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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 290 Saturday June 30th 2012

I didn't intend to blog for a few days, as I wanted to leave 'The History of Morrissey's Blue Rose Society' (that I posted Thursday) as my home page, but twitter events over the past couple of days have got my juices flowing.

On Thursday evening, I was casually watching Germany play Italy at football on the telly, and decided to peek into Twitterdilly to see if there was anything happening. I found 'Our Mozzer' (@MorrisseysWorld) in full swing. He had tweeted his former lodger/friend/photographer/minder Jake Walters (@JakeWalters) to say "Thank you for the photographs." Jake replied "photographs? One must presume that JW knows nothing about MW!

MW then had a pop at presenters Andrew Neil (@afneil) and Jeremy Clarkson (@jcrclarksonesq), before then suggesting that Falkland Islanders come to England, where "everyone (else) is welcome", "including Al Qaeda."

When asked if he was looking forward to watching The Stone Roses, 'Our Mozzer' replied "Hearing an unkempt busker rap while a blues rock band noodles in the background isn't my idea of fun."

It was MW's next tweet that suddenly sent tweeters reacting in very different ways. Replying to a boring tweet from presenter Danny Baker (@prodnose), MW tweeted, "Cancer and Danny Baker can both ruin one's life but only Danny Baker can ruin a funeral." This tweet would possibly have gone unnoticed, except for the fact that apparently Danny Baker has just recovered from cancer, something I was completely unaware of (having not heard of Danny Baker for about the last 10 years), and something Morrissey was also obviously unaware of. As various people laid into MW for such a 'heartless' tweet, MW apologised to Danny Baker, but the knockers wouldn't leave it alone.

One of the first to have a go at MW was Stephen Berrells (@Sberrells), a former 'half believer' of MorrisseysWorld, (he has recently declared he DEFINITELY doesn't believe now - at least he's off the fence at last, the splinters must've been killing him) who tweeted to say "Making cancer jokes to a man who's just recovered from it? Yet people still believe you're Morrissey? A new low." MW responded to the various attackers by saying "Nothing brings the silent majority out like a sanctimonious posturing. I apologised. I didn't know. Get a grip." I tweeted MW to say "I am a football fan, but had no idea about Danny Baker having cancer. Don't beat yourself up, I'm sure others will do it!" MW replied "I only remember DB as being an annoying self-possessed bore on daytime TV in the 90's. Illness doesn't change this."

MW then tweeted one of his most honest and controversial tweets to date, which proved MORE THAN EVER that he REALLY IS MORRISSEY. He said "Cancer would be a walk in the park compared to what I have been through." WOW! I tweeted back "Christ, you REALLY don't care do you! And I love you for that too!" As more people laid into MW, he fired back at the sanctimonious/holier than thou/never done anything wrong mob, by tweeting "Some of you support murder, consumption of flesh, war, vivisection; while those same people lambast me as cruel for words I say." THIS WAS NO LONGER 'PARODY MORRISSEY', THIS WAS 'REAL' MORRISSEY, SHOOTING FROM THE HIP. The next tweet from MW said "Are jokes about cancer now on the official list of things one is not permitted to mention in modern England?"

STILL the attackers kept coming, with Viki (@shebangsthedrum) tweeting "saying its a walk in the park completely undermines the horrendous battle that people face when fighting this disease." MW replied "Depression and hopelessness are a nightmare too. The difference is that they last longer than cancer. Sometimes a lifetime."

This is an interesting point made by MW, why does anybody with cancer get so much more sympathy than somebody with a different form of illness? Another interesting point is also raised by this whole debate; what some people find offensive, others DON'T!

Since the MW blog started, we have seen much evidence of what Morrissey finds offensive and what others THINK he SHOULD find offensive. Rosy Mires got very upset about MorrisseysWorld using the images of the Moors Murderers, Aurora found it offensive that MW joked about Whitney Houston's death, Stephen Berrells finds cancer jokes offensive, and ALL of these things have been used as EVIDENCE that MW isn't Morrissey. They believe that the REAL Morrissey is a sweet and gentle person, who would hurt nobody. HAVE THEY MISSED ALL OF THE OUTSPOKEN COMMENTS MADE BY MORRISSEY OVER THE PAST 30 YEARS?

Of course the best comedians in the world aren't frightened of any subject, they push barriers and there is NO taboo subject. Morrissey has a similar outlook, he doesn't give two figs about what people think, he says what he wants. The likes of Rosy Mires quote that the REAL Morrissey can be seen by the words in his songs, "It takes strength to be gentle and kind", but when has Morrissey EVER claimed that HE possesses that strength? And what is more, those words were written nearly thirty years ago, and since then, Morrissey has been dragged through 26.2 miles (a marathon) of shit! 

I personally find NOTHING offensive. My father died of cancer when I was eleven, but I can joke about it. Cancer isn't Al Qaeda, it isn't an organised terrorist group, it is an illness, in the same way that depression is an illness, and yet for some reason, those who survive cancer are held in much higher esteem than those who cope with mental disorders. Cancer almost seems to be a word that people daren't say. It is the anti-christ of all illnesses, and if you beat it, you are a mighty warrior, where as if you have a mental illness, you are a nutter, and you should just 'snap out of it'. Anybody who says you can't compare the two is wrong, you can. People with mental illness are often ridiculed, where as people with cancer, or indeed a physical illness, are sympathised with. Personally, I say take the piss out of everybody, laugh in the face of everything. 

My brother died at the young age of thirty seven, but when this ever comes up in conversation, I joke about it, I tell people that he was very badly burnt. When they offer their sympathy, I simply explain that he was cremated! Am I sick, or do I just possess a black humour? My brother actually died because he ate crap food, smoked too much, and drank to excess. The coroner said his arteries had more fur than Susan Boyle's chuff (he didn't really say that, Susan Boyle wasn't around when my brother died. Well, actually, she would have been around, but not in the public eye, she would have been living in Scotland with her mother, but as I couldn't think of anybody else who might have a particularly hairy fanny, she's in my story. Susan Boyle may of course have a really tidy fanny, in which case I apologise to her. She may have a Brazilian for all any of us know, but my visualisation of Boyle's 'Jackie Danny' is that of a particularly overgrown and unkempt forest!) and that an early death was inevitable. People take life far too seriously, if we all learned to laugh more, the world would be a better place.

