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Monday, 11 June 2012


The speech bubble coming from Oscar Wilde's mouth on stage asks, "Who is Morrissey?", but I am far more interested in knowing 'Who is MorrisseysWorld'. During the past nine months, I have written obsessively about MorrisseysWorld, to the extent that a number of people have blocked me on twitter, ridiculed me, and even threatened me. Despite them all blocking me, I know they all continue to read my blog because they comment about it on twitter and Solo, and even leave comment on the blog itself. These people are thoroughly fed up with me, and are thoroughly fed up of MorrisseysWorld, so I am today offering to disappear forever, I am prepared to accept that MorrisseysWorld ISN'T Morrissey after all, and I will close my twitter account(s) and delete my blog, but I need some help first.

The reason I am prepared to believe that Morrissey ISN'T behind MorrisseysWorld, is because logic tells me that if it REALLY was him, after two and a half years of writing the blog, SURELY there would be more than a dozen deluded believers. The HUGE majority of fans have dismissed it as fake, so I HAVE to open my eyes and get my head out of the sand.

So, to enable me to disappear, I would like to ask some questions to those who have blocked me, and those who are ABSOLUTELY SURE that Morrissey isn't behind MorrisseysWorld. I need the help of people like; @RosyMires, @Vivahate72, @marriedtothemoz, @uncleskinny, @Banjaxer, @scarlet_ibis, @stillicling and @amor_y_locura. Please don't just say 'I don't care or have no interest', I am seriously seeking your help. MorrisseysWorld is a HUGE Morrissey story, and as Morrissey fans, you MUST have an opinion and interest. Morrissey himself has mentioned MorrisseysWorld FOUR TIMES, so he is VERY aware of it, but does he dislike it, and find it 'dangerous', or does he see it as a bit of fun, hence the accepting roses on stage, wearing a rose patterned shirt on his birthday, and making the 'OO' sign from the blog? Or ARE these all just coincidences after all? And if he ISN'T going along with the blog, and the list of forty five coincidences really are JUST coincidences, then why DOESN'T he have it closed down, because the person running the blog and twitter account is calling himself/herself 'Morrissey' and giving interviews in the name 'Morrissey'?

Can @Banjaxer (aka Walter Ego) explain why an article on MorrisseysWorld last August named him as a "so-low troll I pay"? Why would somebody write that about you if they don't even know you, or DO they know you, and likewise, do you know THEM?

@Amor_y_locura tweeted yesterday to say "whoever the Moz impersonator is, he/they likely doing it out of spite and hate", but can Amora explain WHO this impersonator could possibly be, and where is the spite and hatred towards Moz? The author also clearly knows AN AWFUL LOT about Morrissey, so they SURELY must be a fan? Are you, Amora, the author of ', and if so, do you still believe that broadcaster Duncan Barkes is behind MorrisseysWorld? If so, WHY would he do it and HOW would he be able to make ALL those predictions. In fact how could ANYBODY make all those predictions? And please don't say that 'I' am the author of MorrisseysWorld, that won't help me in the slightest.

@RosyMires is the author of '', but Rosy's main argument seems to be 'Morrissey JUST WOULDN'T do this', but that isn't an reasonable explanation, that's just an opinion. If you are SO SURE that Morrissey ISN'T behind MorrisseysWorld, then WHO could it POSSIBLY be? What low life fan would pretend to be Morrissey and who could be SO convincing?

@UncleSkinny has said a number of times that the faker behind MorrisseysWorld is misleading genuine fans. I TOTALLY agree with him. If it IS a faker, it is a DESPICABLE act, and I would have wasted nine months of my life writing about some joker. But Skinny, if you are right, and it IS a faker, WHO could it possibly be who knows SO MUCH about Morrissey, and WHY does it appear that Morrissey is going along with it?

@MarriedtotheMoz says that she doesn't even read MorrisseysWorld, and yet she is obviously a big fan of Morrissey's, so can I ask the founder of the MozArmy, WHY have you NO interest in MorrisseysWorld when it is THE most talked about Morrissey item in years? You have been conducting a lot of interviews lately, have you NO interest in interviewing the author of MorrisseysWorld?

@Stillicling, @Scarlet_Ibis and @Vivahate72 have all been vocal in dismissing MorrisseysWorld as a fake, so are ANY of you able to shred any light as to why you are so sure it ISN'T Morrissey, and who it could be?

Can one of you, or anybody else who happens to be reading this, PLEASE give me a logical explanation about the MorrisseysWorld phenomenon, or better still, the NAME of the person behind MorrisseysWorld, so I can put it to bed, cancel my twitter account and delete this meaningless blog of mine? I DO mean this, I will happily disappear forever, so just answer me one simple question, WHO IS MORRISSEYSWORLD?
Thank you.


  1. Cat among the pigeons springs to mind Rats !

    I shall be very interested to see where this
    goes from here............

  2. Morrissey ‏@MorrisseysWorld
    @pasqpasq Yes.

    8 Jun Pasquale Bruno ‏@pasqpasq
    @MorrisseysWorld are u really moz?

    I found it quite interesting that this question has been answered for the very first time by @MW (who has been so vague all this time)and yet it got completely ignored. Maybe that is the point - that Morrissey is completely in our face yet hardly anybody believes him!

    "The real act of discovery lies, not in finding new lands, but in seeing with a new set of eyes." OO

  3. That quote is by Marcel Proust by the way...

  4. Cheer up Rat. Although I can offer no insight or answers to your questions, your blog is not "meaningless." It is always delight to read!

  5. can somebody please tell me who this Morrissey chap that you all keep going on about is.... (make rat disappear) pass me that baseball bat and a spade

  6. Okay.. So the first and potentially only time I will comment on your blog, Sir.
    I think what you are doing is great - maybe a little strange - nevertheless meaningful!
    After all - let's face it - when it comes to Morrissey, we all seem to contract a slight Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; I commonly refer to it as OMD [Obsessive Moz Disorder] I believe it is an involuntary urge to be close to Him - to understand people, the world and life, as he does - consequently we may gain some necessary perspective on how to improve/deal with our own lives!
    I for one, very rarely can contain my utter adoration and devotion for Him!
    However, regarding MorrisseysWorld, I can honestly say I cannot state a time where I have found my equilibrium to be misplaced! I do not particularly understand MW - even though I have an infinite love for Morrissey himself, I do not take significant notice/interest in MW - therefore, when I cannot speak with certainty and authority - I prefer not to disclose my emotive state about the situation - Extremely rarely one sits on the fence - unfortunately I sit on barbed wire in this instance!
    I try to think pragmatically &and be dogmatic about this predicament and it does not dislodge my status.
    Therefore Rat, I wish you luck on your on-going quest, you write well - and if anything - it passes the time, with Moz being the nucleus, so it can't possibly be all that bad! And I ask you – Will the sides ever be parallel?
    E x

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