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Monday, 7 May 2012

Following the Mozziah Day 236 Monday May 7th 2012

AX Hall, Seoul, South Korea Sunday May 6th 2012


1. How Soon is Now?
2. You Have Killed Me
3. Everyday is Like Sunday
4. Alma Matters
5. You're the One For Me, Fatty
6. Shoplifters of the World
7. I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
8. Speedway (+ 'Starry, starry night, paint your palette blue and grey, look out on a summer's day' - from 'Vincent')
9. To Give Is the Reason I Live
10. Meat is Murder
11. Let Me Kiss You
12. Black Cloud
13. I Will See You in Far-Off Places
14. I Know it's Over
15. Ouija Board, Ouija Board
16. When I Last Spoke to Carol
17. One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell
18. Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
Encore: First of the Gang to Die

Yesterday's Observer newspaper article (in which Boy George recommended people follow '@MorrisseysWorld' on twitter), has so far resulted in nearly 800 new followers in just one day for 'Our Mozzer', and as I write this, MW currently has a total of 7,897 followers. It may not yet have gone viral, but as Alan 'Fluff' Freeman used to say, 'It's a slow burner'. (Or was it Jimmy Savile?)

Now here is a question for anybody who STILL has any doubt as to whether MorrisseysWorld is really Morrissey or not. Knowing that Morrissey sues ANYBODY at the drop of a hat, would the 'real' Morrissey ALLOW an imposter to use the name Morrissey on twitter? The answer is NO! MorrisseysWorld may call itself a 'parody', but the twitter user is called MORRISSEY and he tweets as if he were Morrissey. There is only ONE reason for this, IT IS MORRISSEY, but then again, we already knew that didn't we?

This morning, before doing anything else, I logged onto Youtube and watched all of videos from yesterday's concert in Seoul. Unlike in Japan, there seemed to be no restriction on filming, and there are  quite a few great quality videos, which include; How Soon is Now?, Everyday is Like Sunday (in which Moz at one point sings 'Like Seoul Day'), a truly BRILLIANT rendition of 'Shoplifters', 'Throwing my Arms Around Paris' (after which Moz says, "As you can guess by the gaps, I speak fluent Korean, and nobody is going to stop me"), and 'Speedway' (during which Moz sings a piece from the Don Mclean song 'Vincent', and after the line 'Look out on a summer's day', Moz says, "and what?"). Just before the encore, Morrissey says 'Satan rejected my Seoul" and then went into 'First of the Gang', in which he once again sang "Oscar was the first of the gang" while pointing at the back drop picture of Oscar Wilde, which has the speech bubble saying, 'WHO IS MORRISSEY?'

Having watched the videos, I then logged onto twitter and one of the first tweets I read was from '@BozBoorer', which read:

 "Having a shandy. Great concert, lovely people. Did anyone spot the sign? Drag Boz."

'Sign'? What SIGN? Boz was dressed in a new black sequin dress, so it certainly wasn't the 'Log Lady' sign, and the band were wearing the 'WE HATE WILLIAM & KATE' t-shirts, so it wasn't that either. At the end of 'First of the Gang', Moz took a flower from somebody and put it in his mouth, before throwing it, but it WASN'T a rose, in fact, according to '@girlwithout' on twitter, it looked more like a leek! You don't think the Seoul audience mistook old Mozzer for Max Boyce do you? The only thing I can possibly think of as being a 'sign', was when Morrissey sang 'Oscar was the first of the gang'. Could this be a reference to MorrisseysWorld? Was '@OldOscarWilde' the VERY first person to follow MorrisseysWorld on twitter? Unfortunately, it would take 'hours' to scroll back through 8,000 twitter followers, so the answer remains a mystery, and if 'Oscar' wasn't the sign, then what was? If 'Our Mozzer' is reading this, can we please have a clue?

With all the new twitter followers, I presumed that the MorrisseysWorld blog thingy would also have a whole new lot of readers, but this doesn't necessarily seem to be the case! MW usually averages around 500-700 hits a day, and as of 5 minutes ago, the hit number was at 255,283, which is up 1,200 since Friday. It would appear that all the Observer readers who have started to follow '@MW', aren't particularly Morrissey fans, they are just following because they read about it in a newspaper. I can't be bothered to look, but it wouldn't surprise me if the majority of the new followers were also following EVERY other recommended tweeter from the Observer, they're just sheep! If this is the case, then MorrisseysWorld is still some way from going viral.

The website that first led me to '', is a site called ''. 'Is Moz'  has recently been updated, and makes mention of love hearts during 'Last Night I Dreamt'. 'Is Moz' claims that this is Morrissey taking 'back' the heart symbol that was stolen by Justin Bieber. Is 'this' the sign 'Drag Boz' was on about? It seems a little unlikely!

There is a great review of the Seoul concert on the MorrisseysWorld blog, posted by somebody called Hyip. The writing style looks VERY familiar to me, and the question has to asked, would a South Korean fan REALLY have found MorrisseysWorld? Well, whether it is a genuine review, or a review from a certain 'other' person who was at the concert, the So-low lot have fallen for it, and posted it, along with a reference to MorrisseysWorld. Congratulations Hyip!

The penny must SURELY be starting to drop with the So-low and MozArmy lot, that MorrisseysWorld IS MORRISSEY, although '@UncleSkinny'(So-low administrator) and '@MarriedtotheMoz'(MozArmy founder), tweeted each other on Friday, calling me a nutter, so perhaps not, or are they just in denial?

And finally for today, '@Mancladmozfan' has set off on his travels to Singapore for tomorrow's concert, and he has tweeted to say that he has with him a BLUE ROSE (at a cost of £30) and he WILL give it to Moz. His only concern, is that Moz won't take it. If he doesn't take it, it will only be because the time isn't yet ready, but I really hope he does, MancLad, more than anybody else, thoroughly deserves to be the first to present Morrissey with a BLUE ROSE.

Look out on a summer's day? And what indeed, it's still bloody raining, and STILL no cricket played!


  1. Rocker Morrissey has written a letter to the Japanese clothing company, Uniqlo, urging them to boycott farmers who use mulesing to get their wool. Mulesing is the extremely cruel method of removing large chunks of the sheep’s flesh along with the wool, in a misguided attempt to prevent flystrike. The sheep are never given any anaesthetic and can suffer deadly infections from the mutilation. For more on Morrissey’s campaign read on and click the “Take Action” mouse to sign a petition protesting mulesing. — Global Animal

  2. Thanks Lizzycat! And Rat, its been so exciting to uncover what we know to already be there. Thanks for putting it all together day after day.


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