If the world believed that MW was Morrissey, there is no doubt the whole Danny Baker cancer story would be all over the newspapers by now, and Morrissey would once again be hung out to dry by the haters and those with no sense of humour. Ironically, the majority of those having a go at him in this instance, are his so called fans, the ones who don't have the intelligence to work out that MW IS Morrissey. I can't wait to see HOW they react when it finally dawns on them that MW IS Morrissey. If they have any sense in their convictions, they will denounce him, they will burn his records, and they will say he is not the man they wanted him to be. They won't of course, they will conveniently sweep everything under the carpet and fawn all over him. It's a funny old world, it's MorrisseysWorld.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

The History of Morrissey's Blue Rose Society

It is well documented that Oscar Wilde and his followers wore 'Green Carnations', although when asked what it signified, Wilde would reply, "Nothing whatever, but that is just what nobody will guess." In homage to Wilde, the mysterious website 'MorrisseysWorld', has asked Morrissey fans to take either; red, white or blue roses to Morrissey concerts. Both 'Green Carnations' and 'Blue Roses' are unnatural flowers, and blue roses represent unrequited love. Red and white roses were a recurring motif in Wilde's work. Here is a brief history of Morrissey's 'Blue Rose Society' :

On August 22nd 2011, the website, which a number of Morrissey fans believe is run by Morrissey himself, asked for fans attending the concerts on the USA tour, to wear either a single red rose or a single white rose.

On September 1st 2011, this request was re-iterated and it was stated that it was in honour of Oscar Wilde, because of the roses being a recurring motif in Wilde's work. It was also stated that Wilde lives on today in the artiste Morrissey. 

On November 4th 2011, the MorrisseysWorld website explained that the 'Secret Rose Society' was to mirror Oscar Wilde's 'Green Carnation', a secret society formed by Oscar Wilde for his followers, who wore green carnations to his performances without anybody knowing why. 

On November 14th 2011, Morrissey's tour of the USA and Mexico got underway, with a concert in San Antonio, Texas. It was reported that a small number of the audience wore roses.

On November 28th 2011, at Morrissey's concert in Pomona, at the end of  'Everyday is Like Sunday', Morrissey 'received' a RED ROSE from a member of the audience. He sniffed it, and then jokingly tossed it away. (See here: ).

There were a number of other concerts played on the US and Mexican tour, and at various concerts, some members of the audience wore white or red roses, but NONE were actually handed to Morrissey.

In February 2012, the MorrisseysWorld website announced for the first time that the secret society would be known as the 'Blue Rose Society'. 

On February 24th 2012, Morrissey started his tour of South America and again, the MorrisseysWorld website gave instruction for fans to wear a red rose or a white rose, and also instructed fans to THROW THEIR ROSES ONTO THE STAGE.

  Two concerts were played in Chile, four in Argentina, three in Brazil and one in Peru, but although a few South American fans promised on twitter to take roses, NONE were handed to Morrissey on stage. 

On March 17th 2012, on the very last day of Morrissey's South American tour, in Bogota, Columbia, Morrissey 'plucked' a WHITE ROSE from a member of the audience during the song 'You Have Killed Me' (Video footage here: ). Under the red lighting, the rose looked red, thus confirming a prophecy on MorrisseysWorld, which said the white rose would turn red when the blood runs (the 'blood runs' being the song 'You Have Killed Me'). The prophecy from October 2011 can be read here:

On April 10th 2012, the MorrisseysWorld blogsite pledged that Morrissey would appear with a BLUE ROSE before 2012 was out.

On April 19th 2012, Morrissey embarked on the Asian leg of his World tour. Many flowers were taken to the concerts in Japan (evidence here: ) but mainly gladioli, so Morrissey ignored them. HE WANTS ROSES. Morrissey DID take a flower in Nagoya on May 2nd (, but having looked at it, he gave it away. It WASN'T a rose!

On May 3rd 2012, at the final concert of the Japanese tour, in 'Ebisu Garden Hall' Tokyo, the FIRST BLUE ROSE was taken to a Morrissey concert by twitter user '@Tokyo_Katie', but she was too far away to give it to Morrissey. (Here is her photo:

On May 8th 2012, at the concert in Singapore, at Fort Canning Park, the SECOND BLUE ROSE was taken to a Morrissey concert by long time MorrisseysWorld follower, '@MancLadMozFan'. It had been well documented via twitter that Manclad was taking a BLUE ROSE, and even '@BozBoorer' had  tweeted to say, "We're looking forward to Manclad in Singapore."
   At the end of the last song, 'Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me', Morrissey went over to where Manclad was standing, but unfortunately Manclad had LOST the rose during the concert. If you watch the youtube footage for 'Last Night I Dreamt', you can see Morrissey go over to Manclad (3 mins 45 seconds in), LOOK DIRECTLY AT HIM, AND PUT HIS HAND OUT. When NO ROSE is forthcoming, Morrissey looks to the sky, mock horrified and then walks to the other end of the stage, before RETURNING to Manclad (4 mins 11 seconds), AND SHRUGGING HIS SHOULDERS, before walking off stage! ( See here:

On May 19th 2012, the MorrisseysWorld website asked concert goers to take a single white, red or blue rose. It also stated that if you get into the front row, Morrissey might receive your rose.

On May 22nd 2012, at Morrissey's birthday concert in San Diego, Morrissey took to the stage in a red shirt that was covered in roses. A number of MorrisseysWorld followers took BLUE ROSES to the concert, but they were unable to get close enough to hand them to him. Morrissey's tour ended a few days later.

@JJazmineMoz takes blue rose to San Diego
                                                A Blue Rose in San Diego

Morrissey has NEVER received a BLUE ROSE on stage, but IT IS OBVIOUS from Morrissey's acceptance of the red and white roses, that he WANTS A BLUE ROSE. Morrissey's tour gets back on the road on July 5th in Belgium, and Morrissey will play a total of twelve dates in Europe. This will be followed by a thirty five date tour in the USA starting in October. The word is now getting around that MORRISSEY WANTS ROSES, but WHEN will he be given the first BLUE ROSE?

