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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

EARS Review of Morrissey in Genoa

Morrissey Porto Antico Arena Mare Genoa 8th July.

Oh Morrissey....So much to answer for.

What a fantastic show. Kristeen opened with real presence. She sang a song sat on the edge of the stage holding a fans hand, it was beautiful to watch, their eyes were locked for the duration of the song. Kristeen has a powerful, captivating voice & had boundless energy on the stage.

So the moment I had beeen dreaming of for SO long had arrived. Before coming on we could see Moz & the band hugging backstage & then there he was MORRISSEY! I won't go through the set list but they started with Shoplifters, one of my highlights. The crowd were all singing along, it felt really special.
Morrisey was looking in top form in a crisp white shirt set against his tanned skin. It is my opinion that Morrissey's voice has become richer over the years. I felt such a strong connection to the emotion & sentiment which flowed from him like a waterfall.

So to the blue rose moment, I just had one person in front of me so I was confident Morrissey could see the rose & I think it was during Alma Matters Moz came in my direction so I waved the rose like a woman possessed. I tried to catch his eye, but, he looked at the rose & just gave a small shrug of the shoulders (Rosy will confirm this, I can find no youtube footage) I will leave it up to individuals to interpret this gesture. For me the most important thing was that it had been acknowledged, I wasn't really expecting him to take it. Though of course I would have been delighted if he had. I continued waving the rose throughout hoping it would be caught on some youtube footage which thankfully it was.

Boz was dressed in a frock, wig & full makeup he did make me smile because he keeps his face so dead pan. The band sounded fantastic, & did Morrissey proud.
Morrissey appeared relaxed & chatted a little which can be heard on @RosyMires youtube foootage. I noticed after several of his legendary handshaking moments we went away laughing. Speaking of which I wasn't lucky enough for a grasp of his hand but at one stage lost my glasses & a shoe as people clambered forward for a touch from their idol.

Another highlight was when Morrissey took Rosy's gift & hugged it to his chest. It was lovely to share in the joy Rosy felt from this.
Top songs of the night for me were Shoplifters, Last Night I Dreamt & How soon Is Now. Oh & I must mention To Give, such a great cover. At the end he sang acapella, a few lines from Patti Smith's Pissing In A River which was a touching moment(on Rosy's youtube footage)
At the end of the show I asked 2 security guys if they would take the roses to Morrissey but they didn't respond so I threw them on the stage as promised on MW blog. By now they will be in a bin but the sentiment behind them remains.

It was a wonderful evening which I will never forget & so lovely to share it with Rosy who loves Morrissey as much as I do.
Morrissey owned the stage, he sang with passion & straight from the heart.

Manchester & Edinburgh awaits....



  1. Many thanks for sharing this great review,
    so glad to hear that you had a lovely time.

    Roll on Manchester !

  2. Ears - thank you so much for posting this review for us. Your blue rose looked fabulous in the youtube footage @-'-,--

  3. Very good Air! You're so lucky going to Manchester! Cheers!

  4. i knew you and rosy would have a fantastic time, there is something romantic about travelling to a strange city especially when the weather plays its part, yes it does get hot, you come out of your hotel all showered and smelling nice and then, wham (not the group) it hits you, that constant heat..yes i know how rosy felt, its a strange feeling, all that hunting for a present ends up worth it and you end up giggling to yourself like you are a twelve year old again, i asked that mine be passed around the crew if he didn t want them, i never took the linda mc cartney book, if you saw the size and felt the weight of it, you would know why, my books drew a smile off his bodyguard so maybe he fancied reading them, ears i really am pleased you and rosy had a fantastic time but be careful, that bug bites you and you want to go back for more, its like a drug, the travel, new people to meet and places to see, if only we didn t need money then everyone could experience it, i hope that if you can people, try it out, a nice little break and you get to see your idol as matter how hard you try ears and rosy, you will never top that feeling of your first visit to another country for a morrissey gig, the memories will stay with you forever xx


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