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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 276 Saturday June 16th 2012

Today, I would like to ask all the regular readers of my blog, to leave a comment telling 'YOUR STORY' regarding MorrisseysWorld. It would be great to hear HOW you found MW, and at WHAT POINT were you CONVINCED that Morrissey was the author. Was there a particular tweet, or a certain article on the MW blog that made you think 'YES', or was it a culmination of 'coincidences', fulfilled pledges and 'signs' carried out on stage? Perhaps it was when Morrissey plucked the red rose from the audience in Pomona, or maybe it wasn't until the white rose was plucked in Bogota?

I have believed for about nine months, and I think it was the humour that convinced me in the first place, but the real EUREKA moment for me was on the morning of March 15th, when Morrissey1959 appeared in the MorrisseysWorld chatroom, and said "when 'there is a light' appears you might just see me slip my right hand inside my shirt", he then added "or perhaps you won't."

The quote was in reference to a collage of hand gestures posted on MW on March 12th, of famous people holding their heart with their right hand (see here: When the footage turned up on Youtube a few hours later, there was Moz, holding his heart (see here at 4 mins: and I KNEW BEYOND ALL DOUBT.

So WHAT was YOUR EUREKA moment, or why exactly DO you BELIEVE that Morrissey is MorrisseysWorld? Here are a few reminders:

1. 14 MAY 2011 - Despite NOBODY having noticed or mentioned MorrisseysWorld, Morrissey's 'Official Website',, issued a statement saying, "Morrissey would like it known that the site known as Morrisseysworld.blogspot is a fake. Morrissey has no connection with the site and is therefore not the author of anything written on the site."
      Did this DENIAL make you realise it was Moz?

2. 8 AUGUST 2011 - Morrissey walked onto the stage at the London Palladium and said, "Welcome to My World", the EXACT words used by Justin Bieber on his DVD, which MW had discussed on 3 & 4 AUG. At the end of the Palladium show, Morrissey removed his shirt, just as MW predicted on 13 July. 
      Were you at the Palladium, and did the penny suddenly drop?

3. 19 AUGUST 2011 - TTY issued a statement saying, "Morrissey has no connection with the site called Morrisseysworld.blogspot. Whoever is on this site/page claiming to be Morrissey is certainly NOT Morrissey. Pleased be warned. Thank you." In the same statement, it was announced that "Ten US dates for Morrissey will be announced this coming Monday", which had previously been predicted on the MW blog on 13 AUG, in an article entitled 'Right I'm off now. Honest'. 
        Was it this SECOND DENIAL & fulfillment of another MW prediction that made you see that MW was Moz?

4. 28 AUGUST 2011 - True To You issued a statement saying "the US tour will be immediately followed by Mexico". This first mention ANYWHERE of a Mexico tour, followed a mention on MW on 19 JULY in an article entitled 'My live Tour Journal', which said, "Mesmerising in Me'hico? One can only hope to travel there soon."
       Was this 'coincidence' the thing that clinched it for you?

5. 14 SEPTEMBER 2011 - TTY issued a statement saying, "Morrissey would like to stress that he has absolutely no affiliation with the site called Morrisseysworld, and that the views expressed on Morrisseysworld blog and twitter page are not Morrissey's views, and do not come from Morrissey. Morrissey has no connection with this, please beware." The TTY statement ALSO stressed that Morrissey had no association with 'The Smiths Box Set', just as was mentioned on MW on 25 JULY & 13 AUG.
     Did this THIRD DENIAL, the 'coincidence' of the boxset, AND the promotion of the new twitter account FINALLY convince you that MW HAD TO BE Morrissey? 

6. 12 OCTOBER 2011 - The MW blog issued a statement saying, "We the artiste HM Morrissey welcome Bucktoothedboy to the twitter thing." It was widely believed by many that 'Bucktoothedboy' was in fact Russell Brand.
      Did Bucktoothedboy's tweets convince YOU that he was indeed Russell Brand, and did this therefore re-affirm that MW was DEFINITELY Morrissey?

7. 28 NOVEMBER 2011 - Morrissey accepted a RED ROSE on stage in Pomona during 'Everyday Is Like Sunday' (see here: ), despite having accepted NO flowers on stage in years. This act fulfilled a pledge made on the MW blog on 2 SEPT, in an article entitled  'Mozzer's Perspective', in which it was said, "You will see me 'appear' with either a white or a red rose before Christmas.
          Did this fulfilled pledge fully open your eyes to the truth?

