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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Following the Mozziah Day 232 Thursday May 3rd 2012

At last, at last, at last, no, the builders haven't yet finished in my house, and no, the rain hasn't stopped long enough for us to play a cricket match yet this season. My at last, at last, at last, is a reference to Youtube footage from Japan, and it's good quality footage at that!

The songs that have been posted (from yesterday's concert in Nagoya) are; 'How Soon Is Now?', 'Let Me Kiss You', 'First of the Gang to Die', in which Morrissey sings 'Oscar' instead of 'Hector', and 'Everyday is Like Sunday', in which Morrissey takes a cellophane wrapped flower from somebody, looks at it (presumably to see what sort of flower it is), and then gives it away, which I guess means it wasn't a rose! The footage also shows that quite a lot of the audience had flowers, but mainly gladioli. The message about roses doesn't seem to have reached Nagoya, although that's not entirely true, because '@tokyo_katie' had promised to take one, but she tweeted yesterday to say it hadn't arrived in time (3 day delivery), and so she would be taking it to Tokyo instead.

Also from the Youtube footage, Boz's new silver dress can be seen more clearly, and it is STUNNING! Anybody who says Boz looks like a lump of meat wrapped in bacofoil, or Deirdre Barlow at wedding do,  is being totally unfair, he looks great....and SO comfortable in himself.

Today will see Morrissey play the last of his Japanese concerts (back in Tokyo), before heading to Seoul in South Korea, for a concert on Sunday. After Seoul, the entourage will then be off to Singapore, where 'Mancladmozfan' will be waiting with his 'blue rose' in hand! How fitting it would be, if one of the original discoverers (and believer) of MorrisseysWorld, 'Manclad', were to be the one to help Morrissey  fulfill 'Blue Rose'. Manclad has of course had his opportunities before, when he attended a couple of concerts last year in the USA, but on those occasions, although he took a rose to the concerts, he failed to deliver them to Moz. This time, the whole of 'Blue Rose' will be with him (in spirit at least), as he attempts to fulfill 'Blue Rose', and I have a feeling that this time, more than any other time, this time, he'll get it right!

I have paid a very quick visit to twitter this morning, and my first discovery of the day was that yet another of the 'old gang'/'blue rose brigade', has removed the rose from their profile picture. This time it is '@Its_Only_Me_K'. Has she lost the faith? As yet I don't know, and as it is the middle of the night in California (where her profile says she lives), I doubt I'll find out until tomorrow. Mind you, she might not of course live in California, she might have made that up, after all, who knows what is real and what isn't in the land of Twitterdilly? As for my own twitter profile location, it says I live in 'The Twitterdilly Arms', which I can state for the record, is 100% true!

Not much else to report from the land of Twitterdilly, although Romina (@caterita2008) has returned, and has this morning been tweeting during the Tokyo concert, which DEFINITELY rules her out as being Morrissey, but one of her tweets this morning mentioned sleeping like a 'log', which I'm sure is a hint that she is something to do with MorrisseysWorld. I have a sneaky suspicion that Romina is Kristeen Young! I presume Kristeen IS touring in Japan with Moz, IS SHE? Answers on a postcard please, or preferably, in the comments section below. It would be nice to hear from Romina!

The only other thing to report from twitter, is the return to my 'private box' of my 'Spirit of Nico' (@dotdotdotpause), who regular readers will remember I used to think was Morrissey. In the back of my mind I am still deluded enough to believe it is Morrissey, but I am STILL so confused by everything to do with this whole phenomenon, I've given up thinking too much about it. The only thing I do remember about '@dotdotdotpause', is that after I'd returned to twitter after a break once, and sent a private message to 'dotdot', the next thing I knew, '@Banjaxer' was tweeting that "The rat's back", so 'dotdot' may be 'Banjaxer', I just don't know, and it really doesn't matter, although why 'Banjaxer' would be threatening me one minute and then exchanging private messages the next is mystifying! Where was I? Oh yes, 'Nico'/'Dotty' has been exchanging messages with me, and sent a link to a great Jobriath song called 'Ooh La La', which I'd not heard before. I've never really listened to Jobriath, although it is well documented that he was a big favourite of Morrissey's. I think I shall explore Jobriath further.

I am writing this blog entry before the Tokyo concert finishes, so I have no news regarding the concert, other than to say that the band have been photographed in their tight yellow shorts, and nothing else! I will look out for further photos (and maybe vidoes) and report back tomorrow. I should also have news as to whether 'Tokyo_Katie' succeeded in her mission to deliver her 'Blue Rose'.

STOP PRESS: Twitter news just in from '@Tokyo_Katie', firstly, she tweeted a picture of her blue rose as she held it up at the concert (nowhere near the stage might I add), and then she tweeted to say, "Maybe he wants space monkey green gerbers! Roses did not float his boat - nor did he take any of the flowers (lots) or gifts." It would appear that Blue Rose remains unfulfilled, so it's over to Manclad next Tuesday!

*Goes off singing* I'm so glad I got you bad now what you gonna do? Ooh la la la la la la la la uhh

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  1. Hello Rat! How could you say that I'm Kristeenyoung? Please Rat be serious! I'm Romina and I'm in Rome with my family and my absolutly normal life and I use to sleep like a log, expecially after an hard day! Anyway I don't know to if K.Y. is touring with Morrissey in Japan, I hav'nt listen something about supporting act this time, maybe she could be with him just as a friend, anyway I don't know! Anyway, next time I'll be more cautious with words! Take care Rat! Ciao.


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