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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 262 Saturday June 2nd 2012 The History Of MorrisseysWorld

On 8 August 2011, I attended a Morrissey concert at the London Palladium, in which Morrissey took to the stage and said, "Welcome to My World." He then finished the concert by removing his shirt. Little did I know at the time, the significance of these two acts. On 15 September, I discovered a website called '', and was immediately taken with it's humour. I soon realised that the blog was being written by none other than Morrissey himself, but very few others believed this to be true. I started following MorrisseysWorld on a daily basis, and then started blogging about it, recording EVERYTHING that happened.

 MorrisseysWorld has now published MANY articles, and given MANY 'signs' and 'clues' that it is Morrissey's site, but the majority of Morrissey's fans STILL fail to believe it, or have failed to even find the site. Morrissey has purposely denied the site is his, and the denials have been taken at face value. MorrisseysWorld has received NO PUBLICITY, and it has so far failed to catch the media's attention, with only one mainstream newspaper very briefly mentioning it.

The MorrisseysWorld blog has so far had 268,184 hits, the twitter account has 8,432 followers, and there have been AT LEAST 45 ACTS, carried out by Morrissey, that relate to MorrisseysWorld. Morrissey has issued FOUR DENIALS that he is behind the blog, and the blog has made FIVE PLEDGES, three of which have already come true. The two remaining pledges are that Morrissey will wear a Justin Bieber t-shirt (although this pledge has been withdrawn), and that he will accept a BLUE ROSE on stage before 2012 is out.

I have spent the last three days going back through MorrisseysWorld, and have now written a chronological history of the site, a history that shows WITHOUT DOUBT, that MORRISSEY IS MORRISSEYSWORLD.

25 FEBRUARY 2006 - A blog called ' is started.

29 SEPTEMBER 2007 - After approximately a dozen entries over nineteen months, and presumably with NOBODY being aware of it, the 'Ringleader' blog finishes.

16 DEC 2009 - First article published on After just three weeks of posting things, the site falls dormant. It would have had NO traffic and NO publicity.

29 AUG 2010 - Some video clips are posted on the MorrisseysWorld site, but then once again, NOTHING.

1 MAY 2011 - MorrisseysWorld kicks off in full, but still has NO publicity or traffic.

14 MAY 2011 - Despite NOBODY having noticed or mentioned MorrisseysWorld, Morrissey's 'Official Website',, issues a statement saying, "Morrissey would like it known that the site known as Morrisseysworld.blogspot is a fake. Morrissey has no connection with the site and is therefore not the author of anything written on the site." DENIAL NUMBER ONE.

13 JULY 2011 - In a MorrisseysWorld article entitled 'Nobody even believes I am me', Morrissey suggests that he should strip to the waste at the London Palladium, despite having not stripped on the WHOLE tour.

19 JULY 2011 - In a MorrisseysWorld article entitled 'My live Tour Journal', Morrissey wrote, "Mesmerising in Me'hico? One can only hope to travel there soon."

25 JULY 2011 - In an article on MorrisseysWorld entitled 'Excerpt from the Autobiography - the so-low place part II', Morrissey says, "I think I'll wait a few weeks before requesting you do not purchase that Smiths box set at a ridiculously inflated price of over £200......So, as I say, I will issue that 'do not purchase' request via, but not just at the say, oh...three or four weeks."

3 AUGUST 2011 - In an article on MorrisseysWorld entitled 'My Live Tour Journal', Morrissey reviews Justin Bieber's live DVD 'Never Say Never', in which Bieber uses the words, 'Welcome to my World.'

4 AUGUST 2011 - In an article on MW entitled 'A pledge to my fans at the London Palladium', Morrissey says, "I have decided I will once again strip down to the waist at the London Palladium."

8 AUGUST 2011 - Morrissey comes on stage at the London Palladium and says, "Welcome to My World", the EXACT words used by Justin Bieber on his DVD. At the end of the show, Morrissey strips to the waste. ONE PLEDGE FULFILLED & TWO 'HUGE' COINCIDENCES.

9 AUGUST 2011 - In an article entitled 'My Live Tour Journal', MorrisseysWorld pledges to appear in a Justin Bieber t-shirt.