8. 29 NOVEMBER 2011 - Morrissey appeared on the US tv show 'Conan' and sang 'People Are The Same Everywhere'. At the end of the performance, Morrissey made an 'OO' sign around his eyes with his hands, a VERY direct reference to a collage posted on MW ON 7 NOV, of famous people making the very same sign.
      Was this the 'SIGN' that not only opened your eyes ('OO'), but left you with NO DOUBT?

9. 27 DECEMBER 2011 - Morrissey issued a statement on True To You listing 'Years of Refusal' as the album of which he is most proud.
      Did the fact that '@MorrisseysWorld' had tweeted the very same thing THE DAY BEFORE, leave you with ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER that MW was Moz?

10. 10 JANUARY 2012 - 'FollowingTheMozziah' produced the first ever 'Twitterdilly Arms' Top 10, and just a few hours later, Morrissey produced HIS Top 10 ON TTY.
       Was this a 'coincidence' too far in YOUR opinion?

11. 20 JANUARY 2012 - A statement on TTY announced that "shows in Argentina would be announced the following week." This statement was made just FOUR DAYS after MW tweeted that he would "love" to go to Argentina.
        Was this the FINAL piece of evidence YOU needed to confirm YOU as a MorrisseysWorlder?

12. 24 FEBRUARY 2012 -  Morrissey kicked off his South American tour in Chile, and wore a plaster on his finger, despite it being long since healed. This act was a direct reference to an article on MW from 6 OCT, which said, "Consider leaving plaster on finger long after healing or alternatively wearing cosmetic finger plaster to emphasise personal suffering of my journey."
        Did this MASSIVE 'coincidence' leave you absolutely SURE that Moz was MW? 

13. 28 FEBRUARY 2012 - An interview given by Morrissey to a Brazilian magazine denied authorship of MorrisseysWorld and labeled it 'dangerous'.
      Many people saw this denial as evidence Morrissey definitely WASN'T behind MW, but did it have the reverse effect for YOU?

14. 1 MARCH 2012 - Twenty minutes before Morrissey went on stage for the second of his Argentinian concerts, in Cordoba, '@MW' tweeted to say, I'll see you on the other side - assuming the Falklands aren't invaded I and I don't get bombed by a malfunctioning  British missile."He also tweeted, "There will be a small surprise." The band then appeared on stage dressed in black bras. Morrissey then went on to make a speech about the Falklands belonging to Argentina.
      Did those two tweets convince you that it HAD TO BE MOZ running the MW twitter account?

15. 11 MARCH 2012 - During 'Alma Matters' in Sao Paulo, Morrissey made an 'O' sign TWICE and stared at his hand as he did it (see here: This was a reference to the collage posted on the MW blog on 7 NOV 2011, and is a recurring theme throughout the blog.
         Did this use of the 'O' sign flick a light on in YOUR head?

16. 17 MARCH 2012 - Morrissey played the last date of his South American tour in Bogota, Columbia, and he made a double 'OO' sign during the song 'You Have Killed Me', before plucking a  WHITE ROSE from the audience. The lighting made the rose appear RED (See Here: ), which fulfilled an MW blog prediction from 9 OCT.
       Many MorrisseysWorlders have sited this incident as the ULTIMATE PROOF that Morrissey is the author of MorrisseysWorld, but was it your EUREKA moment, or were you ALREADY a firm 'BLUE ROSE' member by then?

17. 2 MAY 2012 - Morrissey appeared on stage in Nagoya, Japan, with a stage backdrop picture of Oscar Wilde, with a speech bubble asking, 'Who Is Morrissey?'.
        Was this a humourous nod to the question 'Who Is MorrisseysWorld?', and did it leave you KNOWING it IS indeed Moz?

18. 17 MAY 2012 - Morrissey gave an interview to 'FollowingTheMozziah', in which he answered EVERY question except one, the one about the NME court case, but four hours later, TTY issued a statement ANSWERING THE QUESTION (see here:
          Did this TTY statement show you once and for all that you were right to believe our gut instinct that Morrissey was MW?

19. 19 MAY 2012 - On stage at Waterfront Park in Hawaii, Morrissey made a 'V' sign, the first time he has EVER done this on stage. This is a reference to a collage picture posted on the MW blog on 12 MARCH.
     Did the 'V' help you 'OO'?

20. 22 MAY 2012 - On stage in San Diego, at his birthday concert, Morrissey wore a red shirt covered in roses. Morrissey also quoted the line "Because We Must" THREE times, which just so happened to have been the opening line on the previous MW blog article of 19 MAY. Were you at the SD concert, and realized that there could be NO other answer, except MORRISSEY IS MORRISSEYSWORLD?

Tell us YOUR story.



  1. From - Heathercat ‏@heathercat222 on twitter:
    Found MW after 2nd denial. Combination of coincidences & wit, clinched by Cordoba tweets.

