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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 281 Thursday June 21st 2012

This has been the wettest start to a cricket season I have ever known, but yesterday I finally got the chance to bat, and scored a handsome half century. I was particularly pleased with the way I raised my bat to acknowledge the applause of the crowd (does four men, two women and one black labrador amount to a crowd? *googles crowd - "A large number of people gathered together, typically in a disorganised or unruly way" * I'll take that as a NO then, seven definitely doesn't constitute a large number, and they didn't look either disorganised or unruly, in fact, the woman who did the teas looked incredibly WELL organised!). Acknowledging one's half century can be done in all manor of ways, but I opted for the method that I think Mozzer would go for if he were a cricketer, the 'almost embarrassed nod in the direction of the pavilion, with a slight raise of the bat'. I don't like to see all this punching of the air malarky, it's 'just not cricket'!

Anyway, the reason I am droning on about boring old cricket, is because 'Our Mozzer' has all but disappeared from the internet. You could be forgiven for thinking that Morrissey is busy bedding in his new drummer (we must presume he has one by now), but if twitter is to be believed (or at least @jimreordereilly), then yesterday, Morrissey was drinking tea in Claridges! This seems to have been confirmed by '@Morrisseysmum', who tweeted, "Hotel tea. So civilised." This is all very Alan Bennett, but does Mozzer/Our Mozzer not realise that we fans want to see a) a new drummer in place, and b) some blog action.

In the absence of the TRUE Mozziah, I am today going off to see a rock Messiah who belongs to others. I am going to watch Tim Burgess of The Charlatans perform an intimate gig for 60 people on Spitbank Fort, which is a Victorian building in the middle of The Solent. I like The Charlatans, but have never been an avid follower, although having watched some Youtube footage of Tim Burgess, I am really looking forward to seeing him sing one of his new songs, which is called 'The Doors of Then', I LOVE it.

If I'm honest, I am going to see this concert, mainly for the venue. Spitbank Fort is one of four Victorian forts built in The Solent in the late 1800's. The forts became known as Palmerston's folly, because the then Prime Minister, Lord Palmerston, had them built at huge expence, because he thought Napolean III of France might invade, but by the time the buildings were finished, both Napoleon III and Palmerston had died! The cost to build Spitbank Fort (in today's terms) was £30million, so it would appear that Government's wasting taxpayers money is nothing new. Spitbank  fort was sold for approximatley £1million three years ago, and refurbishment has just finished. The fort is now a luxury hotel ( see here: Now if EVER there was a venue that I'd like to see Moz play, it is Spitbank Fort.

Right, I'm off to catch a boat. You can't buy tickets to this concert, you could only win them in a competition, but I didn't even 'enter' the competition, so how come I'm going you ask? Perhaps I own the fort, or perhaps I'm the Captain of the boat? Hmm, somebody once said that mystery is art.
   Anyway, if I'm not back tomorrow, then try typing '' into google, or look for a rat shaped body in the sea.


  1. Incredible looking place Rat - lucky you to get a glimpse of it. If we can scrape up 16 believers it can be ours for a night for £5,200. Let's say 14 believers plus Our Mozzer and Boz.

    Hope you have a great time.

  2. claridges.. i am sat in the forum coffee bar..nice OJ though

  3. Did you see my retweets then Rats ?

    Moz was seen outside the American Embassy and
    then in Claridges last evening !!

    Hope he had a good time and that you do too today
    in Portsmouth.

    Just one question - how did you swing the ticket ??

  4. WHAT Rat is a swinger..well i never

  5. I watched the you tube link and it looks as if you will have an interesting night Hope you have a good time. It reminded me of the army base I grew up close to. It had buildings that were once a prison but during WWII they were used for German POWs--so I was told, the buildings had been abandoned by the time I lived there--We kids in the area did a lot of exploring there, never got caught. They even had missile silo's there at one time.(I don't like to think about that) Part of the land is still a army base. Well, as with your fort, they also made good use of the rest of the site, they tore down the old buildings and made it into a wildlife preserve called Havenwoods Forest (Milwaukee, WI). It's actually a state forest in the middle of the city. Because of the base I went to school with a lot of army brats and as a teen, if you knew the right people you could get into the NCO Club on base and drink almost for free and under age. Well, I look forward to hearing about your adventure tomorrow.

  6. Making me miss the IOW. Never been to Spitbank Fort but it looks a lot more comfortable than the IOW festival was this year with all the rain and mud. Have a wonderful time and try to stay dry.

  7. Oh Rat! Lucky you, have a great time misterious Ratty!


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