13 AUGUST 2011 - In a parody piece on MorrisseysWorld, entitled 'The Q&A Session Proper', parody Boz says, "Sir, weren't you going to post a note on TTY advising your fans not to buy that over-priced Smiths boxset for £200?" To which Moz replied, "Yes Boz, don't worry your pretty little head about that. Just another week or so. Orders haven't quite begun to plateau."

13 AUGUST 2011 - In a parody piece on MorrisseysWorld entitled 'Q&A with iconic singer Morrissey - introduction', Morrissey dresses Boz Boorer in drag, as a French maid.

13 AUGUST 2011 - In an article on MorrisseysWorld entitled 'Right I'm off now. Honest', Morrissey says, " (I have a) US tour to plan."

14 AUGUST 2011 - Kitty Empire reviews the Palladium show in the Guardian newspaper and mentions MorrisseysWorld, suggesting it is written by either Morrissey or Russell Brand.

17 AUGUST 2011 - In a MorrisseysWorld article entitled 'Having proven conclusively I am the authentic Morrissey, what more can I do?', Morrissey announces that he has shelved his plans (for now) to wear a Justin Bieber t-shirt due to JB hiring The Wanted for his tour of South America.

19 AUGUST 2011 - In an article on the MW blog entitled 'More from Aunty Mozzer', it was joked that Bieber had chosen The Wanted over Morrissey because they would have needed an 18+ rule if they'd brought a male stripper (Morrissey).

19 AUGUST 2011 - TTY issues a statement saying, "Morrissey has no connection with the site called Morrisseysworld.blogspot. Whoever is on this site/page claiming to be Morrissey is certainly NOT Morrissey. Pleased be warned. Thank you." In the same statement, it is announced that "Ten US dates for Morrissey will be announced this coming Monday (ref 13 Aug)." DENIAL NUMBER TWO & A 'HUGE' COINCIDENCE.

20 AUGUST 2011 - MorrisseysWorld announces the beginning of the 'Parody Section of the Website.'

22 AUGUST 2011 - MorrisseysWorld publishes an article entitled 'And Now to Reveal the True Purpose of this Website: This blog is About to Become the Number 1 Morrissey News Site. Morrissey-solow will wilt and die', in which it explains that MW was started in late 2009 "as an affectionate parody mocking the crass misrepresentations made by journalists about Morrissey. The idea was: Morrissey sending up the public image of Morrissey." The article goes on to say that from now on, the site will refer to Morrissey in the third person. The article also stated that MW would replace Morrissey-Solow as the number 1 unofficial news site.

22 AUGUST 2011 - MorrisseysWorld publishes an article asking fans to wear either a single red rose or a single white rose during the US tour.

26 AUGUST 2011 - MW publishes the infamous 'Minutes of the Bans and Concert Ejections' satire article (which was actually written on 16 August) which mentions turning MW into a "pretend news site." The article also makes mention of the previously unheard of 'Ringleader' blogsite.

28 AUGUST 2011 - True To You issues a statement saying that dates for a US tour will be announced on September 1st. The statement also announces that the US tour will be immediately followed by MEXICO (ref 19 July). A 'HUGE' COINCIDENCE.

1 SEPTEMBER 2011 - TTY releases Tour dates and includes a 'Tour Poster' which in the bottom left hand corner has 'All Ages!' The exclamation mark being a reference to the Bieber comment (19 Aug) A 'medium size' COINCIDENCE.

1 SEPTEMBER 2011 - MW again asks fans to wear a single red or white rose on the US tour, in honour of Oscar Wilde.

2 SEPTEMBER 2011 - In an article on MW entitled 'Mozzer's Perspective', Morrissey says, "You will see me 'appear' with either a white or a red rose before Christmas, and at some point a manufactured act 'will' adorn my breast. Another pledge."

6 SEPTEMBER 2011 - MW blog announces the start of a twitter account.

10 SEPTEMBER 2011 - An interview with Morrissey's friend Linder Sterling appears in Juke magazine, alongside a picture of a white rose. Another pledge fulfilled (2 Sept). A 'medium sized' COINCIDENCE.