*UPDATE JULY 6TH 2012 - Yesterday, Morrissey walked on stage in Belgium wearing a GREEN CARNATION! He has NEVER worn a GREEN CARNATION before. There is now NO doubt what so ever, that Morrissey is not only behind MorrisseysWorld, he wants BLUE ROSE to take off.*



MORRISSEY WANTS ROSES: RED, WHITE, and especially BLUE. Followers of Morrissey should wear either a red, white, or blue rose to his concerts, and if close enough, throw it to the stage. If not close enough, just wear your rose with pride, to show your appreciation of Morrissey, the 'Real and Proper Poet Laureate'.

Morrissey The Real And Proper Poet Laureate (2)

It has also been said, that the song 'TROUBLE LOVES ME' is the song of the BLUE ROSE SOCIETY, as it is an anagram 'LOVE MT BLUE ROSE'. 'Trouble Loves Me' has not been performed by Morrissey since 2006, so will he sing it before 2012 is out, thus signaling his approval of the BLUE ROSE SOCIETY? Time, as ever, will tell.

  The History Of MorrisseysWorld:

#BlueRose  'OO' 

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 287 Wednesday June 27th 2012

The king of twit is back, with his first tweet of yesterday reading "On a timeline desolate, Will Twitter make a man of me yet?" One of the first to reply to this was the ex-leader of the MorrisseysWorld disciples '@stillicling', who tweeted "I would be rather surprised if it did." 'Our Mozzer' took offence to this, and tweeted "Perhaps you could cease and desist from insulting me, just as you long ago stopped fawning all over me?" I'll say nothing!

Next in the firing line was the shadow chancellor Ed Balls (@edballsmp) who MW called (the) "biggest Crashing Bore in British political history". 'Our Mozzer' then exchanged tweets with a couple of MorrisseysWorlders (@EcubyanPoet and @JJazmineMoz), before he was laid into by @Sberrells (who can never make up his mind if he is a believer or not), and then @anandastrange, who was one of the very first MorrisseysWorlders. '@anandastrange' tweeted to say, "He's Morrissey, that one out there is a schizophrenic sad guy." So, it would appear we have lost yet another of the original believers, there really are so very few of us left, and what is more, '@Mancladmozfan' (another of the originals) is having another wobble, and keeps tweeting to suggest that I am MW. *yawns*.

The attacks on MW led 'Our Mozzer' to tweet "You see the abuse I receive just for running an amusing parody account? Morrissey should understand - being a parody of himself." He then laid into Stephen Fry before leaving with a final tweet of "Type 1 in reply to this tweet and I'll close this Twitter account forever; type 2 and I'll continue. I'll count the votes tomorrow." He won't count them of course, he'll do whatever he likes!

Finally on the twitter front, '@RosyMires' (who blocked me ages ago) has returned to the MW scene, once again trying to convince anybody who will listen that MW CAN'T be Moz, as "he just wouldn't do this." She tweeted "Ask yourself, would Morrissey tweet some xfactor reject? No!!!" Poor Rosy Mires, she just doesn't get it, although of course she's not the only one! Let me spell it out once again, Morrissey is parodying himself, and yet at the same time, he is using twitter to have a pop at the non entities of the modern world. The argument that Morrissey 'wouldn't do this' is not an argument at all, it is just a personal thought, where as the ACTUAL EVIDENCE proves that he IS 'doing this'! I expect Morrissey can't actually believe he's doing it either, but he IS, and long may it continue!

I have been flicking through some of the 'Following The Mozziah' archives, and found this highly amusing parody email sketch from early January. I am considering writing another of these soon. I hope you enjoy: 

FROM: Russell Brand
SENT: Sept 20th 2011
TO: Morrissey
SUBJECT: MorrisseysWorld

Hi M, I presume you are a 'different' M from the one in the Bond films? Come to think of it, I've never seen you and Dame Judy in the same room together, no, surely just coincidence? Anyway, that's not what I'm emailing you about, don't worry, I haven't been laying (lay or lie, I can never decide?) in my bed all night, tossing and turning, trying to fathom out if old Mozzer and Dame Jude are one and the same, I have much more important things keeping me awake, namely, a website I have stumbled across on the tinternet thingy. Sorry, where are my manners? I haven't even asked how you are? It's my excitement you see. How are you? Anyway, now I've done me pleasantries, I was on the old internet the other night, and NO, I wasn't on 'Busty Babes' OR 'Flash Your Rack', although I have to say, 'Flash Your Rack' is a great way to pass the time, although not anymore of course, I'm reformed these days. Where was I? Oh yeah, I'll cut to the chase, I stumbled across a website the other night called, the contents of which are so utterly hilarious, I can't help thinking it MUST be YOU behind it. Is it?
Please let me know
The Rusted Rocket Man

FROM: Morrissey
SENT: Sept 22nd 2011
TO: Russell Brand
SUBJECT: RustlesWorld


How kind of you to enquire how I am (eventually). Did you mean How are you?, as in how am I in myself? or how am I generally, compared to the rest of the world? Or did you mean to ask Why are you?
You don't really care anyway do you?, you merely felt obliged to throw the question in mid email when it suddenly occurred to you that I may not respond without some form of common courtesy. You needn't have worried, I've come to expect little less from the 'Youth of Today', and especially ones from a town called 'Grays', God, for all the years I spent weeping at the injustice of a genius such as I being brought up in the drear of Mingchester, not realising at the time that there was a place called 'Grays', I didn't know I was born, how did you cope? One really can't picture the sun shining in a place called 'Grays', does it shine, or is it permanently as dull as it sounds? Why don't the people of Grays get together and insist on a name change?, if only to 'Lighter Grays', or is there already a Hamlet called 'Lighter Grays'? Now I can't help wondering if there is also a Hamlet called 'Darker Grays', if there is, I'd quite fancy playing there, do they have a Leisure Centre? If not, a Town Hall will do, after all, the audiences 'ain't what they used to be.
I await your reply.
Kindest Rules & regs
Lord Mozzer
Ps How Are you?

