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Friday, 11 May 2012

Following the Mozziah Day 240 Friday 11th May 2012

Indoor Tennis Centre, Jakarta, Indonesia May 10th 2012


1. How Soon is Now?
2. You Have Killed Me
3. You're the One For Me, Fatty
4. Alma Matters
5. Black Cloud
6. When Last I Spoke To Carol
7. Shoplifters of the World Unite
8. Everyday Is Like Sunday
9. I Know It's Over
10. First Of The Gang To Die
11. Meat Is Murder
12. Let Me Kiss You
13. I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
14. Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
15.Ouija Board
16. To Give (Is the Reason I Live)
17. I Will See You In Far-Off Places
18. Speedway (+ American Pie)
Encore: Still Ill

I really, really can't get my head around this whole MorrisseysWorld phenomenon, but I love it none the less! Yesterday, I was feeling rather down, and DURING Morrissey's concert in Jakarta, I exchanged private tweets (DM's) with my old mysterious twitter mate, 'Spirit of Nico' (@dotdotdotpause), in which I explained I had nothing to offer for my blog, and asked for some inspiration. 'Nico' sent back a rather bizarre tweet saying, "You must really like "vincent". There is no note similar to the original in my singsang today."

This immediately made me think of Morrissey's rendition of 'Speedway' in Seoul, in which he'd added a few lines of the Don McLean song, 'Vincent', but he hadn't repeated this in Singapore, and at the time of this tweet to me from 'Nico', Morrissey hadn't EVEN performed 'Speedway' at the concert in Jakarta, so what did 'Nico' MEAN by this? In my deluded mind, I had a feeling it was Moz telling me he was just about to add 'Vincent' into 'Speedway'?....NO, get a grip...... did I HONESTLY believe that Morrissey was tweeting me whilst he was going through one of his shirt changes, and was just about to go back on stage and add 'Vincent' in to 'Speedway'? This is TOO far fetched to believe. I have suffered from many delusions in the last seven months, including the belief that Moz sang 'You're the one for me Ratty", but THIS had to be a delusion TOO FAR.....wasn't it? 

Straight after the concert had finished, I read EVERYTHING I could find, to see if there was any reference to 'Vincent' being added into Speedway, but no tweets, and no reviews have said anything. Just before I started to write this blog entry, I checked So-low and re-read the reviews, but NOTHING. One last check on Youtube, and GUESS WHAT?, there, stuck in the silent pause in the middle of 'Speedway', Morrissey sang, "I can't remember if I cried, when I read about his widowed bride, but something touched me deep inside.....when?", a line from 'Vincent'?, NO, a line from Don McLean's 'OTHER' big hit, 'AMERICAN PIE'! ARGHHHH! 

MorrisseysWorld remains closed, so it would appear that NONE of the 5 signs occurred in Jakarta! Having said it's closed, the blog has 'actually' had a few updates to the right hand side, which include mention of Amy Lame supporting MorrisseysWorld. Yesterday, I received another tweet from '@AmyLame', saying, "thank u for the lovely mention! buying blue roses down the 99p shop in Camden High St tomorrow just for you...x x". MW obviously picked up on this, and has added it to the blog. If only Manclad had known about Camden's 99p BLUE ROSES, he could've made a saving of £29.01.
  Amy's tweet was 'actually' picked up by MW's right hand man, 'Drag Boz' (@BozBoorer), who tweeted to both of us saying, "@morrisseysworld is pleased about the roses in unhappy birthday!" 'Drag Boz' then put on his 'careers advisor's' head, and sent a general tweet saying, "If you work hard, happiness follows. It's all about getting your head down." Hmm. 'Drag Boz' also tweeted, "Loving this tour, some unique people, great places, not many roses! Someone's got to bring one sometime. Moz checking every flower nr stage!" 