10 SEPTEMBER 2011 - MW announces that Morrissey is taking a break from twitter and will return when he has 500 followers. MW tweeted, "You'll know I'm not Morrissey when he has my twitter account locked down. You'll know I am Morrissey when that doesn't happen."

13 SEPTEMBER 2011 - Blogsite '' appears. It is mentioned on the 'isMoz' site and on MW, that the twitter accounts '@RealMorrissey' and '@themozzer' have been suspended, but NOT '@MorrisseysWorld'.

14 SEPTEMBER 2011 - TTY issues a statement saying, "Morrissey would like to stress that he has absolutely no affiliation with the site called Morrisseysworld, and that the views expressed on Morrisseysworld blog and twitter page are not Morrissey's views, and do not come from Morrissey. Morrissey has no connection with this, please beware." The TTY statement ALSO stresses that Morrissey has no association with 'The Smiths Box Set'. DENIAL NUMBER THREE & A 'HUGE' COINCIDENCE. This latest denial also acted as publicity for the new twitter account.

22 SEPTEMBER 2011 - '@MW' returns to twitter and the blog announces the 100,000th hit. The blog also refers to Morrissey as 'Our Mozzer' for the first time.

23 SEPTEMBER 2011 - The MW blog publishes an article entitled 'Feature: 'Our Mozzer' all-time favourite tweets', in which it states that '@MW' has been blocked on twitter by Alexis Petridis and BOY GEORGE.

25 SEPTEMBER 2011 - The MW blog produces an article entitled 'News: MorrisseysWorld goes viral on twitter, befriends Boy George. Boy George downloads Years of Refusal and Swords!' The article explains that Boy George has read the 'IsMoz' blog and concluded that MW 'IS' Morrissey.

27 SEPTEMBER 2011 - The BRILLIANT blogsite thingy 'FollowingTheMozziah' appears.

29 SEPTEMBER 2011 - MW blog announces that the site will go into quiescence for a period whilst Morrissey is on tour in the US. '@MorrisseysWorld' tweets instruction to wear a red or white rose and to throw it on stage before the encore.

3 OCTOBER 2011 - The MW blog produces an article entitled 'And when I appear with a rose AGAIN - will you still refuse to believe?' The only words to the article are "Watch closely."

6 OCTOBER 2011 - The MW blog produces an article entitled 'My Twitter Journal 6th September - 6th October 2011', in which Morrissey says, "Consider leaving plaster on finger long after healing or alternatively wearing cosmetic finger plaster to emphasise personal suffering of my journey." In the same article, Morrissey attacks Justin Bieber for stealing the 'heart symbol', and vows to reclaim it as his own, saying, "By mid 2012, the world won't know what's hit them."

7 OCTOBER 2011 - The MW blog issues a statement saying, "Our Mozzer would like to stress that he has absolutely no affiliation with the twotter page/thing known as 'Morrisseys's Mother.' This site is 100% fake. You have been warned."

9 OCTOBER 2011 - LOG LADY is introduced on the MW blog and says, "When the blood runs, the white rose becomes a red rose. When the truth settles down, nothing will remain." The MW blog mentions that Michael Winner asked on twitter, "Who is Morrisey (sic) ?"

10 OCTOBER 2011 - '@MorrisseysWorld' tweets Johnny Marr (@Johnny_Marr) saying, "Johnny is a wonderful guitarist and a kind human being. He is also a singer." Johnny Marr replies with, "I am not worthy of your wit and interest. Press "unfollow."" Johnny Marr then BLOCKED MorrisseysWorld.

11 OCTOBER 2011 - Morrissey gives an interview to 'Clash' magazine and criticises the Guardian newspaper. The MW blog points out that this is the first time Morrissey has publicly criticised the Guardian, despite MW criticising it regularly. 'Small' COINCIDENCE.

12 OCTOBER 2011 - The MW blog issues a statement saying, "We the artiste HM Morrissey should like to stress that we have no affiliation with the twitter account/thing known as MorrisseysMum or the account/thing known as ODyrbrm." A second statement read, "We the artiste HM Morrissey welcome Bucktoothedboy to the twitter thing." It was widely rumoured at the time that 'Bucktoothedboy' was in fact Russell Brand. The account has now closed.