FROM: Russell Brand
SENT: Sept 22nd 2011
TO: Morrissey

Your Mozship, Thank you for your kind reply, I hope you are well?, and yes I mean it! I presume you ignored my enquiry about the website MorrisseysWorld on the grounds that I didn't start my email in the correct manner?, I sincerely apologize and ask once again, is it you behind it? The more I read of it, the more I am convinced it is you, it's pure genius, but I'm NOT a 'Mad-eyed Chambermaid'.
  I'm sorry I compared you to Judy Dench, I notice you didn't mention that either, I thought it was funny, but then I'm often mistaken in what I find funny and what others do.
 With regard to your enquiry about Grays, or 'Off Whites' as we used to call it as kids, it does not have a town hall but they could probably fit you in at The Ritz Bingo Hall in Quarry Hill, and I may even be able to get it for you at a discounted price, as I know the geezer what manages it, Gary.
Please, please, please let me know about the website, I hate not knowing things.
Love and that

FROM: Morrissey
SENT: Sept 24th 2011
TO: Russell Brand
SUBJECT: The Quarry Hill Mob


That's better, manners cost nothing and I know you are a gentleman really. A true gentleman is one who is never unintentionally rude. Thank you for the information regarding the Bingo Hall, does your mother still frequent it? I have concerns with regard to your friend 'Gary', I trust this isn't the same Gary I have read about in that book of yours, 'My Story Wory'? I'm sure you remember the Gary I mean, the one that you 'tugged orf' in the lavatory, supposedly in the name of art for some second rate television show? I do hope you were wearing marigolds? If you want to tug orf strangers in the future, please let me know, I have a list of people who would not only pay you for such an event but would 'tip' too, providing you did it properly and didn't babble too much whilst you were doing the said tug. We could call you 'Tugger Brand', a bit like 'Digger Barnes' but without the oil. You didn't have any oil did you? Anyway, what you, Gary, and the rest of the sordid Quarry Hill Mob get up to, is nobody's business but yours. Are you the quarry? Oh, you are. The name 'Gary' is so bland, MUST you have friends called 'Gary'? If you must keep him on board, couldn't you rename him? It's all so sixties.
  With regard to this 'MorrisseysWorld', do you honestly believe I would have a 'blogsite' as opposed to a proper 'website'? I know I have a (completely unjust) reputation for being a little tight, but surely even 'I' wouldn't sink SO-Low? What possibly led you to think I would create a website anyway? Do you really believe I have nothing better to do with my time and talent than sit idling it away in cyber space? Really Rustle, do you?

More Eye See.
Ps. What bits did you like best on the bloggy thing?

FROM: Russell Brand
SENT: Sept 24th 2011
TO: Morrissey
SUBJECT: MorrisseysWorld

Dear Mozzer Rooney, (Wayne's brother, get it? Or Mickey I suppose.) Consider Gary dumped, I would say he was a shit lay anyway, but in truth, he was just a shit wank. I now believe, beyond all doubt, that you are behind MorrisseysWorld, I have read the whole lot over and over, and it is just hilarious, I knew you were funny but not THAT funny. I dearly wish the public could get to see that side of you, I suppose they will now. Why are you keeping the website so quiet?, this is a beast that needs unleashing, and no, I'm not talking about Gary's tallywacker again, that beast can stay firmly locked in it's cage. My favourite bit is the bit with me in it, obviously, but ALL of it is good. I notice that you are also on twotter, as you call it, can I mention it on MY twotter account? I'm called '@Rusty Rockets', you can follow me if you like?
Love to your wife & kids
Razzer Dazzler

FROM: Morrissey
SENT: Sept 26th 2011
TO: Russell Brand
SUBJECT: Twotter


Once again, I repeat, I am not responsible for that very mildly amusing blog, but if you are to discuss it on twotter, perhaps you should be a little less 'obvious' and open a new account, you could do with a new identity, you MUST be bored of your Rusty Rickets by now?, and despite your kind offer, I have no intention of 'following' them anywhere. Use the name '@BucktoothedBoy', it suits you.
Enough now of these exchanges, I must rest my spelked finger, that's spelked, not speckled, which is what yours were after Gary had finished with you.
 I will contact you when I require some amusement, you can be my court jester, don't worry, I will provide the hat, see, I told you I wasn't tight.

Love to mother
The Mozziah. (It's a new name I've been given by one of my many fans, I rather like it.)

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 286 Tuesday June 26th 2012

The proof that Morrissey IS behind MorrisseysWorld is stronger than ever. Why? Because the MorrisseysWorld blog thingy hasn't been properly updated for ages. IF MorrisseysWorld was run by an obsessive fan, then it would be reasonable to presume that they would LOVE the attention the blog gives them, and keep it updated, but there hasn't been a new article (ignoring the mention of a new interview....that hasn't arrived!) since May 24th, and the last parody piece was on April 9th, when 'Our Mozzer' published 'My Live Tour Journal - Sudamerica 2012! Part 1'. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO PART 2???

This lack of activity proves even further the blog thing is Moz, and he is either too busy to update it, or is relaxing on holiday, or has lost interest. It could be a bit of all three. The only problem with this lack of activity, is that the Manchester concert on July 28th hasn't got a hope of being awash with roses, unless something DRAMATIC happens within the next month. The tour gets back underway in nine days time, so maybe SOMETHING will happen that finally convinces the masses and triggers a rose fest. The subtle 'signs' and clues haven't worked, so perhaps 'Our Mozzer' will need to take out a full page ad in the Manchester Evening News saying, 'PLEASE BRING ROSES TO THE M.E.N ARENA'. Mind you, I STILL think some would put it down as a 'coincidence' of some sorts.

Nothing has leaked out about a new drummer, so WHO will be taking over from Matt Walker in nine days time? Could it be that Moz himself will do a Karen Carpenter/Phil Collins/Kevin Godley etc, and become a singing drummer? Somehow, I think not. My money is on an English, American or Latino male drummer between the age of 40 and 50. The likelihood of it being Mike Joyce are, er, slim.

