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Friday, 4 May 2012

Following the Mozziah Day 233 Friday 4th May 2012 remains silent, and there have been no new words of wisdom (or indeed satirical cutting wit) from '@MorrisseysWorld' (or 'Our Mozzer' as he has come to be known). It is therefore fair to deduce that NONE of the following 5 have been carried out:

1. Morrissey and/or a member(s) of the band appear in Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, The Cure or Atomic Kitten t-shirts
2. Morrissey or a member of his band appears as Log Lady with a lump of wood
3. Morrissey announces "I am now on twitter" on true-to-you
4. Morrissey WEARS a white, red or blue rose on his person for any period of time
5. Morrissey claims he is MorrisseysWorld either verbally or by wearing a 'MorrisseysWorld IS Morrissey!' t-shirt.

It has to be presumed that one of the above 5 will at some stage happen (at least I hope so or that's the end of MW!), but which is it likely to be? To date, Morrissey has carried out EVERY SINGLE prophecy/pledge made by MW, except one, and that is  the number 1 item on the above list, the wearing of the t-shirt. It is therefore pretty safe to assume, that Morrissey will DEFINITELY carry out No.1 at some stage, but it is my guess that he will hold back on that one for now. I believe that he is also unlikely to WEAR a rose at this stage, so number 4 can be ruled out too, although there is a good chance that The Mozziah will continue to 'receive' roses from his audiences, if they bring them. There is NO WAY that Morrissey will announce that he is MorrisseysWorld, so number 5 can also be ruled out, which leaves either somebody dressed as Log Lady, or a True To You announcement that Morrissey is on twitter. 'Our Mozzer' discussed the twitter announcement idea in the chatroom a while ago. It would certainly have all his fans (particularly the So-low lot) wondering which twitter account was HIS! Oh such fun, but probably unlikely, so therefore, the action most likely to re-open MorrisseysWorld is 'Log Lady'.......poor Boz!

As everybody is aware by now, the idea of 'Blue Rose', is for Morrissey's fans to wear roses (preferably blue) at his concerts, in homage to Oscar Wilde (whose followers wore 'Green Carnations'). Yesterday in Tokyo, at Ebisu Garden Hall, the FIRST 'Blue Rose' was taken to a concert, when twitter user, '@Tokyo_Katie' took one. It should be noted that you can't just walk into a flower shop on your way to a Morrissey concert and buy a blue rose, you have to order them in. 'Tokyo Katie' took the time to order a rose (and they aren't cheap either) and take it to a Morrissey concert, as a way of saying thanks to Morrissey for all he has done. I can't WAIT to be able to do the same. Unfortunately, 'Tokyo Katie' was too far back to hand her rose to Morrissey, and I too will have the same problem, but if nothing else, Katie WAS THE FIRST TO WEAR ONE. Now over to '@MancladMozFan', could HE be the FIRST to GIVE A BLUE ROSE, and in doing so, allow 'Our Mozzer's' pledge to be fulfilled?

The Ebisu concert also saw 'Shoplifters' and 'Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice' added to the set list, and although neither of these two songs has made it to Youtube, a couple of others have. The best piece of footage to turn up in the last two days though, is a recording from Nagoya of 'Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me', it is truly a STUNNING performance, with even Morrissey's old producer, Stephen Street (@StreetStephen) tweeting to say, "Just watched this performance by Morrissey on youtube. Jeez! Fantastic! The guy can still sing. Well done M!" 

I can report that I have heard back from  '@Its_Onl_me_K' (who has removed her rose twitter pic - see blog yesterday), who has tweeted to say, "Changed it because I was bored. I still have some faith though." Well, as we all know, 'Boredom is a Plague', and I'm sure the faith will return in full when K (Krystal) attends Morrissey's birthday concert in San Diego on May 22nd. As a couple of other MorrisseysWorlders are also going to San Diego (@JJazmineMoz and @awillo9658 aka Old Willoughby), it would be GREAT if all three of them managed to give BLUE ROSES to Moz, what a birthday present! You'd better get ordering them girls!

And finally Esther, and finally Cyril, I have ONCE AGAIN been unfollowed by @RosyMires on twitter, with her calling me 'divisive' for my comments about '@StilliCling' making friends with the So-low administrator, Uncle Skinny. Rosy Mires has also taken her anguish out on Romina (@caterita2008) by unfollowing her too, although I've no idea why! I am GENUINELY saddened by the attitude of 'StilliCling' and 'RosyMires', not because they have blocked me, I'm far too thick skinned for that, but because they have sided with this So-low guy (Skinny), who has put Morrissey through hell. Morrissey has PUBLICLY PROVEN how much he detests So-low, and yet 'StilliCling' and 'RosyMires' have ignored this, and have forged a friendship with the person responsible for Morrissey's hurt. Rosy was right, I WAS being divisive, but having just re-read a piece on Uncle Skinny's So-low website, which says, "Moz is re-releasing records to pay for his rent boy addiction", I CANNOT, just CANNOT, understand why ANYBODY would want to be friends with this guy, or indeed his boss, David Tseng, but hey, that's just me!


  1. Will Trouble finally Love US?

    Manchester, so much to answer for-

  2. ^^^^---- I bet that made you really giddy Mr. Rat. I hope US means the US I want it to. Lol

  3. No, it was definitely us in the collective sense. Our Mozzer does not make grammatical errors. He does however tease us unmercifully.

    I'll be there waiting . . .


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