21 OCTOBER 2011 - The MW blog removes all previous content and announces it is closed and will only re-open if Morrissey says the words "Welcome to Morrissey's World," or appears with a white or red rose, or wears the t-shirt of a 'manufactured pop act.'

6 NOVEMBER 2011 - 'Our Mozzer' announces on twitter, and states on the MW blog, that he is NOT Morrissey. '@MW' also tweets regarding the rumour that Justin Bieber is to become a father, saying, "The immaculate infection becomes the immaculate conception."

7 NOVEMBER 2011 - The MW blog posts a song called 'Blue Rose' from Twin Peaks. The tune is interpreted by some as sounding like 'Trouble Loves Me', which in turn is an anagram of 'Love MT Blue Rose.' Log Lady states that "THE BLUE ROSE exists" and "THE white ESOR will be seen." In a separate article on MW, it is stated that if there is no sign at the concert in Chicago, the blog and twitter will close forever. A collage of famous people making  'O' and 'OO' signs is also posted.

9 NOVEMBER 2011 - The Chicago concert is cancelled and the MW blog states that the pledge remains regarding a 'sign' at Chicago. 'Our Mozzer' also states that the blog will close again and only re-open when Morrissey gives a sign. 'Our Mozzer' also asks, "Does Trouble Love Us?"

14 NOVEMBER 2011 - Morrissey says on stage, at the first concert of the tour in San Antonio, "Are You Feelin' Me", a direct quote from Bieber's song, 'Kiss and Tell.' A 'medium size' COINCIDENCE.

28 NOVEMBER 2011 - Morrissey accepts a RED ROSE during 'Everyday Is Like Sunday', at the concert in Pomona (see here: ), despite having accepted NO flowers in stage in years. A 'HUGE' COINCIDENCE & ANOTHER PLEDGE FULFILLED.

29 NOVEMBER 2011 - Morrissey appears on US tv show 'Conan' and sings 'People Are The Same Everywhere'. At the end of the performance, he makes the 'OO' sign around his eyes. A 'GIGANTIC' COINCIDENCE.

17 DECEMBER 2011 - Morrissey performed the last concert of the tour, in Chicago, and NONE of the three signs were given. A large number of MorrisseysWorlders declared that MorrisseysWorld was a hoax.

26 DECEMBER 2011 - '@MorrisseysWorld' returned to twitter and stated, "Years of Refusal may come to be viewed as my masterpiece when the lights finally Go Out."

27 DECEMBER 2011 - Morrissey issues a statement on True To You listing 'Years of Refusal' as the album of which he is most proud. A 'HUGE' COINCIDENCE.

9 JANUARY 2012 - '@BozBoorer' appears on twitter as 'Parody Boz' and later 'Drag Boz'.

10 JANUARY 2012 - The FollowingTheMozziah blog produces the first ever 'Twitterdilly Arms' Top 10, and hours later Morrissey produces HIS Top 10 ON TTY. A 'HUGE' COINCIDENCE.

16 JANUARY 2012 - '@LeMapach_' sent a tweet to '@MW' saying, "Argentina loves you, come here!" to which '@MW' replied, "I would love to. Perhaps I shall."

20 JANUARY 2012 - A statement on TTY announced details of concerts in Chile and Peru and stated that shows in Argentina would be announced the following week. A 'MASSIVE' COINCIDENCE.

27 JANUARY 2012 - 'Official Boz Boorer' appears on twitter (@Boz_Boorer).

11 FEBRUARY 2012 - 'Official Boz' sends a tweet to '@MW'. A 'HUGE' COINCIDENCE.

16 FEBRUARY 2012 - Morrissey's support act 'Kristeen Young' (@KristeenYoung) sends a tweet to '@MW'. A 'HUGE' COINCIDENCE.

17 FEBRUARY 2012 - An article on the MW blog entitled 'Debate: Should Morrissey play one-off concerts in France or England? Or anywhere else?' is posted.