Following my blog entry of yesterday, John Gill (aka JG and @loughtonlil) left a comment, expressing shock that I would state that I wouldn't like somebody if The Mozziah didn't like them. Sometimes I do write things with my tongue lodged a little in my cheek, but there was actually an element of truth behind my original statement. If we take journalist Alexis Petridis as an example, I have never met the man, and was completely unaware of who he was until I started reading the MW blog, but if I were to meet him now, I would go out of my way NOT to befriend him, after all, WHY would I want to make friends with somebody who has attacked Morrissey in the way HE has? Petridis is just one example, there are a number of others, and it still astonishes me that fans of Morrissey would want to befriend people who have been openly nasty towards him, but as some have said, "he's only a fella", and "his battles aren't my battles", which I guess is true, but if a friend of mine were in battle, I would stand next to them, not opposite, or at the very least, I'd be a conscientious objector! 



Monday, 25 June 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 285 Monday June 25th 2012

It's been a busy few days, so let me try a recap:

THURSDAY PM: 'Our Mozzer' (@MorrisseysWorld) returned to twitter with his poisoned pen filled, although I suppose these days it's poisoned fingertips.  So, with poisoned fingertips, 'Our Mozzer'  started laying into a number of people, with the main target being the vile labour MP, Diane Abbott (@hackneyAbbott), who then subsequently blocked him. 'Our Mozzer' invited his followers to submit their top 3 worst politicians, which is an impossible ask, but I decided to go for; 1) Yvette Cooper *adopts hushed tone* Labour, 2) Oliver Letwin *adopts hushed tone* Conservative, 3) Lord Palmerston *adopts hushed tone* Dead.

I chose Palmerston as it was topical to my day, as on Thursday afternoon I was on Spithead Fort in The Solent, one of Palemerston's follies. Approximately thirty people set sail from Portsmouth at 2.30pm, and we landed on the fort just before 3. We were then led into a room with a free bar and told to wait until 4pm, when we would be taken upstairs to watch Tim Burgess (TB) & Mark Collins (MC) from The Charlatans. I've never been particularly good at doing what I'm told, so instead, I decided to go and explore the fort. I ventured down into the dungeon area, which is now a group of games rooms, themed reading rooms, gym, treatment room and crew sleeping quarters. I then went upstairs to check out the luxury bedrooms and more chilling/reading rooms, before finally going onto the roof of the fort. Here I found The Charlatans, and a guy called Christian O'Donnell from Absolute radio, being photographed by the media. It made perfect sense to me that the three of them would like to have me in the photographs, so I joined in. Bizarrely, all the photographs that have subsequently appeared in the press, DON'T include me in them!

TB & MC then performed a thoroughly enjoyable acoustic set, with the highlight being a stripped back version of 'The Only One I Know'. TB has dyed his hair 'slutty' blond, and was wearing a pair of transparent NH glasses. He looked the spitting image of Andy Warhol, which I guess was the aim, although recently somebody likened his new look to Captain Sensible. When they returned for an encore, they announced that they had nothing else prepared, but some gobshite from the crowd (does thirty fans plus twenty media types constitute a crowd? Well it's certainly more crowd like than the seven who witnessed my 50 at cricket the other day) suggested they sing 'The Doors of Then'. TB replied to the gobshite  that it was too early for that song, so the gobshite suggested he close his eyes, much to the hilarity of the whole room, including TB &MC, but luckily they ignored the gobshite, and sang 'One To Another'.

When the concert had finished, we were told we could explore the fort, but as I'd already done that, I retired to the bar and got chatting to a couple of Scousers called Mark & Linda. It transpired that Mark & Linda weren't competition winners but Mark was related to MC's girlfriend Bethan. I'm not actually convinced there were ANY competition winners on that fort, as every person I spoke to was either ; with the band, or involved in advertising, marketing etc, it does make you laugh.

Scouser Mark was very entertaining, as scousers usually are, and introduced me to MC, who also turned out to be a thoroughly nice bloke, that is unless Mozzer tweets to say he doesn't like him, in which case I reserve the right to withdraw that statement. I also met TB, who signed a copy of his new autobiography for me, and he too seemed a lovely guy, but again, if Mozzer says no, then TB is history! The thing is, I'm not like some other Mozzer fans, who have gone out of their way to make friends with Mozzers enemies on twitter. Don't get me wrong, I do have my own mind, and I certainly don't agree with everything Moz says, but Morrissey IS The Mozziah, and if he doesn't like somebody, then nor do I, it's as simple as that!

We left the fort at 7pm, and were taken to Cowes on the Isle of Wight. We were taken to the festival site, and I helped my new scouse mates put up their tent, but as it was poring with rain, I decided not to bother watching The Stranglers or Primal Scream, and jumped on a bus, and bought a ticket to Ryde, but I didn't care.

FRIDAY: On the Moz front, all was quiet, although a tweet at 11.30am from '@mazehilluk' said, "sat next to Morrissey in BA lounge, dare I say hello? Bit scared." It would seem that Moz was flying somewhere, and presumably wearing some sort of horror mask if Mazehilluk is to be believed! For somebody with a fear of flying, old Mozzer doesn't half do it a lot.

I spent all day in Reigate, watching a cricket tournament in the pouring rain. In normal circumstances there is no way it would have gone ahead, but it would appear that everybody has got fed up waiting for the British summer to start! It wasn't enjoyable, and not the way I pictured spending my summer days.

SATURDAY: 'Our Mozzer' returned to twitter (still nothing on the MorrisseysWorld blog since June 8th) and offered his sympathies to Shaun Rider, after learning that the Happy Mondays were giving away a free copy of their 'Pills 'n' Thrills and Bellyaches' cd with The Guardian. Morrissey has stated a number of times (including in the interview with me on May 17th), that it is his biggest nightmare, to find one of his albums taped onto the front of a national newspaper. 'Our Mozzer' also tweeted to say that Justin Bieber's new album is both "dope and pretty banging", which is nice. I shall be rushing to HMV pronto tonto to make the purchase. Ex X-Factor contestant Frankie Cocozza also got a shot across the bows from 'Our Mozzer', but as Frankie has nearly 1 million followers, and '@MorrisseysWorld' has just 8,570, I think we can all see who the real star is! 'Our Mozzer' also tweeted about the Isle of Wight Festival coverage, saying, "When you find yourself looking forward to Pearl Jam, you know you're in trouble."

