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Friday, 15 June 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 275 Friday June 15th 2012

Tim Jonze, the writer of the 2007 'Bigmouth Strikes Again' interview, which this week the NME have apologised for, has today broken his silence about the whole issue. In an exchange with Moz fan Harry Scoffin on twitter, Jonze comes across as very cocky, a long way from the arse licking sycophant he looked five years ago. Here is the email Jonze sent to Morrissey's manager, the day after the 2007 interview:

From: Tim Jonze
Date: October 26, 2007 6:57:55 AM PDT
To: Merck Mercuriadis
Subject: Moz shows
Hi Merck,
Was great to meet you yesterday. Interview was really good, I was
surprised how open and charming and humble Moz was. I'm sure you could
tell I was quite nervous, I'm a big fan. Anyway, you said that you
might have some guest list spare for tonight. So I was wondering if I
could get these on to the list for Friday (tonight), in order of
Guy Eppel
Alex Cisneros
Fiona Byrne
Guy shoots for NME and wondered if he could take pictures. I said I
had no idea but I would ask you if there was any chance of getting him
a photo pass. No worries if not. Fiona might be writing a news story
on the night for but if there's no spare tickets I can cover
that. If there's lots of spare tickets and you don't know what to do
with them, they'd all like plus ones but this might be stretching my
luck! Anyway, let me know what the deal is.
Tim x

Here is Jonze's  twitter conversation of earlier today with Harry Scoffin:

 Do you think that NME apology basically amounts to "I'm sorry you don't like what we said."?

 That piece on Moz was a reprehensibly shoddy piece of journalism. You even said yourself that your original interview was reworked

 there was little to apologise for i guess, hence why no damages and it's no longer going to court

 But they characterised Moz as a complete and utter racist, though? I think I've tweeted you this before but you made it clear...

 ... that the NME re-wrote your interview. Surely this reeks of shoddy journalism?

 The piece was largely Q&A, all those quotes were his. The mag wrote the intro, but they didn't mention race once

 But didn't they butcher the initial questions?

 No. Questions and answers not changed, hence no apology for such a thing

Most Morrissey fans will remember just how DESPERATE Jonze was to distant himself from the article when it initially came out. Here is the wording from an email Jonze sent to Morrissey's manager after he had BEEN TOLD, that the NME had ALTERED his article: 

"Hi Merck,
Hope you're well. I should mention that for reasons I'll probably never understand, NME have rewritten the Moz piece. I had a read and virtually none of it is my words or beliefs so I've asked for my name to be taken off it. Just so you know when you read it.

"NONE OF IT IS MY WORDS OR BELIEFS". It would appear that Tim Jonze HASN'T learnt ANYTHING from this whole issue, and he, like Conor McNicholas, is left with NO INTEGRITY whatsoever. Nothing Tim Jonze EVER writes during the rest of his journalistic career will be believed. We won't know if they are his beliefs and words, or those of another. Jonze is a spineless swine who just does what he is told.

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