24 FEBRUARY 2012 - An article on the MW blog makes mention of the 'BLUE ROSE SOCIETY' for the first time. The article asks readers to "Post concert reviews, comment on 'signs' and spread the word about the rose." Morrissey gets his South American tour underway in Chile, where he wears a plaster on his finger, despite it being long since healed (see 6 October). This is a 'MASSIVE' COINCIDENCE. Also, during the concert, Morrissey handed the mic to Solomon Walker, but didn't give him the chance to speak. This echoes the 2011 Christmas diaries on the MW blog, where the Walker brothers are banned from speaking at Morrisseyband events. A 'medium sized' COINCIDENCE.

25 FEBRUARY 2012 - '@MW' tweets '@kickingpricks' saying, "We are rehearsing another Smiths song. It might JUST be ready for Buenos Aires (4 March).

27 FEBRUARY 2012 - Morrissey performs The Smiths song 'Please, Please, Please' for the first time during the World tour. A 'medium sized' COINCIDENCE.

28 FEBRUARY 2012 - An interview given by Morrissey to a Brazilian magazine denies authorship of MorrisseysWorld and labels it 'dangerous'. Also in the interview, Morrissey says "I am seventeen" (Justin Bieber's age!) DENIAL NUMBER FOUR and a 'STRANGE' COINCIDENCE.

1 MARCH 2012 - Twenty minutes before Morrissey went on stage for the second of his Argentinian concerts, in Cordoba, '@MW' tweeted to say, I'll see you on the other side - assuming the Falklands aren't invaded I and I don't get bombed by a malfunctioning  British missile."He also tweeted, "There will be a small surprise." The band then appeared on stage dressed in black bras, and Boz in a dress (see 13 August parody piece). Morrissey then went on to make a speech about the Falklands belonging to Argentina. TWO 'HUGE' COINCIDENCES.

4 MARCH 2012 - The MW blog posts a picture of Morrisssey wearing an 'Immaculate Conception' t -shirt, and draws  reference to the tweet from 6 November. A 'HUGE' COINCIDENCE. In the evening, Morrissey plays a concert in Geba, Argentina, and during the encore song 'One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell', Morrissey made an 'O' sign (see here: A 'Medium sized' COINCIDENCE.

5 MARCH 2012 - The MW blog issues a statement saying that the blog and twitter account will be frozen forthwith, principally due to the recent criticism during the interview in Brazil. The statement also offers a pledge that MW will close and be erased from the world wide web should Morrissey place a short note on True To You. The statement also announces that the MW blog will only return if Morrissey appears with a rose, wears a pop act t-shirt, or states the words 'MorrisseysWorld' at a live concert.

9 MARCH 2012 - During the song 'Alma Matters', sung on stage in Rio, Brazil, Morrissey makes a  VERY obvious 'O' sign (see here: A 'HUGE' COINCIDENCE.

11 MARCH 2012 - During 'Alma Matters' in Sao Paulo, Morrissey makes the 'O' sign TWICE and stares at his hand as he does it (see here: A 'MASSIVE' COINCIDENCE.

12 MARCH 2012 - The MW blog posts two collage pictures, the first of famous people holding their heart with their right hand, and the second of famous people making a 'V' sign.

14 MARCH 2012 - Morrissey arrives in Peru and greets the crowd with a 'V' sign. A 'HUGE' COINCIDENCE.

15 MARCH 2012 - Morrissey1959 appears in the MW blog chatroom and tells those present to look out for Youtube footage from 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out' from yesterday's concert. He says watch out for him putting his hand on his heart, mirroring the collage posted on the MW blog. Later that day, footage appears, showing the hand on heart (see here: A 'HUGE' COINCIDENCE.

17 MARCH 2012 - Morrissey plays the last date of his South American tour in Bogota, Columbia, and makes a double 'OO' sign during the song 'You Have Killed Me', and then he plucks a WHITE ROSE from the audience. The lighting makes the rose appear RED (See Here: ), thus fulfilling Log Lady's prediction of 9 October. PLEDGE FULFILLED & TWO 'HUGE' COINCIDENCES.

