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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 252 Wednesday May 23rd 2012

 Valley View Casino Center, San Diego, California May 22nd (May 23rd UK time)


1. How Soon is Now?
2. You Have Killed Me
3. Alma Matters
4. You're the One For Me, Fatty
5. Shoplifters of the World Unite
6. I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
7. When Last I Spoke To Carol
8. Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
9. Everyday is Like Sunday
10. To Give (The Reason I Live)
11. Ouija Board, Ouija Board
12. Meat Is Murder
13. Let Me Kiss You
14. People Are The Same Everywhere
15. I Will See You In Far-Off Places
16. Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
17. Scandinavia
18. I Know It's Over
19. Speedway
Encore: Still Ill 

As I write this, there are only a couple of videos from last night's concert on Youtube, but they give PLENTY of information! A video of 'Still Ill', shows stage invaders, but more importantly, shows 'TWO' bass drums. Jazmine (@JJazmineMoz) had tweeted from the venue about the two drums, and pointed out straight away that she thought the pair of them together looked like 'OO', a direct 'sign' from the MorrisseysWorld blog. Morrissey has certainly not used two drums before, so IS it a sign, as Jaz thinks, or does Matt Walker just want more things to hit? The drums are 'even' lit up around the edges to 'emphasize' the 'OO' shape. Just a coincidence....WE KNOW!

   The MorrisseysWorlders who attended the concert in San Diego tweeted to say that they had had a wonderful time, but none were able to get a BLUE ROSE to Moz on his birthday. Krystal (@Its_Only_Me_K) was sat too far away, Manclad (@MancladMozfan) didn't even take one, and although Old Willoughby (@awillo9658) managed to break through security and throw hers to the stage, Moz either didn't see it, or missed it. Jazmine took TWELVE 'Blue Roses', but security would only let her take three in, and she threw one to the stage, just before the encore, but hers too was either not seen, or ignored.

A video of the concert entrance shows Moz come out and announce, "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to", which is best known as a Lesley Gore song (and a UK number 1 in the 80's for Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin). It has also been reported on So-low by 'CrystalGeezer', that Moz paid tribute to Bee Gee Robin Gibb, who has just passed away, and 'Geezer' also reported that there was a 'strange' reference to 'Youtube' during 'Please, Please, Please', but he/she couldn't remember the exact wording. I have written briefly about 'CrystalGeezer' before, as he/she is a regular So-low user, and major 'mocker' of MorrisseysWorld, so it is quite funny that 'Geezer' ALSO mentions, that Moz made reference to St Rita, and pointed out that she is the patron saint of LOST CAUSES, a VERY obvious reference to the MW blog, but just a coincidence.......WE KNOW!

Moz was wearing a red shirt which had a pattern on it, a pattern of..... 'ROSES', another coincidence...WE KNOW, but let me just write that one once more, MORRISSEY WORE, ON HIS BIRTHDAY, A RED SHIRT, COVERED IN FUCKING ROSES!!!
   Boz wore a black dress and Anna Karen glasses, and NO, Anna Karen is NOT the name of a famous designer! The band wore t-shirts with 'Sea world Sucks' written on them. It has been reported on both So-low and by Jazmine on twitter, that Moz at some point said, "because we must" three times. This is a DIRECT reference to an article posted on May 19th on the MW blog, headed 'THIS BLOG IS NOW CLOSED AND THE ASSOCIATED TWITTER ACCOUNT @MORRISSEYSWORLD IS NOW CLOSED', and underneath it said, 'BECAUSE WE MUST', just a coincidence...WE KNOW!
    The clues are coming thick and fast now, so SURELY the fans will start to  believe? A drum kit in the shape of 'OO', a rose shirt, a reference to the blog AND a direct quote from the MW blog, it's getting EMBARRASSINGLY obvious!

I can't report anymore at present, but will look out for further videos on Youtube to see if there are any more signs, and report tomorrow, but there 'can't' be more than FOUR SIGNS in ONE show, surely? The non believers 'HAVE' to believe soon, because rather than the MorrisseysWorlders looking the fools, it is the 'non-believers' who are starting to look silly. How many 'COINCIDENCES' do they need? They have all backed themselves into a corner by denying it for so long, and so to save face, they refuse to even discuss it. A prime example of this is a tweeter called '@MarriedToTheMoz', who REFUSES to even 'read' MorrisseysWorld, and is more concerned with interviewing people 'about' Moz and running a quiz 'about' Moz, than joining in the excitement connected to the 'actual' Moz! I don't want to make this personal, but people like 'MarriedToTheMoz' bemuse me. I have really tried to help these people see, but they just 'block me' and 'mock me'. I bear NO malice to any of those who have dismissed MW, or ridiculed me, I JUST WANT ALL Moz fans to join in the fun, but they WON'T open their eyes....IT'S BLOODY MOZ MY FRIENDS, AND YOU ARE ALL MISSING OUT!

