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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Following the Mozziah Day 239 Thursday May 10th 2012

I have nothing to say today, and no motivation to say it! My cricket match has been called off due to YET MORE RAIN, and MorrisseysWorld remains inactive. There wasn't even a concert yesterday for me to report on. I am bored.

MancLad has been offering his apologies on twitter and the MW blog, and he says he will try AGAIN in Milan to give Morrissey a rose, but to be honest, nobody believes him anymore.

Marcus Markou has been inspired by the footage of 'Last Night I Dreamt' in Singapore, to buy a ticket for Manchester. He has said he sees it as 'a calling'. Hopefully, BLUE ROSE will have happened long before Manchester in July (my tickets have arrived by the way), but the way it is going, who knows?

Speaking of Manchester, a new twit account has been set up by somebody, called '@Morrisseymeetup', and it's sole purpose, is to gather together as many people as possible who are going to the concert in Manchester. I tweeted to suggest that everybody should wear roses, and the person running the account has gone with the idea, and has added the hash tag 'RosesInManchester'. COULD Manchester POSSIBLY be awash with roses? There is approximately 10 weeks for the message to spread.

One person who CERTAINLY won't be wearing a rose, is Rosy Mires, who despite being the centerpiece of MorrisseysWorld all winter, yesterday tweeted me to say, "I do not believe MW is Morrissey, I never have." She also went on to add, "I don't know him", before finally tweeting, "I DON'T KNOW HIM!!!" THREE DENIALS... Forgive her father, for she knows not what she says! I still believe that Rosy WILL see the light, and I believe that it will happen in Genoa, when she attends a concert with '@EmotionalAirRaid25' (aka EARS). I have NO DOUBT that EARS will get a BLUE ROSE to Moz, and a sign will be given to Rosy, who will then denounce the devil, aka Skinny!

I really am running out of steam now, so my final word is another WELL DONE to Amy Lame (@AmyLame), who responded to my blog mention on Tuesday, by incorporating red and white roses into her 'UnHappyBirthday' show yesterday. She posted a photo on twitter, and then tweeted me to say, "Yep, just for you! ; )" It is great that Amy is showing her support for 'Our Mozzer', perhaps he'll turn up announced at her show, although as Amy points out, she hopes he doesn't, as it would ruin the whole structure!

 Tomorrow I will report on the Jakarta show, which is taking place this evening. Will we FINALLY get to see Boz dressed as Log Lady, and if not, WHEN WILL MORRISSEYSWORLD RE-OPEN?

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  1. *tear and pout* I miss the Mozziah, I wish he would return soon. I'll still read your blog though Rat. Your awesome for writing it.


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