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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 274 Thursday June 14th 2012

There has still been no 'official' word from Morrissey regarding the NME saga, but late this afternoon, a tweet from 'Our Mozzer' read:

 "The NME say, 'Sorry' to Morrissey. @MorrisseysWorld says, 'NME is shit.'"

It will be interesting to see if the 'official' Morrissey shares 'Our Mozzer's' view. If he does, it will obviously be just a coincidence.

There is very little else to report on the 'following' front. MorrisseysWorld hasn't added anything new for a week, and 'Our Mozzer' has been quiet on twitter too, although he has had a dig at Donald Trump's hair and also tweeted to say, "My followers are misguided for believing I'm Morrissey. I'm delusional for knowing it. Morrissey is angry at my wit and enduring popularity." His twitter followers currently stand at 8,541, which is a few shy of the million he is anticipated having by now! He may wish to consider following the lead of Madonna, who last week revealed a nipple, or Kim Kardashian, who's bottom has been tweeted around the world. A twitpic of a Moz nip or arse cheek would surely send MW viral, and if it didn't, then how about a fully naked Boz?

Tweet of the day comes from a certain So-low moderator, who without any thought for it's ironic content, tweeted to a group of Moz fans who are going to the concert in Edinburgh, to say "Have a good time un (sic) Edinburgh you lot. David Bann restaurant is fabulous for veggie food."  At least a certain David with a ban will have somewhere to spend his evening should he venture to Scotland on July 30th.

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