23 MARCH 2012 - True To You issues a statement from Morrissey, which includes the Bogota concert as his Number 1 'Most Unforgettable Night' of the tour. The MW blog then issues the exact same statement, but it is actually dated 21 MARCH, which in blogger terms, corresponds to the date it WAS WRITTEN (you cannot back date on blogger). This suggests the TTY statement was written on the MW blog 2 days previously, but Morrissey waited until after TTY had posted the statement, before posting it on the MW blog. Was this done on purpose? Either way, it is A 'GIGANTIC' COINCIDENCE. 'Our Mozzer' also points out that the most unforgettable night had nothing at all to do with the rose being received. A 'medium sized' COINCIDENCE.

8 APRIL 2012 - TTY announces that Morrissey will play only one UK concert in 2012, at Manchester Arena (Ref 17 Feb). A 'HUGE' COINCIDENCE.

10 APRIL 2012 - In an article on the MW blog entitled 'MorrisseysWorld Prophecy Page - and a new pledge', Morrissey reinforces that ALL the prophecy's have come true and exclusively pledges that Morrissey will appear with a BLUE ROSE before 2012 is out.

18 APRIL 2012 - The MW blog posts a picture of Boz, mocked up as a Geisha.

19 APRIL 2012 - At the first concert of the Japenese tour in Sendai, Boz is dressed in drag, and is introduced by Moz as a beautiful geisha. A 'medium sized' COINCIDENCE.

28 APRIL 2012 - In a statement issued on the MW blog, 'Our Mozzer' announces that he has decided to close the blog and twitter account due to an abject lack of interest. He states that only one of five things will bring it back; Morrissey in a pop act t-shirt, Morrissey or a band member appearing as Log Lady, Morrissey announcing on TTY that he is now on twitter, Morrissey WEARING a white, red or blue rose on his person for a period of time, or Morrissey claiming he is MorrisseysWorld.

2 MAY 2012 - Morrissey sings 'Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loves Me' on stage in Nagoya, Japan, and has the 'heart symbol' on the stage back drop. Morrissey also appears at various concerts with a heart shaped sweat mark on his back (see 6 Oct). A 'HUGE' COINCIDENCE. Also, the new stage backdrop is a picture of Oscar Wilde, with a speech bubble asking, 'Who Is Morrissey?', which is interpreted as a reference to all those asking 'Who Is MorrisseysWorld?', and could also be a reference to the MW blog saying that roses should be brought in homage to Oscar Wilde. It is also reminiscent of  Michael Winner (9 Oct) asking 'Who Is Morrisey?'. A 'medium sized' COINCIDENCE.

6 MAY 2012 - The Observer newspaper publishes an article where people name their favourite tweeters. Boy George lists '@MorrisseysWorld' as his.

8 MAY 2012 - Long time follower of MorrisseysWorld, '@Mancladmozfan' promises to deliver a blue rose at the concert in Singapore. At the end of the encore (Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me), Morrissey can be seen 'looking' for Manclad, but he has lost the rose. Moz shrugs his shoulders and looks to the heavens (see here: A 'HILARIOUS' COINCIDENCE. During 'Everyday Is Like Sunday', Morrissey made the 'OO' sign. A 'medium sized' COINCIDENCE.

17 MAY 2012 - Morrissey gives an interview to 'FollowingTheMozziah', in which he says he hopes to have a new song in the set by Manchester. When asked about the NME court case, Morrissey answers "...". Four hours later, TTY issues a statement saying that the court case is still going ahead and is scheduled to start on 16 July. A 'HUGE' COINCIDENCE. This statement is taken down a few hours later. Also in the interview, Morrissey is asked if he has considered a mid concert dress change for Boz. He answers that it is an excellent idea. Morrissey also says, when asked about a new album, "There will be an announcement of 'My World' quite soon.

18 MAY 2012 - Morrissey plays a concert in Maui, Hawaii, and says, "Despite popular demand, Boz will not be changing his outfit." A 'HUGE' COINCIDENCE.

19 MAY 2012 - The MW blog publishes an article announcing the blog and twitter accounts are now closed, and adds, 'Because We Must.' The article also asks concert goers to take a single red, white, or blue rose, or to 'Make the Blue Rose Society' sign 'O' or 'OO'. That evening, on stage at Waterfront Park in Hawaii, Morrissey makes a 'V' sign, the first time he has EVER done this on stage. A 'medium sized' COINCIDENCE.