And speaking of the IOW Festival, after spending my Saturday morning watching more cricket in Surrey, in the afternoon, I decided to venture back over to the festival, but NOT to see Pearl Jam, as I don't know ANY of their songs. I planted myself in the V.I.P area (which actually should be renamed V.O.P, as everybody looked very ordinary, and not in the least important), and watched Madness. For some reason, I have never managed to catch Madness live before, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching their set, especially when they finished with one of my all time favourites, 'Night Boat To Cairo'. I then watched a bit of Jessie J, who was much better than I thought she'd be, and a bit of Tinie Tempah, who does absolutely nothing for me, but the crowd loved him. Middle age has snuck up and grabbed me, and I'm not sure when, but I have to accept that I'm no longer 'with it'. The fact that I still watch live music, I still buy every number 1 single, and I'm following my hero's secret blog on t'internet mean nothing, I am too old to be 'with it', but if Tinie Tempah is the 'it' that I am no longer with, then I don't want 'it' back, I shall continue to live blissfully unaware, without 'it', in MorrisseysWorld.

I abandoned teeny tinie tempah and walked to the other end of the site to watch Thuderclap Newman sing 'Something In the Air', and then, when left with the choice of Pearl Jam or Professor Green, I decided it was time to leave. I could have chosen to watch The Charlatans on the third stage, but the pull of seeing them wasn't enough, so it would seem I won't be 'FollowingTheTB' after all.

SUNDAY: Still nothing from, and just the one tweet from '@MW', sent to Justin Bieber saying "Stupidity sells and intelligence repels."

I headed back to the IOW Festival Sunday afternoon, and watched Joan Armatrading perform a great afternoon set in the sun, before heading to the 'Garden Stage' to watch James Walsh from Starsailor. I watched it from backstage and spent the time chatting to X-Factor winner Matt Cardle, who has recently left his record label. He was upbeat about his departure from Columbia, but I came away feeling a little bit sorry for him, and wondering if his time in the spotlight is over. I then went and watched Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, with the highlight being 'Aka What a Life', although 'Don't Look Back In Anger' was a great sing-along finish, despite some nutter throwing a flare onto the stage. Noel didn't flinch, but it didn't miss him by much.

After Noel had finished, I decided to go and watch the England v Italy football match in the hospitality pub. Just before kick off, Paulo Nutini sat down behind me, and then Noel Gallagher walked in, but took one look at the medium sized tv screen, and decided it wasn't big enough, so walked out again. For the second half, I propped up the bar, and was joined by Starsailor singer James Walsh. James is a big Liverpool fan, but neither of us celebrated as Gerrard's penalty hit the net in the penalty shoot out, I think we both knew what was coming, although I did hear him quietly sing "I still believe" as the match neared it's end. My belief went circa 1967.

With England having lost the football, there was a bit of a lull. I had no interest in watching Spruce Springsteen, so I briefly caught a few songs by The Darkness (including the superb 'Get Your Hands Off My Woman Mother Fucker'), and then left.

TODAY: So, I'm now back up to date, but my twitter timeline is virtually empty. I think the lack of appearances by 'Our Mozzer' has sent the believers into hiding. Luckily Justin Bieber doesn't have the same problem as his believers have sent him to number 1 in the UK album charts........and all my hope is gone!

In recent days, '@MW' has started following a whole array of new people, including; pop singer Adam Ant (@AdamAOfficial), former 'lodger' Jake Walters (@MrJakeWalters), actor Michael Caine (@themichaelcaine), politicains David Milliband (@DMilliband) & Ed Milliband (@Ed_Milliband), footballer Cristiano Ronaldo (@Cristiano), former X factor contestant Frankie Cocozza (@FrankieCocozza), rapper Professor Green (@professorgreen), 'Official' Morrissey (@itsmorrissey), 3 x Nancy Sinatra (@NancySinatra + 2 fakes), John Travolta News (@TravoltaGossip), tv presenter Jeremy Clarkson (@jcrclarksonesq), tv presenter James May (@MrJamesMay) and snooker player Jimmy White MBE (@jimmywhite147). Heaven only knows which of these are going to suffer at the hands of the poison fingers, we will have to see.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 281 Thursday June 21st 2012

This has been the wettest start to a cricket season I have ever known, but yesterday I finally got the chance to bat, and scored a handsome half century. I was particularly pleased with the way I raised my bat to acknowledge the applause of the crowd (does four men, two women and one black labrador amount to a crowd? *googles crowd - "A large number of people gathered together, typically in a disorganised or unruly way" * I'll take that as a NO then, seven definitely doesn't constitute a large number, and they didn't look either disorganised or unruly, in fact, the woman who did the teas looked incredibly WELL organised!). Acknowledging one's half century can be done in all manor of ways, but I opted for the method that I think Mozzer would go for if he were a cricketer, the 'almost embarrassed nod in the direction of the pavilion, with a slight raise of the bat'. I don't like to see all this punching of the air malarky, it's 'just not cricket'!

Anyway, the reason I am droning on about boring old cricket, is because 'Our Mozzer' has all but disappeared from the internet. You could be forgiven for thinking that Morrissey is busy bedding in his new drummer (we must presume he has one by now), but if twitter is to be believed (or at least @jimreordereilly), then yesterday, Morrissey was drinking tea in Claridges! This seems to have been confirmed by '@Morrisseysmum', who tweeted, "Hotel tea. So civilised." This is all very Alan Bennett, but does Mozzer/Our Mozzer not realise that we fans want to see a) a new drummer in place, and b) some blog action.

