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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 248 Saturday May 19th 2012

 Castle Theater, Kahului, The Island of Maui, Hawaii May 18th


1. How Soon is Now?
2. You Have Killed Me
3. Alma Matters
4. I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
5. You're the One For Me, Fatty
6. Shoplifters of the World Unite
7. Everyday is Like Sunday
8. Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
9. First Of The Gang To Die
10. People Are The Same Everywhere
11. Meat Is Murder
12. Let Me Kiss You
13. To Give (Is The Reason I Live)
14. Black Cloud
15. I Will See You In Far-Off Places
16. Ouija Board, Ouija Board
17. Scandinavia
18. I Know It's Over
19. When Last I Spoke To Carol
Encore: Still Ill

Setlist courtesy of tweeter '@satlu', who tweeted the songs from the venue as they were played, and used the hashtag 'FollowingtheMozziah'....which was nice! (He/she missed out 'Shoplifters', so I have added it where I guess it was played.

There is SO much I want to write today but I have spent all of Saturday playing cricket and I am watching cricket all day Sunday, so I will have to try and catch up Monday.

Friday's concert(Saturday morning UK time) on the island of Maui sounded fantastic, although there are currently only three songs on youtube; How Soon Is Now, Shoplifters and Still Ill. There were stage invaders during both Shoplifters and Still Ill, which caused Moz to miss words and go into blah blah mode. Boz celebrated the last few hours of his forties wearing his beautiful, spangly, silver dress, and he even had a flower in his hair like a real hula girl. The band wore t-shirts with 'ACTION' written on them. During the concert, Morrissey is alleged to have said something along the lines of, 'Boz will NOT be changing his outfit, despite popular demand.' There is no evidence on Youtube that this was said, but it was reported on the MorrisseysWorld blog by somebody called Sabby. It was later confirmed on twitter by '@satlu', who has an audio recording of it, so perhaps he/she may be able to post it on youtube later. Satlu is also attending Saturday night's show in Honolulu.

The reason I draw particular reference to Moz's comment about Boz's 'outfit change' is because it is obviously a reference to my interview with him on Thursday. I am still glowing with pride at my exclusive interview, and some people have been kind enough to comment that it's one of the best interviews Morrissey has given for a while. My pleasure has unfortunately been a little dampened by those claiming that I would be sad enough to make this interview up, particularly the So-low moderator Peter Finan. I will write more about him another day (if I can be bothered), but there is too much going on at the moment to deal with this man. He has already posted on Solow today saying that the 'outfit change' reference ISN'T in reference to my blog, he really is unbelievable, how does he KNOW so much?

Unfortunately my old twitter mates Rosy Mires and Stillicling have been completely and utterly hoodwinked by Finan, and hang off his every word. When '@BozBoorer' tweeted to say 'Ban Peter Finan', both girls leapt to his defence. Stilli said Boz was shameful, and Rosy accused '@BozBoorer' of being me! At the time of Boz's tweets, I was fielding at silly mid off, in the middle of a cricket field....and thanks for asking, we WON! Rosy has now been blocked by '@BozBoorer (which is really Moz...and I love that he always makes Boz say 'Your' instead of 'You're') which obviously she won't care about, because she thinks it is me! It is so horrible to see how terribly wrong Rosy & Stilli have got all this, but at least I tried my upmost best to help them see. '@BozBoorer' went on to say, "Since Moz banned David Tseng from so low from his concerts do you think he likes Peter Finan? Crawl back under a rock PF." In response to Stilli calling Boz "shameful", Boz replied, "what's shameful? Calling for Moz to ban PF or following PF?" Boz continued on the tweet rampage a little longer, before encouraging concert goers to make the secret 'OO' or 'O' sign to Moz. The MW blog has also asked fans to make the 'OO' sign, and has once again asked for roses. MW has also closed....again, and it wasn't even open!

Before I move on, let's look at Boz's remark again, "SINCE MOZ BANNED DAVID TSENG FROM CONCERTS, DO YOU THINK HE LIKES PETER FINAN?" How can anybody, who is a GENUINE fan of Morrissey, prefer to engage with Peter Finan (who Morrissey despises), ahead of Boz/Moz? YOU COULDN'T MAKE THIS UP!

I was also saddened to see that one of the newest 'Blue Rose' members,  '@mozzerieguts' tweeted to say that my interview with Moz was fabricated. He/she even wrote,  "moz should sue for being mendacious'". Hopefully, the fact that 'Our Mozzer' has now posted part of the interview on the MW blog, should help convince 'Mozzerieguts' that the interview was 100% genuine. Great use of the word 'mendacious', almost as good as 'clandestine'.

Solow have a discussion thread for MorrisseysWorld, which i've only just discovered:  and on it, a user by the name of 'StephSteph' said that my interview wasn't real because Moz would NEVER have said the Simon Le Bon thing. It is AMAZING what people KNOW Moz would or wouldn't say!

There is lots more I would like to write, but I really, really haven't got time at the moment. I want to talk about why the mention of the 'Court case' has been removed from True To You, but I will probably put  it in a parody sketch that is half written in my head.

Happy 50th birthday Boz - We Blue Rosers love you, and not only are you a superb musician, your sense of humour has shone through in this last year, may you go on playing with Moz for many, many years to come.


Ps I haven't even got time to prrof read this, so apoigies fro any mistokes.


  1. Don't waste your time writing anything else about Uncle Skinny - I don't think anybody is interested anyway!

  2. Happy Monday dear Rat! I'm agree with Sabine!


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