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Monday, 14 May 2012

Following the Mozziah Day 243 Monday May 14th 2012

The 'Mum' thing continued to bother me over the weekend, so I asked '@Banjaxer', aka Walter Ego (on So-low) aka Kevin Marrinan (real name), to explain to me what the 'Mum' thing was all about, after all, he was the person that I gave the name to. He refused to tell me, and instead, he belittled me, he belittled Morrissey (calling him "just a feller"), he patronised me, he asked me to be nice to Peter Finan (Uncle Skinny), he told me MW played no part in his life, he told me I was obsessed, he told me I register very low on his radar, he told me that Peter knows that he has "a connection with mum", and finally he swore at me. He doth protest WAY too much! I also asked him to explain why he had tweeted to '@dotdotdotpause' that I was back on twitter last month when nobody except 'dotdotdot' knew I was. He refused to answer that question, and 'dotdotdot' yesterday stopped following me. Finally I asked 'Banjaxer' why he remains friends with Uncle Skinny, when Skinny has made racist slurs about Moz, and refuses to administrate So-low properly? All Banjaxer would say was "give it a rest won't you?"

So what do I deduce? I'm a little reluctant to type my theory, because I don't want to ruin a plan, but I don't think Uncle Skinny will believe my theory for one minute, so here goes. The owner of So-low, Davis Tseng, was publicly evicted from a Morrissey concert last July, and subsequently banned from all concerts. One would have thought, that this action would have brought to an end the So-low website, but UNBELIEVABLY, Tseng has continued with it, and the filth, vile and lies have continued too. The first person to post on So-low that David had been evicted, was none other than Walter Ego, aka Banjaxer, so had 'he' had something to do with David's ban, and if so, could the same be about to happen again? As the message has clearly not got through to So-low HQ, that Morrissey REALLY doesn't like them, I believe Morrissey may be intending to use the Manchester concert 'this' July to evict and ban Uncle Skinny, and it may be Banjaxer's job to make sure that Skinny is there. I wouldn't be surprised if Banaxer hasn't 'even' supplied Skinny's ticket. My deduction is that Banjaxer is acting as a middle man. I also STILL believe that 'mum' belongs to Morrissey, and I also deduce that Skinny STILL has no idea that Morrissey is behind MorrisseysWorld, in fact, Skinny is most probably the person behind the blogsite '', which claimed that I am a bloke called Duncan Barkes, and 'I' am behind MorrisseysWorld! Co-incidentally, BOTH Skinny and Banjaxer started following Duncan Barkes on twitter when I was accused of being him.

So there we have it, I gave Banjaxer the chance to tell me the truth, and he refused, I couldn't have been fairer, and if he'd told me not to say anything, I wouldn't have. This blog of mine is a reflection of my thoughts, and all I know of Banjaxer is that he has so far; threatened me publicly on twitter, lied to me, sworn at me, belittled me, and what is more, he claims to be a socialist, and yet has chosen to support the most capitalist football team in the world, Manchester City, a team who yesterday 'bought' the Premiership, to add to last season's purchase of the FA Cup. Perhaps I have overrated Banjaxer's importance, maybe I should have believed 'Our Mozzer', when he informed me in the MW chatroom that Banjaxer was "clueless" and was the one who issued the fake 'cease & desist' notice to MorrisseysWorld. If 'Morrisseysmum' hadn't been SO accurate with all the original predictions and interaction with MW, I would have been able to accept that Banjaxer was a clueless nobody, but unless I'm 'barkes'ing up the wrong tree, Banjaxer WILL accompany Skinny to Manchester in July, and Skinny WILL be publicly evicted. It will then remain to be seen if So-low EVENTUALLY get the message and close, or will they just get worse?

There was also the matter of a concert yesterday, as Morrissey played in Manila. There has been very little in the way of information coming out of the Phillippines,  but the band were all dressed in dark denim (including Boz), the back drop was again Oscar Wilde, and from the videos I have seen, there were no roses and none of the '5 signs'. I did notice the masonic hand on the heart during 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out', but to be honest, I haven't bothered tweeting today to tell anybody, because there is virtually nobody left to share it with anyway! Most of the original gang have fallen away, nobody new has turned up for ages, and 'Our Mozzer' hasn't tweeted since April 29th. His twitter followers have reached 8,341, but all the new ones must be wondering what Boy George was on about.

I have to admit, I'm feeling a little deflated and fed up today, I think I may be flagging. I feel annoyed at myself for believing 'dotdotdotpause' was Mozzer, when it transpires it was Banjaxer, and I'm annoyed that I can't work out if Banjaxer is setting up Skinny, or is his mate, but either way, he isn't a particularly nice person, so it doesn't matter, and time, as ever, will tell.

 I will tweet and blog the Twitterdilly Arms Top 10 tomorrow, and then have a break until after the next concert in Hawaii on the 18th. The next realistic hope for a 'Blue Rose' to be given to The Mozziah is at his 'birthday concert' in San Diego on May 22nd, when THREE of the MorrisseysWorlders will be in attendance (Old Willoughby, JJ and Krystal).

"Just a feller"? Never!


  1. I'm still here son, see you in the Arms for the countdown tomorrow.

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