MorrisseysWorlder JG (@loughtonlil) has posted a fantastic video on Youtube entitled 'Hitler finds out the truth about MorrisseysWorld', which has now been given it's own slot on the MW blog. Also posted on the blog is a photo of Jazmine hoding her 'Blue Rose' and an explanation from MW that it was too far away for Moz to reach. Does the fact that JG's video has been posted mean that the blog has re-opened?

Earlier today, myself and JG were chatting in the MW chatroom about the 'OO' drums and all the other 'signs', when we were joined by a mystery visitor, called 'Guest378'. The mystery person expressed their disbelief that people STILL weren't seeing the evidence, and also pointed out that as Moz gave a 'V' sign on stage in Hawaii, he has now given EVERY hand sign from the blog ('OO', 'O' and 'V') EXCEPT ONE. The only one he HASN'T yet replicated on stage is the hand 'INSIDE' the shirt onto the heart. He has replicated the hand 'ON' the heart, but not yet 'INSIDE' the shirt, so will we see this one soon? He held his heart, was during 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out', on the South American tour. KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED MORRISSEYSWORLDERS, and to all those of you who haven't previously embraced MorrisseysWorld, PLEASE join in, it's brilliant fun, and we want you along. Join us on twitter, you'll love it.

Right, I've just noticed some new videos on Youtube, so I'm off. Tonight there is a concert in Tucson, so see you tomorrow for more of the same.




  1. So now we await the INNOCENT hand to rest on the heart... Inside the shirt *'OO' peeled*

    Loved the shirt Moz :) x

  2. 378 was very interesting - very committed to the MW cause, very knowledgeable about all the clues and signs etc. In response to my question he said he wasn't ComMorrisseyTheorist and he wasn't JMH. So who was he? Oh and he said he IS on twitter.


  3. Its kay they mocked me too yesterday, as I had my roses with me rubberbanded together, people asked if I was there to purpose to him as it looked like a bouquet.. But I just smiled, as my purpose was slightly greater than theirs.

  4. What an incredible delivery. "Please, Please" was, for us, an unforgettable event. As Moz sang "Lord knows, it would be the first time", he stuttered, stood back, motioned (as if to slap the mic), exclaiming (to himself)"Sap, Sap, Sap!". He then walked slightly off-stage to wipe his tears, with his shirt.

    Pomona was grand, but this event was truly special. He really delivers his heart and soul up there, and we were so lucky to see that moment. Thanks, Moz.

  5. Hello dear Rat, been a very sincere woman I've to say something: the only reason because I quite, quite belive in MorrisseyWorld are the roses! 22 May is Morrissey's birthday and also S. Rita's day, roses are S.Rita's symbol, as gladiolis are S.Maria Goretti symbol, and on 22 May in every Catholical Church, expecially in Rome, there is the Benediction of the Roses! So, apparently, Morrissey did reference to this and maybe to the blog! It could be just in due of his strictly Catholical education and, obviously, the "real" author of the blog could know it well and maybe he/she or they planned it...I don't know! I'm confuse more and more! Anyway I don't like all the rumors about masonic signs and Illuminati and I don't think Morrissey could take care about this things! I must tell you another fact: in the past summer I was in Ireland and I found a paint called Misterious World, it was an acrylic paint with red fishes in the sea, very similar to the fishes in the blog, I used to ask me the reason of that fishes, exactly 5 fishes, what does it mean? Maybe 5 people running the blog? And the fishes don't talk so the secret is well preserved! Another question who is Morrissey'sMum? Obviusly not the real mum of our hero, but surely an irish man/woman, who use to say true things about Morrissey's concerts. I'm sure that he/she/they could be Irish just for another silly coincidence, in Ireland a lot of people was reading a book by Philomena Lynnot named "My Boy" so I tought that could be the insipiration for the "virtual mum" also one of my favourite account on this crazy virtual world! It's to late now, I got some work to do, catch you later dear Rat!
    P.S. the concert is in Tucson, not Tuscan, you're writng a lot this days...take care funny blogger!

  6. Not an expert about drums - actually know nothing about them at all - but Matt has definitely used two bass drums at the concerts in Seoul and Singapore.


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