  2. My wife Victoria said to me one day... "Morrissey's on Twitter" - which was around September 2011. So I started following. I found myself laughing out loud at the tweets and just assumed it was him. The denials and insistence that this was a parody convinced me even more. I tweeted one day that I had three wishes... world peace, a distribution deal for my film and to be followed by Morrissey's World. MW then started following me and sent me a message saying "One out of three ain't bad". It was a highlight and his tweets have been a source of joy.

  3. I discovered MW early May, 2011. It had just been announced that Morrissey would be touring that summer and I was looking for information about the tour and MW came up as one of the hits. I have been following the blog ever since. It was mostly because of the humor, other fan sites did not offer this, in fact other sites often had little to offer about Moz or were mean spirited. I believed it was him from the start, possibly with help from some of his friends, Russell Brand was one that I thought might be assisting and Boz, I did have some doubts when he posted his first denial, but that didn’t last as the signs and coincidences started, plus it was fun to think Moz was personally connected to it. I am a newer Morrissey fan, and it was by chance that I even discovered him. In 2007, I was going to chaperone some younger family members at a Milwaukee concert, and as I researched the band we were to see I found out they credited Morrissey as their inspiration, curious I looked him up, listened to him on the internet and then bought The Best of Morrissey CD I was hooked almost immediately and have been a Morrissey fan since. I have since bought most of his other CD’s. It has only been the last year or 2 I started listening to ‘the Smith’s, so I have a hard time understanding why so many want him to go back with them, as I only think of the music/songs as Morrissey’s.

  4. I discovered MW after I had been to see him in Eindhoven last year. When I came back from my holiday I googled some footage of the concert and also came across the second denial on TTY. I had briefly seen the website before but didn't even look at it because of the first denial. This time round I did look and got sucked in by the humour. I didn't even care whether it was anything to do with Moz or not, I just thought this is good and really funny (especially the tour diaries from 2009). The first time I thought that Moz might be involved when he started leaving the comments on it. It was just the way they were written, the sensitivity of them. Deep down I had the belief that it is him but of course my head was also telling me 'It can't be, surely'. I was lucky enough to be there for MW's first tweets and have had a fair bit of interaction with him. One thing that really stuck in my mind is that I was told in the chatroom once 'Never to assume what Moz is thinking or not thinking' and it is so true. None of us know him and if logic tells us that he can't have anything to do with such a site - why not? The clue that did it for me was the tweet to @Lizzycat about YOR being his masterpiece and the announcement on TTY the next day. The OO sign on Conan and ultimately the rose shirt on his birthday.

  5. I've been a follower of MW since the first denial on TTY, but I actually believed it and didn't think it was really Morrissey. But the parody was funny enough to keep me watching, also the blogger seemed to have lots of inside information, and when the second denial was announced, I was almost sure that Morrissey is indeed connected to that site. The third denial convinced me completely.
    I don't believe that Morrissey actually writes that blog, but he knows those who do, and he obviously embraces what they do. I didn't really need all those coincidences to confirm my conclusion, but they make the whole phenomenon even more interesting, and I find it baffling how few actually see what's right in front of their eyes. I suspect that most people just don't have the time and energy to follow all the clues that were given. However, I also think that the amount of quiet followers and believers is far greater than one would expect.

    I wished the blog would turn into a proper news site with concert reviews, setlists and more articles, so I wouldn't have to read sickening morrissey-solo. I still chuckle a bit when I think of that gorgeous moment in Bradford, when Moz and band wore the (in)famous tshirts; I had an excellent view on them and instantly laughed my head off, it was mind-blowing to see Morrissey wearing a shirt saying "f**k", now THAT was unexpected. Kind of a hint just how strongly he hates that site, and rightly so.

    I really hope the blog continues to exist, although that masonic stuff is kind of creepy and I'd prefer more discussions about music and lyrics instead. And that chat room should be taken down, it's full of scary weirdos.

    1. Totally agree with you about the site being turned into a proper website. I am sure there are enough volunteers among us who would be prepared to work on that. Maybe that is the future plan? I also agree about the chatroom - I left a comment about that on the MW blog.

    2. I agree with you Biker Girl, I too would be happy to volunteer to help with the blog/website.

      The chatroom is a dark place ( mainly ) and needs to be removed. It is mostly peopled by psychos.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Having seen Morrissey at the end of June 2011 I started looking for a website and stumbled across the MW blog. The humour really appealed to me and the chance to be able to leave comments.
    If Morrissey does not write the blog, I believe that he knows who does and sanctions it.
    As the So-Low site is vile it was not one that I wanted any part of and still cannot believe that anyone who likes Moz and the Smiths would want to be connected to it.

