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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 270 Sunday June 10th 2012

I said on Tuesday that I was going to take a break, and yet every day (everyday?) since then, I have still posted some sort of rubbish. My blog thingy limps on, just like the former lead singer of eighties pop group The Smiths. I'd never have written that nine months ago would I? Look at me feeling comfortable enough to mock The Mozziah. Don't get me wrong, I'm still as sycophantic as ever, but he loves the old deprecation thing, so the best form of being sycophantic is to deprecate. If truth be known, I can't stand sycophants, but it's a thin line, because I want everybody to agree with my point of view! Mind you, we all do, don't we, so does that mean we all 'do' like sycophants, or do we just want everybody to agree with us without being too obvious about it?

There has been a great response to Heathercat's post on Friday, it was a very well researched, and brilliantly written piece, that answered a lot of questions for many people. Heather's explanation of the masonic signs was particularly interesting, as she had thought about it, unlike the writer of the blog '', who simply wrote "any masonic shit gets deleted." I think Heather's piece has given people fresh belief in MW, although there are of course an awful lot of fans who would simply NEVER be able to admit they were wrong, the loss of face would be too much to bear.

The very clever Heathercat also posted an old MorrisseysWorld article on twitter yesterday, an article dated Feb 8th, entitled 'Christmas with Mozzer and The Lads Part V - Mozzer's Christmas Diaries - 25th - 27th December.' I had completely forgotten about this article, but look what  'Our Mozzer' said:

"3pm - Pretended to forget Solomon and Matt Walker's names after dinner. That should get rid of them. Of course I'm not averse to sacking drummers and bassists (you may have noticed) but it pays to let the odd one 'leave of own accord.' This avoids the bitter taste in the mouth of legal wrangles post-sacking and of course helps one avoid developing a reputation for sacking people. Helps ramp up the old 'enigmatic otherness factor' as the tabloid press ask, 'why, oh why has 'another' drummer left Old Mozzer?' As a bonus it also helps keep up self-esteem of the drummer who was not sacked. It's called a duty to care. You - not being an employer - wouldn't know about that of course. I call it the 'golden rule of the rhythm section: sack two, then 'let' one resign. Of course the forthcoming drummer's vacancy is already advertised. Still no interest. Can't think why. It's not like I'm a f***ing monster."

Now, as coincidences go, this one is 'up there' with the Argentinian tour prediction. Is Mozzer acting out his own blog predictions to the extreme? Did Matt Walker 'really' leave on his own accord, or was he 'encouraged' to go? Matt Walker was sent a tweet on June 6th by one of Morrissey's former producers, Stephen Street, who said, "Hey Matt! Hope you are well. You'll be missed I'm sure from M's band. Hope it ended amicably. Best wishes to you and family." Walker replied on June 8th, saying "thanks Stephen, i will miss them all as well. time will tell how it all ended...hope to see you soon!" An interesting phrase from Matt Walker, "time will tell how it ended." Did Walker discover MorrisseysWorld on a day off on May 12th, when he tweeted "things are weird and getting weirder", or maybe on that (fateful?) May 12th, he had a little chat with the boss (or the Boz), who may have suggested that Matt should spend more time with his family? Will we ever discover the truth? As Walker says, time will tell.

'Our Mozzer' has appeared briefly on both twitter and the blog, asking for interview questions. He has said he will pick the best twenty to answer, so we have all been submitting, and look forward to the replies. 'Our Mozzer' also popped into the MW chatroom yesterday afternoon, but he was not in a talkative mood, and buggered off without really saying anything. Oh to have that enigmatic otherness factor. Moody bastard.


  1. Curiouser and curiouser!...

  2. not one to speak nasty of anyone..but did matt poke himself in the eye at oakland or was it a hissy fit.... dont worry only joking, boz himself told me it was an accident and i for one wouldn t want to tangle with boz, well not without his makeup on anyway

  3. Many thanks Rats for bothering again today, I am disappointed if I find that you haven't posted.

    I believe that when one gets to a certain age they are entitled to become a ' moody bastard ' - so I relate to our Moz in being like that !!

    Love the Xmas parody, hilarious with all the familiar characters.
    Heathercat you are on a roll....xx

  4. Haven't we all enjoyed Matt Walker's essential contribution to Swords and YOR (of which Morrissey is most proud) ? Not to mention the spectacular Meat Is Murder shirt-change instrumental which I was lucky enough to see three times in 2011.

    Would it therefore not be more dignified and respectful to simply say 'thank you' to Matt Walker and wish him well? Rather than speculate wildly about the reasons he left when you know NOTHING about it.

    How does Morrissey normally react to such silly gossip when it appears in the media? Hmmm? Hmmmm indeed. And as for connecting the REAL events in Matt Walker's REAL life with a MADE-UP parody blog piece.

    PS Whatever happened to @Satlu and his 'despite popular demand, Boz will not be changing his outfit' tweet? He deleted it. Why would he do that I wonder? Better take it off your long list of 'huge coincidences'

    1. Rosy, you weren't going to let Rat wind you up anymore! Off to your self-imposed naughty step! Lol! xxx


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