Of course, 'Drag Boz' is one of 'Our Mozzer's' persona's, but I STILL can't get to the bottom of 'Romina' (@caterita2008), who I have previously established CAN'T be Moz, because she often tweets through concerts, but WHO is she? Kristeen? Rustle Brind (who seems to have completely disappeared from the whole story)?, or somebody completely different? She(?) speaks fluent Italian, but she's the innocent Italian mother she claims to be, I'll eat my hat, whilst running around the Twitterdilly Arms naked! The reason I mention Romina, is because she has ONCE AGAIN aroused my suspicions with a tweet this morning saying, "Planning a lazy week-end by the see(sic) playing burraco all day long!"?  'lazy week-end' when there are NO MOZ CONCERTS, how coincidental, and playing 'burraco', which is one of Morrissey's favourite games! Italian housewife my arse, but WHO is she?

Following on from the Amy Lame mention on the MW blog, 'Our Mozzer' has also added the following:

 "Uncle Skinny/Peter Finan was reported to be 'absolutely fuming' over at So-Low following this latest celebrity endorsement of @MorrisseysWorld, while his @MorrisseysMum account continues to be utterly ignored. Skinny allegedly responded by accusing almost everybody that responded to the 'Boy George names @MorrisseysWorld as favorite Tweeter' thread of being behind this blog, and subsequently deleted most of the comments, except for his own, citing 'the joys of freedom of speech.' Skinny, 58, is the one who regularly looks at people's IPs on So-Low, decides who is whom posting from different locations, and subsequently acts upon this data, which some have claimed is technically a criminal offence in England and Wales under the Data Protection Act. Some have speculated Skinny/Finan might be the second recipient of a lifetime Morrissey concert ban; he steadfastly defends comments which defame Morrissey on the So-Low site, citing 'free speech' and systematically removes any reference to this blog or twitter account!"

This statement has left me VERY CONFUSED, because I was CERTAIN that '@Morrisseysmum' belonged to Moz, in fact, it was only a couple of days ago, I re-read ALL of mum's tweets, and re-tweeted a number of them. When I first discovered MorrisseysWorld, the '@Morrisseysmum' twitter account had a link from the MW blog. If 'Our Mozzer' knew this was Uncle Skinny, why would he promote it? The 'Mum' tweets were also PREDICTING things in the early days, things that CAME TRUE.
      On October 7th 2011, an article on MW said, "Our Mozzer would like to stress that he has absolutely no affiliation with the twotter page/thing known as 'Morrissey's Mother'. This site is 100% fake. You have been warned." Now that was obviously a little joke by 'Our Mozzer', because he called it 'Morrissey's Mother' (which is too many letters for twitter). If he had been serious, he would have called the account by it's correct title. MorrisseysWorld ALSO continued to link to '@MorrisseysMum'.
      The VERY NEXT DAY (Oct 8th), '@Morrisseysmum' changed the account name to '@ODyrbrm' ( I Steven), and on October 12th, the MW blog drew reference to the name change by stating, "We the artiste HM Morrissey should like to stress that we have no affiliation with the twitter account/thing known as MorrisseysMum or the account/thing known as ODyrbrm." VERY similar wording to that used on the TTY denials, and in the same way, if Mum/ODyrbrm were nothing to do with MW, then why bring attention to it with a denial?
     ALSO on October 12th (as documented by MY blog), '@ODyrbrm' tweeted to say, "I will be gone for quite a while, @Banjaxer is now in charge." This was the FIRST EVER mention of Banjaxer, and it brought him into the whole story. 'ODyrbrm' also tweeted me to say, "Your blog is bonkers. But brilliant bonkers, the best kind." On the VERY same day (Oct 12th), MorrisseysWorld left a message welcoming '@Bucktoothedboy' to twitter. It just CANNOT be true that '@Morrisseysmum' is Skinny Finan, it HAS to be Moz, but I am confused, why is 'Our Mozzer' saying it's Finan's account, or is it just his way of accusing Skinny of something, in the same way Skinny accuses everybody else of things? The Mum account is the ONE thing that has ALWAYS stumped me, and it's STILL no clearer!

