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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Following the Mozziah Day 267 Thursday June 7th 2012

Not only is it pouring with rain, not only is the cricket off, but I have had to put the central heating on. I am writing this at 1pm, and it is so dark, I have the lights on. This is British summertime. I was going to write a parody piece today, but I just can't motivate myself. The only thing that gets me through the dark winters, is the prospect of warm summers and lots of cricket. I am feeling depressed.

For those who have followed my 'Following The Mozziah' nonsense from the start, you may remember my Morrissey mate who goes by the name of Spud. He doesn't actually like being called Spud, but that is neither here nor there, he used to deliver potatoes for a living, and he has a potato shaped head, so whether he likes it or not, for 'numerous reasons', he IS spud. Anyway, I don't see Spud very often, in fact, the only times we 'ever' meet up, are to go and see Morrissey in concert, usually in London, but sometimes at other places. Spud was with me at Great Yarmouth pier when I invaded the stage and touched the left knee of The Mozziah. None of my closest friends like the music of Morrissey, so whenever the concerts come around, it is Spud I call. A bit of a Morrissey 'Spud U Like', if you like.

Unfortunately Spud is unable to make the Manchester concert, but earlier today, I bumped into him, and as always, we got chatting about Moz. We do have a football team in common too, but Moz is our 'real' common ground. I asked Spud if he'd heard about Matt Walker, to which he replied he had, and we discussed various other Moz related issues. I don't think you could ever say there is a 'typical' Morrissey fan, but if there was something 'close' to typical, I would say Spud is it. He knows every song, he owns most of the stuff ever released, he reads interviews, and he regularly visits True To You and So-low. Spud knows his Moz. As we were just about to part today, I asked Spud how he found out about Matt Walker leaving. He answered that he'd read it on TTY, and also passed comment that he couldn't understand why Moz constantly bashes England. I didn't bother discussing the England issue, because as well as being a typical Moz fan, Spud is also a typically proud Englishman, and he would NEVER understand why any of us would talk negatively about our own country, so instead, I asked him if he still went on the So-low website, to which he replied, he did. I told him I thought the place was vile, and Spud agreed, but he asked, "what is the alternative?" I said, "MorrisseysWorld?", to which Spud laughed. I asked him if he'd read it, to which he gave the same reply as the last time I asked him, about six months ago. He said that he'd visited it once, but dismissed it as a hoax.

So, there you have it, a 'typical' Morrissey fan knows NOTHING of MorrisseysWorld.....STILL! Those of us who have followed the MorrisseysWorld phenomenon on a daily basis, find it hard to understand why the world won't listen, but the truth is, even the most ardent of Morrissey fans are practically unaware of it's existence. It isn't a case of the fans not 'believing' that Morrissey is behind MW, they just don't 'know' about it. As I said recently, the site has had NO publicity, and because Morrissey denies he has anything to do with it, the fans 'believe' him, and DON'T read it. Yes MW has had 271,000 hits, but even 'my' blog has had 46,000 hits. I would guess that MW gets around 500 hits a day, but not many 'new' visitors. It would be interesting to know, how many of the 19,000 people coming to the concert in Manchester are regular readers of MW? The answer is probably about 100, and out of those 100, how many are 'believers'? Probably about a dozen. If that is true, then there is no way on earth that Blue Rose will be fulfilled, and as numerous people have pointed out, the stage is too far away from the audience 'anyway'.

So, despite forty five glaringly obvious clues, four denials, and three fulfilled pledges, MorrisseysWorld is no nearer being discovered than ever, and it is getting to the point that 'whatever' Morrissey does is irrelevant! The powers that be at So-low will continue to TELL Morrissey fans that MW ISN'T Morrissey, because it is in their vested interest to do so, and the fans will continue to believe what they are told. Morrissey will continue to TELL his fans he isn't behind MorrisseysWorld, because he wants them to find out for themselves, but they will continue to take him at his word, and believe his denials. The clues may well become 'even' more obvious, but it 'still' may not be enough, so for now, the phenomenon trundles on....quietly.

Was I tempted to tell Spud about my blog? No, of course not, and if he 'does' one day discover MW for himself, and by association find 'my' blog, would I ever admit it's me? No, but then again, he 'shouldn't' need to ask, just like I would NEVER need to ask Morrissey.


  1. I feel your pain rat, out of the 30+ morrissey fans i know enough to call my friends I've only been able to open the eyes of 2 of them about MW one believes now after SD another is still on the fence All the others have laughed at me, what if when MW does cone into the light will they be aware that I was Here? Even if They did come to see the truth I'll hold in my I told ya so's.
    -Ja Zazie

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  3. Sorry error on my previous posting.

    Many thanks for your blog today, even with the vile weather
    in this month of June which is supposed to be the summer !

    It is great that you bothered to write despite your low mood.

    I enjoyed hearing about your mate Spud.

    Hope the cricket resumes soon.............xx

  4. a bit like me rat, i ve followed moz from the start, i managed after several concerts of dragging my mate with me to get him to admit that "he gets it" and declared he now likes reward..he sat on a 12 hour flight talking to moz and managed to mention me ever so briefly, telling moz how i was out of my head in poland..yeah moz may have smirked but was that it..thanks for painting a good picture of me MATE

    1. Lol - I think he knows all about you without the help of your mate! :)

  5. cheer up rat, the tour just rolls on and on


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