In the absence of the TRUE Mozziah, I am today going off to see a rock Messiah who belongs to others. I am going to watch Tim Burgess of The Charlatans perform an intimate gig for 60 people on Spitbank Fort, which is a Victorian building in the middle of The Solent. I like The Charlatans, but have never been an avid follower, although having watched some Youtube footage of Tim Burgess, I am really looking forward to seeing him sing one of his new songs, which is called 'The Doors of Then', I LOVE it.

If I'm honest, I am going to see this concert, mainly for the venue. Spitbank Fort is one of four Victorian forts built in The Solent in the late 1800's. The forts became known as Palmerston's folly, because the then Prime Minister, Lord Palmerston, had them built at huge expence, because he thought Napolean III of France might invade, but by the time the buildings were finished, both Napoleon III and Palmerston had died! The cost to build Spitbank Fort (in today's terms) was £30million, so it would appear that Government's wasting taxpayers money is nothing new. Spitbank  fort was sold for approximatley £1million three years ago, and refurbishment has just finished. The fort is now a luxury hotel ( see here: Now if EVER there was a venue that I'd like to see Moz play, it is Spitbank Fort.

Right, I'm off to catch a boat. You can't buy tickets to this concert, you could only win them in a competition, but I didn't even 'enter' the competition, so how come I'm going you ask? Perhaps I own the fort, or perhaps I'm the Captain of the boat? Hmm, somebody once said that mystery is art.
   Anyway, if I'm not back tomorrow, then try typing '' into google, or look for a rat shaped body in the sea.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 279 Tuesday June 19th 2012

When I started writing this blog, I presumed it would only be a matter of days before Morrissey's fans and the media discovered MorrisseysWorld, and therefore I would stop writing. Here we are, nine months on, and if I'm honest, despite plenty of hot air from many quarters, the situation remains pretty much how it was when I discovered it. I am starting to wonder when I will stop 'Following The Mozziah', and I think the answer has to be one of the following; a) After the Manchester concert, b) After Day 366, or c) When MW goes viral. The problem is, if a) and b) aren't my stop points, how long might it take to reach c)?

If I do continue 'Following the Mozziah' past July 28th and September 14th (day 366), then it will mean  'following' another tour, as Morrissey has just announced an extensive two month tour of America from October to December. If rumours about an autobiography are true, then perhaps a book will appear around Christmas time, and maybe THAT will be the thing that sends MW viral? If of course it NEVER does go viral, I could be here for a very long time!

Nothing has been added to the MW blog since June 8th, when 'Our Mozzer' (via admin guy 'R') asked for questions to be submitted for an interview. Loads of questions have been submitted, but there has so far been no sign of the answers. Perhaps Clark Kent is busy being Superman at the moment, especially if a new drummer is being bedded in, or perhaps Mozzer is 'sunning himself' somewhere and can't be arsed. There has been the occasional tweet from '@MW', but not a lot, so if nothing else happens this week, I might take a few days off. I have plenty of cricket this week, and I am contemplating going to the Isle of Wight Festival on Saturday and Sunday, just to watch Madness, Noel Gallagher, Joan Armatrading and Suzanne Vega. Have I ever mentioned the time I made Suzanne Vega a birthday cake and read her a poem while she ate it? There's quite a few things I haven't mentioned! Right, it's time for cricket.



Saturday, 16 June 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 276 Saturday June 16th 2012

Today, I would like to ask all the regular readers of my blog, to leave a comment telling 'YOUR STORY' regarding MorrisseysWorld. It would be great to hear HOW you found MW, and at WHAT POINT were you CONVINCED that Morrissey was the author. Was there a particular tweet, or a certain article on the MW blog that made you think 'YES', or was it a culmination of 'coincidences', fulfilled pledges and 'signs' carried out on stage? Perhaps it was when Morrissey plucked the red rose from the audience in Pomona, or maybe it wasn't until the white rose was plucked in Bogota?

I have believed for about nine months, and I think it was the humour that convinced me in the first place, but the real EUREKA moment for me was on the morning of March 15th, when Morrissey1959 appeared in the MorrisseysWorld chatroom, and said "when 'there is a light' appears you might just see me slip my right hand inside my shirt", he then added "or perhaps you won't."

The quote was in reference to a collage of hand gestures posted on MW on March 12th, of famous people holding their heart with their right hand (see here: When the footage turned up on Youtube a few hours later, there was Moz, holding his heart (see here at 4 mins: and I KNEW BEYOND ALL DOUBT.

So WHAT was YOUR EUREKA moment, or why exactly DO you BELIEVE that Morrissey is MorrisseysWorld? Here are a few reminders:

1. 14 MAY 2011 - Despite NOBODY having noticed or mentioned MorrisseysWorld, Morrissey's 'Official Website',, issued a statement saying, "Morrissey would like it known that the site known as Morrisseysworld.blogspot is a fake. Morrissey has no connection with the site and is therefore not the author of anything written on the site."
      Did this DENIAL make you realise it was Moz?

2. 8 AUGUST 2011 - Morrissey walked onto the stage at the London Palladium and said, "Welcome to My World", the EXACT words used by Justin Bieber on his DVD, which MW had discussed on 3 & 4 AUG. At the end of the Palladium show, Morrissey removed his shirt, just as MW predicted on 13 July. 
      Were you at the Palladium, and did the penny suddenly drop?

3. 19 AUGUST 2011 - TTY issued a statement saying, "Morrissey has no connection with the site called Morrisseysworld.blogspot. Whoever is on this site/page claiming to be Morrissey is certainly NOT Morrissey. Pleased be warned. Thank you." In the same statement, it was announced that "Ten US dates for Morrissey will be announced this coming Monday", which had previously been predicted on the MW blog on 13 AUG, in an article entitled 'Right I'm off now. Honest'. 
        Was it this SECOND DENIAL & fulfillment of another MW prediction that made you see that MW was Moz?

4. 28 AUGUST 2011 - True To You issued a statement saying "the US tour will be immediately followed by Mexico". This first mention ANYWHERE of a Mexico tour, followed a mention on MW on 19 JULY in an article entitled 'My live Tour Journal', which said, "Mesmerising in Me'hico? One can only hope to travel there soon."
       Was this 'coincidence' the thing that clinched it for you?