So, to yesterday's concert. Boz looked dazzling in the 'Bacofoil' number, and the band were again  shirtless. Moz got VERY hot and sweaty in a pale blue shirt, but this allowed a 'Love heart shape' to appear on his back (clearly seen in the footage for Alma Matters). Moz has re-claimed the heart from Bieber! Before 'First Of The Gang (no Oscar), Moz spoke to the audience and said, "You are the you, I am the I", or did he mean, "I AM THE EYE"? A reference to the 'O', the all seeing eye? Maybe!
        There were two or three people who made it onto the stage, including one lad who Moz (jokingly) shaped up to box, before helping him on stage, where the boy promptly presented him with a flower (not a rose), which Moz immediately tossed to the crowd. There was another gentle embrace with a boy (I don't mean to sound patronising, but both lads were youngsters) during 'Let Me Kiss You', and after the usual shirt toss, Jesse and Boz (Gaynor Tension) took centre stage.

A snarling Boz in a sparkly dress is SO different to the rockabilly with turned up jeans and brylcreamed hair, I wonder if Boz EVER imagined, when he set out on the path of Rock n Roll, that it would end like this? (Not that it HAS ended yet!) I wonder what Johnny Marr would say if he was told he can have his reunion, but only if he goes drag? I think we all know what he'd say. I love Boz for dressing up, he obviously has a wicked sense of humour and doesn't give a toss about ridicule, he has really, really grown on me, like no other of Morrissey's musicians, including Johnny. Yes Johnny was a big part of Morrissey's life in their twenties, but Boz seems to be a true friend to Moz, and they are obviously very close. Very few of us have kept the friends we had in our twenties (most of us didn't even keep the wives), so for all those who harp on about Johnny and a Smiths reunion, ask yourself this, would YOU want to go back and hang around with people you no longer know from twenty five years ago? Life moves on, and I for one wouldn't want to see Moz lose Boz, they REALLY are like Morcambe & Wise.

Back to yesterday's concert; just before singing 'I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris', Morrissey handed the microphone to a woman (I don't think Julia Riley), who said, "Thank you for everything, I feel so stupid now, thank you, I love you." Wouldn't we all say the same if handed the mic?

Anyway, that's enough for today, the whole 'Mum' thing has left me feeling ill at ease, something just ISN'T ringing true. I have decided to spend a few days away from the internet and MorrisseysWorld, I shall come back on Monday, and hopefully something may have happened in Manila to settle my restless thoughts. Will Mozzer offer up a 'Thriller in Manila', just like Ali and Frazier did all those years ago? A slightly overweight bloke in a cardigan, wig and red glasses would do for me!

And finally Esther, and finally Cyril, a sale took place on ebay yesterday, of a 'job lot' of 100 cd's of  'Years of Refusal'. They sold for £63, which according to my state education maths, equates to 63p each. Ebay, so much to answer for, the Woolworth bargain bucket of it's generation.

*Goes off singing* but something touched me deep inside, the day refusal died. So bye, bye you were good in your time, mama softly lay, but the riverbed was dry, and good old Boz was drinking Whisky and rye, singing One day, farewell will be goodbye, one day farewell will be goodbye......I'll get my coat!


  1. I am thoroughly enjoying this blog as I cover a colleague's Latin class. I appreciate the time and effort you have put into today's blog-it's all a great adventure.

    veni vidi vici

  2. I can feel your excitement in the first paragraphs Its infectious really. And at the end who knew you were such a poet Rat.

  3. Hello Dear Rat,
    just came back from my lazy week end by the sea and I did'nt play burraco so much because on the beach was very windy and the playing cards flown away in the sky! I don't know if Morrissey loves to play burraco, I don't know if burraco could be a popular game in England, surely it's a popular game in Italy and surely I'm italian! Maybe I 've to thank you for talking about me in your post so I lost anothe follower: Stilli! Every time that you talk about me in your blog I lost a follower! What is this? A planned strategy?! Are they jealous? Why they follow me anymore?! I feel myself a little bit silly, I don't know this people and surely was silly thinking about them as friends, but I'm disappointed, truly disappointed! Now is not so funny stay on twitter! I've to tell you once again that I don't know Morrissey, or some others close to him, I'm just a fan! And I don't want to complain myself anymore! Cheers!


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