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Monday, 4 June 2012

Following the Mozziah Day 264 Monday June 4th 2012

I can hardly be bothered to write today, I am feeling The Mozziah's pain! A statement has been issued on True To You to inform us that drummer Matt Walker has left the band. To lose a talented drummer is obviously a disappointment to Mozzer, but everybody is replaceable, it's just a hassle. Over the years I have had many members of staff leave my employment, and every time I usually a) take it personally, and b) am really pissed off at having to replace them. When you have a close knit team, like Morrissey has, you don't want to have to deal with change when all is ticking along nicely. Replacing Matt Walker won't be overly difficult, most drummers would give their right arm to play with Morrissey, although Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen would be foolish to offer his, as it would leave him drumming with his teeth.

So, as I say, replacing Walker isn't the problem, it's the time scales involved which will cause hassles for The Mozziah. The next concert date is just a month away on July 5th, so a new drummer will have to get up to speed pretty quickly. Not only that, but Morrissey's 'musical director', Boz Boorer, is currrently gallivanting around California playing dj sets and rock 'n' roll with The Polecats. No doubt Mozzer will just want to shut himself away, and he will probably be taking Walker's departure personally, although in all honesty, with three young children, a life on the road is not ideal.

Boz could of course be on a recruitment drive whilst in LA. The obvious replacement drummer would be either The Polecats own John Buck, or perhaps Tim Polecat's close friend 'Slim Jim Phantom', who used to be in Stray Cats, and was formerly married to Britt Ekland. Neither of these two drummers really fits the Morrissey tradition of younger band members (Boz excluded), and is therefore unlikely.

This is all a pain in the backside that The Mozziah didn't really need, and as I said, I am feeling his pain. The TTY statement also mentioned Mozzer's favourite nights on tour, criticised America and Britain, and praised Japan for having "the most finely perceptive culture", and record shops! The statement signed off by saying "the world is all before you", which could quite possibly be a reference to MorrisseysWorld, but it's probably just a coincidence. I would guess MorrisseysWorld is the last thing on The Mozziah's mind at present, so let's hope the musical director can find a new drummer soon, so that we can get it, and 'Our Mozzer', back.


  1. Sad news that Matt Walker has decided to leave our Mozzer's band - he will be sorely missed.
    I hope that a reputable replacement will be found quickly, ready for the July tour dates.

    Poor Moz sounds delighted to be back home ( ! )


    I reckon there was some truth to this "satire", they probably already have a replacement drummer

    1. Thank you Yochanan, I was thinking of the same thing! Coincidence? I don't know, anyway I remember quite well this post on the blog! Hi Rat, it's always a pleasure1 P.S. What about the Twitterdilly Top Chart? Nothing today? Ciao!

  3. For Myself, Matt Walker enhanced How soon is now? Hearing it live over the past few years it gave me chills. So it's sad to see him go, but such is life.
    Lol I'm totally going to see Boz in Chinatown, he likes that little joint I think shall I tell him Blue Rose sent me?


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