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Friday, 27 April 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 226 Friday April 27th 2012



This morning I have spent 45 minutes hanging on the phone, trying to buy a ticket for Morrissey's concert in Manchester on July 28th. Eventually I got one, well two actually as 'Big Mick' is coming with me, but unfortunately, I couldn't get standing tickets, which is VERY disappointing. At least I'll be there for the concert, which, according to, "Will be a great day in this blog's history." Also, according to MorrisseysWorld, the Manchester concert will see, "Morrissey do something remarkable."

Due to the furore surrounding ticket sales, Morrissey has been 'trending' on twitter, and as the excitement grows, I expect people will start to look around the internet for Morrissey news. There is a VERY strong chance that more people will find MorrisseysWorld, which this morning, has a total 'hit count' of 249,690. It is INCREDIBLE that there have been a quarter of a million hits on MorrissysWorld, and yet STILL, neither the media, nor Morrissey's own fans, have realised that it is MORRISSEY behind the website. To anybody who may be reading my blog for the first time, have NO doubt that it IS Morrissey who writes the articles on MorrisseysWorld, and all the evidence can be found here: . Another great place to find all the proof is by visiting the website which first led me to MorrisseysWorld,

Morrissey also has a twitter site, '@MorrisseysWorld', and YES, IT REALLY IS MORRISSEY, but don't ask him to admit it, he will deny, deny, deny! The twitter account currently has just 7,067 followers, and back in September, when I stumbled upon it, there were just 300 odd. If you're interested enough, you can read my whole story of how I found MorrisseysWorld and how I realised it was Morrissey, by starting at Day 13 of 'Following the Mozziah' (it's self explanatory as to why it starts at day 13).

Two days ago, Morrissey explained to me in the MorrisseysWorld chatroom (see my blog entry for yesterday), that the point of MorrisseysWorld was to prove that it is "only what the press do or do not say that counts." He explained that "if the press announced 'it's Morrissey', you would see 50 000 followers overnight, even though the evidence hasn't changed." The other point to MorrisseysWorld is to convey the message that Morrissey wants to be given ROSES at his concerts - please see below - THE HISTORY OF BLUE ROSE.

I have now decided to take a break from writing this blog, for no other reason than that I have started repeating myself, and I also believe people are getting fed up of me (I know how they feel). I never intended to take centre stage among the 'believers' of MorrisseysWorld, it 'just happened'! MorrisseysWorld has gone quiet, while Morrissey tours Japan, and as there is very little Youtube footage being posted, and as it is HIGHLY unlikely that Morrissey will accept a BLUE ROSE until Manchester, there is nothing else at present, for me to say.

I desperately hope that Morrissey's fans will take roses to all his concerts in Asia, America and Europe, and THROW THEM TO THE STAGE. It would be nice to think that by the time Morrissey reaches Manchester, the MEN will be awash with roses, but it will only happen if his fans make it happen. I believe that Morrissey WILL wear a BLUE ROSE in Manchester on July 28th, and maybe, just maybe, he will sing 'Trouble Loves Me'.


On August 22nd 2011, Morrissey, via the website, asked for fans attending his concerts on the USA tour, to wear either a single red rose or a single white rose.

On September 1st 2011, this request was re-iterated and it was stated that it was in honour of Oscar Wilde, because of the roses being a recurring motif in his work. It was also stated that Wilde lives on today in the artiste Morrissey. 

On October 16th 2011, MorrisseysWorld gave instructions that, "When Morrissey leaves the stage after the end of the set, he will pause prior to coming out for the encore. During this period, you should throw your rose on to the stage."

On November 4th 2011 on MorrisseysWorld, it was explained that the 'Secret Rose Society' was to mirror Oscar Wilde's 'Green Carnation', a secret society formed by Oscar Wilde for his followers, who would all wear green carnations to his performances without anybody knowing why. 

On November 14th 2011, Morrissey's tour of the USA and Mexico got underway, with a concert in San Antonio, Texas, and a small number of the audience were reported to have worn roses, but none were thrown to the stage.

On November 28th 2011, during the song 'Everyday is Like Sunday', at the concert in Pomona, Morrissey took a red rose from a member of the audience and sniffed it. There is Youtube footage showing this here: .

There were a number of other concerts played on the USA and Mexican tour and at various concerts, some members of the audience wore white or red roses, but NONE were actually handed to Morrissey.

On February 24th 2012, Morrissey started his tour of South America and again, MorrisseysWorld gave instruction to wear a red rose or a white rose and to throw it to the stage. Two concerts were played in Chile and although it is rumoured that roses were worn, none of them made the stage. Four concerts were then played in Argentina and once more, it is said that some of the audience wore roses, but NONE were handed to Morrissey. Four more concerts followed in Brazil (3) and Peru (1), but again, NO roses were handed to Morrissey.

On March 17th 2012, on the very last day of Morrissey's South American tour, in Bogota, Columbia, Morrissey plucked a white rose from the audience during the song 'You Have Killed Me' (Video footage here: ). Under the red lighting, the rose looked red, thus confirming a prophecy on MorrisseysWorld, which said the white rose would turn red when the blood runs (the 'blood runs' being the song 'You Have Killed Me'). This act signalled the start of a phenomenon that Morrissey has labelled 'BLUE ROSE SOCIETY'.

On April 19th 2012, Morrissey embarked on the Asian leg of his World tour. Many flowers were brought to the concerts (evidence here: ) but NONE were roses (mainly gladioli) and so NONE were taken by Morrissey - he JUST wants roses, as homage to Oscar Wilde.

The reason that the phenomenon has been labelled 'BLUE ROSE', is because blue roses, just like green carnations, are not natural flowers. Wilde's followers were known as 'Green Carnation', Morrissey's followers are 'BLUE ROSE'.

Blue roses have come to symbolise mystery and longing to obtain the impossible. Blue roses also represent unrequited love. MORRISSEY IS BLUE ROSE.

Followers of Morrissey should wear either a red, white, or blue rose to his concerts, and throw them to the stage. It has also been said, that the song 'TROUBLE LOVES ME' is the song of the BLUE ROSE SOCIETY, as it is an anagram 'LOVE MT BLUE ROSE'. 'Trouble Loves Me' has not been performed by Morrissey since 2006, so if it IS played, it would be extra special.


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  1. See you in Manc oh whiskery one. We may nibble on a piece of cheese together. Please do not let any droppings fall from your lofty seat onto my head.

    Thanks for all the blogs so far - thoroughly entertaining.

  2. Thank you for all the time and effort you have dedicated to this blog so far, even if our opinions have differed at times. I have enjoyed reading this blog every day for the past 7 months or so!
    Unfortunately I will not be able to make it to Manchester. Circumstances conspiring against me, but I wish all the people that are going the best of nights! Just wish there could be a live stream on the night... By the way, happy that I changed my profile pic on Twitter?

  3. Oh Rat, you'll never know how I wish I could be there!

  4. My dearest rat, I will miss my daily dose of Following The Mozziah.
    I hope I can buy you a pint in Manchester as a small token of my thanks.

  5. I am convinced and feel much better now.

    I recall an old quote from Mr Marr about Mr Morrissey that there was nothing wrong with him that a good shag couldn't fix. I am sick and I am dull and I am plain and the flat grey years have taken their toll.

    Thankyou for your patience and explanations.

  6. Expect to see you on that stage in Manchester with your blue rose if you have to fire yourself out of a cannon to get there.
    Bon voyage!

    thanks for the bloggety blogs

  7. Rat - Your blog is always a pleasure to visit. Enjoy your break from updating it; but please don't stay away too long. Take good care and hope you return soon.

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