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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Following the Mozziah Day 227 Saturday 28th April 2012

I have decided to carry on writing my blog, but will not publish it for now, as I honestly do believe that people are fed up of me. I will also cut right back on my use of twitter.

Following my announcement yesterday that I was going to stop blogging,  MorrisseysWorld also announced it was closing, and made the following statement:

Our Mozzer would like it known, that due to the abject lack of interest in his blog, he has decided to close down both the blog and his twitter account permanently.

The only things that would bring both back are 'proof' that Morrissey (the true artiste) is a fan of the blog and twitter.

To this extent, if the following should happen, our Mozzer will return:

1. Morrissey and/or a member(s) of the band appear in Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, The Cure or Atomic Kitten t-shirts
2. Morrissey or a member of his band appears as Log Lady with a lump of wood
3. Morrissey announces "I am now on twitter" on true-to-you
4. Morrissey WEARS a white, red or blue rose on his person for any period of time
5. Morrissey claims he is MorrisseysWorld either verbally or by wearing a 'MorrisseysWorld IS Morrissey!' t-shirt.

The pledge still stands - Morrissey will indeed APPEAR with a blue rose before the end of 2012; however, only if one of the events above is fulfilled will 'Our Mozzer' return to post part 2 of the South American diaries and continue with the MorrisseysWorld phenomenon.

Thank you eternally to the few of you who remained gentle and kind, and loyal, despite finally realising I really am not Morrissey - we both told you over and over again!

Our Mozzer
'Carry On Singing'


Of course, I had known that MW was going to be closing, as Morrissey had told me in the chat room a couple of days ago, although the simultaneous closures of both MW and my blog was not wasted on old GOB (who incidentally has changed her twitter pic to blue roses), who tweeted, "@TheRatsBack You decide not to blog for a while and a day later MW blog closes once more. Surely you can see why people point the finger?"

Good old GOB, but I know she doesn't 'really' suspect me of writing MW, deep down, she KNOWS it's Morrissey, it's just she, like everybody else, NEEDS to be told. It has been proven that the 'evidence', just isn't enough for most people, they will only believe if they ARE TOLD. This is exactly the point Morrissey was making to me in our chat room talk the other day, when he said, people will only believe what the newspapers say, and HE'S RIGHT! When did the public stop thinking for themselves? We've all become brain washed zombies!

And what is more, the changes that are happening in our world, which we are TOLD are all to do with  progress, seem to be changing our lives for the worse. The internet may be one of the greatest inventions of the past hundred years, but it is also responsible (along with out of town superstores), for the demise of our high streets, as shop after shop closes down. The internet, and technology in general, are also responsible for the decline of the music industry, and what is more, we are no longer able to buy a 'physical' copy of our favourite song. The film industry is also heading the same way, and what is more, modern technology, such as the internet and games consoles, have stopped people 'talking' to each other. Progress? I think not! Thank God for cricket.

Having said that, the cricket season should be starting in earnest today, but due to one of the wettest April's on record, this weekend is a washout. I am depressed. As I sit here typing this, I am looking out of my window, and it looks like the middle of back to Morrissey.

The MorrisseysWorld blog thingy has now had 250,383 hits, that's 700 in the last day, which I reckon, is on par with So-low. The reason I believe this, is because when So-low linked to my blog last week, my hits went up to 700 for the day. It goes to show, that if 'Our Mozzer' wanted to, he COULD turn MW  into the number 1 Morrissey fan site, but I still don't think Morrissey has decided what to do with it. I think he started MW because he was bored, and he goes through stages of enjoying it, and other stages of not being bothered with it. At the moment he is in a can't be bothered state, but that is hardly surprising, bearing in mind the lack of support he is getting! If MW were to take over from So-low, 'Our Mozzer' would need to take on some helpers, but he'd be a hard task master to work for (even as a volunteer!), after all, he's a perfectionist and part time diver! And how can Morrissey turn MW into a proper site, when he's still denying it's even his?

