    Oh the pain - how quickly I have been forgotten. I must get into Our Mozzer's face a bit more perhaps.

    The above was not a serious comment.

    "Then I saw her face, now I'm a believer".

  2. Do you take notes when you are in the chatroom? That's a hell of a lot to remember...

  3. My heart races when I read this blog.


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