    From that I joined Twitter only because Morrissey had, as nothing would have induced me to sign-up for anyone else ! I was one of his first followers.And I have been very fortunate to have shared tweets with Moz and to be retweeted which is a total honour ! As well as being thrilled that he foloows me !

    I think I was convinced that it was Morrissey on Boxing Day last year when I tweeted him about loving Years of Refusal and he replied " I believe Years of Refusal may come to be seen as my masterpiece when the Light finally Goes Out. "
    The next day on TTY he named it as the album he was most proud of which was proof positive for me !

  8. Please excuse typo above in 'follow ' cannot delete the comments for a 2nd time !

  9. great question.
    I discovered it when I was in london in august last year for the 2 gigs.
    I found it the morning after the brixton gig. I was pretty sure it was
    moz behind it instantly, even though when I told someone else they
    looked at me like I was insane ... when I saw the owl eyes pic at the
    end of the tv performance (after seeing the collage on MW) ...
    I was CERTAIN!!!

  10. If I may I will use my 10 second slot to explain why I do not think that Bucktoothedboy was Russell Brand (no 6 above). On 25 January 2012, essays on ‘Why I love Morrissey’ were published on MorrisseysWorld blog. One of these was from ‘Bucktoothboy (the one from twitter)’. In this essay Buck talked about a physics class 7 years prior to seeing The Smiths in 1985. Russell Brand was born in 1975.
    Still a few seconds left so …… I saw the F Solow t-shirts, peeked at solow, found links there to other sites, saw the first denial statement on TTY, found MorrisseysWorld blog at the beginning of July 2011 and laughed my socks off.
    girl without socks

  11. still waiting for the answer to my question RAT, remember i was going to singapore, you kept on and on about who was first to register on the MW blog, you kept on at me saying i must know, i know who had their profile pic in the top left hand corner if that meant they were first, then yes i did know, remember you kept on saying was Oscar first..then of course at singapore morrissey sang oscar was the first of the gang instead of Hector, when i got back home you then asked me why he sang Oscar at singapore and nowhere else....why indeed whiskers..why indeed

    1. I am impressed Manc, considering you had a lot to drink. Goes to show how these things fester in our subconscience until they surface. Well done you!

  12. I found MW last August after I saw Morrissey at Brixton. I found the blog appealing because of the warmth, friendliness & humour, which was so refreshing.

    I can not pin point one eureka moment but the combination of striking wit & humour, the moving essays & responses from Our Mozzer resulted in my being a believer.

    I guess what has convinced me more so are the times spent with Morrissey1959 in the chat room. One time in particular stands out, where he appeared uneasy & expressed emotion which is so often reflected in his lyrics.
    The emotion I witnessed was so genuine & I believe difficult to fake if not truly felt.

    I would not have missed this experience for anything. It will always have a treasured place in my heart. It has been a privilege to be part of the great Morrissey's World voyage.

  13. I think it must have been the May 2011 denial on TTY that brought me to MW, although that seems early. I was already hooked on the blog before the Palladium show so somewhere between May and July I would say. I always thought the parody style was so close to being believable that it had to be him or somebody very close.

    That's what brought me on to Twitter as well - I would never have done that without @morriseysworld, although I have no idea when that was.

    Also Ratty's blog as well - again I can't remember when I came across it but it was early on.

    Also a couple of sessions in the chatroom with Air and Ratty when morrissey1959 was in there.

  14. Hello Rat, just came back from Sperlonga, here is really hot and I'm truly desire a little bit of rain... Anyway I discovered MW by a link posted on Solow and it's very strange that no one else mentioned it...then I saw the first denyed on TTY and obviously I became a follower! I like the blog, expecailly the very first posts, so funny and clever, and I thought about a well planned marketing strategy because Morrissey was starting a new tour...For the rest I'm almost agree with Smallboyjokes and I wishing for new tour diary and for your chart tomorrow! Bye Rat, I got a lot of things to do! Cheers!

  15. Hello there.

    Now, you may not believe this but I came across MW in April of 2011. I did not initially believe it was him, but I thought the author clever and like many others here, I thought if it were not him, it must be someone who knows a great deal about him.

    Then, I pattered away on my little blog thingie, and somehow I met you and Rosie and Stilli and then you told me all about MW so I read it again and this time it had newer entries.

    I found it amazingly entertaining. For a Morrissey fan, its just perfect. The perfect blend of satire, wit, and, on occassion, emotion.

    I also read your blog from start to finish and was sold. It seemed the most ingenious maketing tool, without being overly devious.

    I am eternally grateful for you and the others for introducing me to MW and the Twitterdilly Arms. My life would be ten spaces emtier for sure.

    Thank you!

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