5. 14 SEPTEMBER 2011 - TTY issued a statement saying, "Morrissey would like to stress that he has absolutely no affiliation with the site called Morrisseysworld, and that the views expressed on Morrisseysworld blog and twitter page are not Morrissey's views, and do not come from Morrissey. Morrissey has no connection with this, please beware." The TTY statement ALSO stressed that Morrissey had no association with 'The Smiths Box Set', just as was mentioned on MW on 25 JULY & 13 AUG.
     Did this THIRD DENIAL, the 'coincidence' of the boxset, AND the promotion of the new twitter account FINALLY convince you that MW HAD TO BE Morrissey? 

6. 12 OCTOBER 2011 - The MW blog issued a statement saying, "We the artiste HM Morrissey welcome Bucktoothedboy to the twitter thing." It was widely believed by many that 'Bucktoothedboy' was in fact Russell Brand.
      Did Bucktoothedboy's tweets convince YOU that he was indeed Russell Brand, and did this therefore re-affirm that MW was DEFINITELY Morrissey?

7. 28 NOVEMBER 2011 - Morrissey accepted a RED ROSE on stage in Pomona during 'Everyday Is Like Sunday' (see here: ), despite having accepted NO flowers on stage in years. This act fulfilled a pledge made on the MW blog on 2 SEPT, in an article entitled  'Mozzer's Perspective', in which it was said, "You will see me 'appear' with either a white or a red rose before Christmas.
          Did this fulfilled pledge fully open your eyes to the truth?

8. 29 NOVEMBER 2011 - Morrissey appeared on the US tv show 'Conan' and sang 'People Are The Same Everywhere'. At the end of the performance, Morrissey made an 'OO' sign around his eyes with his hands, a VERY direct reference to a collage posted on MW ON 7 NOV, of famous people making the very same sign.
      Was this the 'SIGN' that not only opened your eyes ('OO'), but left you with NO DOUBT?

9. 27 DECEMBER 2011 - Morrissey issued a statement on True To You listing 'Years of Refusal' as the album of which he is most proud.
      Did the fact that '@MorrisseysWorld' had tweeted the very same thing THE DAY BEFORE, leave you with ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER that MW was Moz?

10. 10 JANUARY 2012 - 'FollowingTheMozziah' produced the first ever 'Twitterdilly Arms' Top 10, and just a few hours later, Morrissey produced HIS Top 10 ON TTY.
       Was this a 'coincidence' too far in YOUR opinion?

11. 20 JANUARY 2012 - A statement on TTY announced that "shows in Argentina would be announced the following week." This statement was made just FOUR DAYS after MW tweeted that he would "love" to go to Argentina.
        Was this the FINAL piece of evidence YOU needed to confirm YOU as a MorrisseysWorlder?

12. 24 FEBRUARY 2012 -  Morrissey kicked off his South American tour in Chile, and wore a plaster on his finger, despite it being long since healed. This act was a direct reference to an article on MW from 6 OCT, which said, "Consider leaving plaster on finger long after healing or alternatively wearing cosmetic finger plaster to emphasise personal suffering of my journey."
        Did this MASSIVE 'coincidence' leave you absolutely SURE that Moz was MW? 

13. 28 FEBRUARY 2012 - An interview given by Morrissey to a Brazilian magazine denied authorship of MorrisseysWorld and labeled it 'dangerous'.
      Many people saw this denial as evidence Morrissey definitely WASN'T behind MW, but did it have the reverse effect for YOU?

14. 1 MARCH 2012 - Twenty minutes before Morrissey went on stage for the second of his Argentinian concerts, in Cordoba, '@MW' tweeted to say, I'll see you on the other side - assuming the Falklands aren't invaded I and I don't get bombed by a malfunctioning  British missile."He also tweeted, "There will be a small surprise." The band then appeared on stage dressed in black bras. Morrissey then went on to make a speech about the Falklands belonging to Argentina.
      Did those two tweets convince you that it HAD TO BE MOZ running the MW twitter account?

15. 11 MARCH 2012 - During 'Alma Matters' in Sao Paulo, Morrissey made an 'O' sign TWICE and stared at his hand as he did it (see here: This was a reference to the collage posted on the MW blog on 7 NOV 2011, and is a recurring theme throughout the blog.
         Did this use of the 'O' sign flick a light on in YOUR head?

16. 17 MARCH 2012 - Morrissey played the last date of his South American tour in Bogota, Columbia, and he made a double 'OO' sign during the song 'You Have Killed Me', before plucking a  WHITE ROSE from the audience. The lighting made the rose appear RED (See Here: ), which fulfilled an MW blog prediction from 9 OCT.
       Many MorrisseysWorlders have sited this incident as the ULTIMATE PROOF that Morrissey is the author of MorrisseysWorld, but was it your EUREKA moment, or were you ALREADY a firm 'BLUE ROSE' member by then?

17. 2 MAY 2012 - Morrissey appeared on stage in Nagoya, Japan, with a stage backdrop picture of Oscar Wilde, with a speech bubble asking, 'Who Is Morrissey?'.
        Was this a humourous nod to the question 'Who Is MorrisseysWorld?', and did it leave you KNOWING it IS indeed Moz?

18. 17 MAY 2012 - Morrissey gave an interview to 'FollowingTheMozziah', in which he answered EVERY question except one, the one about the NME court case, but four hours later, TTY issued a statement ANSWERING THE QUESTION (see here:
          Did this TTY statement show you once and for all that you were right to believe our gut instinct that Morrissey was MW?

19. 19 MAY 2012 - On stage at Waterfront Park in Hawaii, Morrissey made a 'V' sign, the first time he has EVER done this on stage. This is a reference to a collage picture posted on the MW blog on 12 MARCH.
     Did the 'V' help you 'OO'?

20. 22 MAY 2012 - On stage in San Diego, at his birthday concert, Morrissey wore a red shirt covered in roses. Morrissey also quoted the line "Because We Must" THREE times, which just so happened to have been the opening line on the previous MW blog article of 19 MAY. Were you at the SD concert, and realized that there could be NO other answer, except MORRISSEY IS MORRISSEYSWORLD?

Tell us YOUR story.


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