22 MAY 2012 - On stage in San Diego, at his birthday concert, Morrissey wears a red shirt covered in roses. A 'GIGANTIC' COINCIDENCE. Morrissey also draws reference to St Rita, the patron saint of lost causes, who is usually portrayed holding roses. A 'medium sized' COINCIDENCE. Morrissey also quoted the line "Because We Must" THREE times. A 'GIGANTIC' COINCIDENCE.

26 MAY 2012 - On stage at Stockton, California, the last concert of the tour, Morrissey holds his heart during both 'Maladjusted' and 'Everyday Is Like Sunday', and ALSO makes the 'O' sign during 'Sunday'. TWO 'small' COINCIDENCES. Morrissey also wears a blue plaster on his finger. A 'medium sized' COINCIDENCE. 

One or two coincidences could be ignored, forty five can't, and yet STILL, neither the fans, nor the media, believe that Morrissey is MorrisseysWorld. You couldn't make this up, although the reality is, most fans are not following the daily occurrences, and are therefore OBLIVIOUS to what is going on.

The next leg of Morrissey's World Tour starts on 5 July. Will Morrissey's fans finally find and accept MorrisseysWorld? Will they bring roses to his concerts? Will Morrissey accept a BLUE ROSE and fulfill the pledge? Time, as ever, will tell.

*UPDATE - JULY 10th 2012*
5 JULY 2012 - Morrissey walked on stage in Liege, Belgium wearing.... a GREEN CARNATION for the first time EVER. A direct nod to BLUE ROSE. Morrissey's wikipedia page was also updated to make mention of BLUE ROSE, but then mysteriously disappeared 24 hours later.


  1. Morrissey ‏@MorrisseysWorld
    @GirlOnBike1102 The shell dangling over the Greeks is giving me an idea for Boz's next outfit. Boz..! Boz...! #eurovision

    Waiting for that one!

  2. Ratty - we had a couple of good sessions in the chat room with Our Mozzer, did we not?

    Well done on the above - how your cricket must have suffered.I'm confident Genoa will see the blue rose fulfilled.

  3. it was coincidence that moz gave a shrug near me in singapore, i just happened to be stood on that side.. ears and rosy may well get a blue rose to him at genoa, if not, this mancunian will hold one up at milan... all via california/singapore etc and starting the journey in wythenshawe by the sea, dont you love mysteries thelma

    1. You certainly have had a lot of practice of how NOT to do it, Manc! :)

  4. Having been away, reading your blog archive is the perfect way to catch up with everything in Mozland.
    Thank you so much Rats ( again ) for your motivation and the time
    spent in keeping this flame burning.

    The coincidences are fascinating and unexplainable.

    Good luck with the rose Manc for next time and Girl On Bike
    may be able to do something at Manchester.

  5. Thanks for taking the time to put this together, Rat.

    And hello to Lizzy, we miss you!

    It's interesting that the first MW post is 12/16/09 because the VERIFIED @itsmorrissey twitter account's last tweet was 12/14/09. The website for @itsmorrissey is ''. Maybe MW can't be verified because his other twitter account is already verified. I don't know, I'm just saying.....

    1. Very good point! Funny how people still tweet that account even though Moz parted with them ca two years ago!

    2. I know...I guess because it's the only verified account. And that website was never updated either.

  6. Great research rat, also Kristeen Young responded to my tweet to MW re the Italy tour, I think that was around Easter time.
    Oh blue rose so much to answer for!!

    Hi lizzy! :)

  7. Good job gathering all the facts onto one area I had not realized there were so many coincidences and signs. I also did not know I have been following MW since it's 2011 start. I started on it because of the humor plus so much of the info was correct I figure Morrissey was some how involved, possibly by himself or more likely, because of the amount of work that went into the blog, with friends. I look forward to whatever the future may bring with the blog, it sure has cheered up my dismal life--your blog also had been fun to read and all the T-Arm friends it introduced me to.


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