It is my belief, that the main reason 'Our Mozzer' has failed to convince Morrissey fans that Morrissey is behind MW, is because most fans (certainly the regular So-low users) dismissed it as a hoax early on, and have refused to even revisit it. A prime example of this came two days ago (amid yet more rumours of a Smiths reunion), when I noticed a tweet from a guy called Sean Calder (@Tony_LeMesmer) which said, "Morrissey hates Mike Joyce! It will never happen!" I recognised the tweeter's name as somebody I'd had spat with a few months ago. This  Sean/Tony person had ridiculed me for my belief in MorrisseysWorld, so having seen his tweet about The Smiths (non)reunion, I couldn't resist sending a tweet to 'Mr Know-it-all Calder' (in our previous spat, he boasted that he owned everything that Morrissey had ever released, thus making him an authority). I tweeted, "@Tony_Lemesmer So says the man who thought MorrisseysWorld wasn't Morrissey, you were wrong about MW but you're probably right about The Smiths." I figured that after ALL the evidence over the past 3 or 4 months, SURELY this mega fan would by now have realised that MW was Moz, but he shot a tweet straight back to me saying, "MorrisseysWorld is NOT Morrissey!!!" I couldn't just leave it, so I tweeted, "You obviously haven't revisited lately. He took a red rose in Pomona, a white rose in Bogota, NO OTHER FLOWERS! LOOK!" But once again, Sean/Tony retweeted straight back saying, "I wouldn't waste my time following a fraudulent account." So, there you have it, THEY JUST WON'T REVISIT MORRISSEYSWORLD, but even if they do, they are greeted with signs all over the home page saying, 'THIS SITE IS ABSOLUTELY NOT BY THE TRUE ARTISTE HM MORRISSEY', AND THEY BELIEVE IT!

Everybody is taking 'Our Mozzer' AND 'Morrissey' at their word, that MW ISN'T Morrissey! Yesterday, I decided to go on a MW campaign because loads of people were tweeting about buying Morrissey tickets for Manchester. I sent out tweets to all the people who had tweeted that they'd bought tickets for Manchester (which seemed to include an awful lot of 'young people'!), and sent them all a link to my blog entry of yesterday, to explain about BLUE ROSE. I got just ONE reply, from a tweeter called '@EllieKinney', who tweeted me to say, "What about the True to You statement saying Moz has 'absolutely no affiliation with the site called MorrisseysWorld'?" I linked Ellie to MW, but she tweeted back to say, "I find it hard to believe that Morrissey would do the whole blog thing." PEOPLE JUST CAN'T ALLOW THEMSELVES TO BELIEVE IT! Whether a seasoned Moz fan like Sean Calder, or a (according to the twit profile) sixteen year old new fan like Ellie Kinney, THEY JUST CAN'T SEE IT! The evidence is irrelevant, 'MORRISSEY WOULDN'T DO IT'! Why does everybody seem to know what Morrissey would or wouldn't do?

As it is becoming obvious that people will NEVER accept MW, I decided the other day to change tact on the roses front, and try instead to get fans to wear roses just to show that they 'love Moz', with nothing to do with MW. I asked all my twitter followers who didn't believe in MW, to change their profile picture to a rose ANYWAY, just to show their love for Moz. GirlOnBike obliged, as I've already mentioned, but Rosy Mires tweeted to say that she just wouldn't wear one, because she associated it with MorrisseysWorld! I've also heard rumour that she has removed all roses from her garden for the very same reason, and StilliCling has stuck with her!

Marcus Markou came up with the idea of 'giving' roses to the audience in Manchester, with the message, 'Wear a Rose to Show Moz You Care', but although I initially thought this was a great idea, it defeats the object somewhat. If Morrissey's fans haven't got the intelligence to work out that Morrissey IS MorrisseysWorld, the whole roses thing is pointless. If by July 28th the fans STILL haven't discovered MW for themselves, then the roses thing won't happen, but then again, there is NO HURRY for it to happen, July 28th isn't the be all and end all, in fact, if it were to take years before the message finally got through to the masses that MW was Morrissey, that would be EVEN BETTER.

On July 28th, in Manchester, there may just be half a dozen of us with the faith/courage to wear a rose. People will point, and laugh and ridicule us, but we won't care, because WE KNOW the truth. Let's face it, it can't have been much different 2,000 years ago, but where old JC had Mount Olive and a dozen disciples helping to spread 'his' word, Morrissey has the MEN arena and half a dozen deluded doughnuts from twitter, which at the MEN will consist of; a rat (sat up in the Gods with 'Big Mick'), a cat (although Lizzy is currently still awol), a girl on a bike (although she hasn't decided if she's going yet), a girl without (not sure what she's without, but let's hope it isn't a ticket), a 'Loughton Lil' (which conjures up images of some Victorian hooker who plays the old joanna in a backstreet pub), an emotional wreck, I mean, air raid, and a woman with five kids! 19,000 people, and half a dozen roses...oh well, it has to start somewhere!

NB. This blog was published on Tuesday May 1st.

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