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Monday, 2 July 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 292 Monday July 2nd 2012

My whole weekend has been taken up with cricket, with yesterday being a long drive to Brentwood in Essex. Whilst I was away, I once again missed 'Our Mozzer' on the tweet rampage (at his age!). He started off on Saturday with a bit of self deprecating, by announcing that '@MorrisseysWorld' is "the only twitter account worth avoiding." He followed this up with the morbid "The purpose of life is to realise there isn't one", and then tweeted me to say "Morrissey has denied he is @MorrisseysWorld four times already. Why would he lie? Why would I?" A tweet was then sent to former drummer Matt Walker (@mwBATTERY) saying "Thank you for the drumming, Matthew."  Next on the MW tweet rampage was a couple of quotes from an essay he wrote some time ago, and then he listed '@BoyGeorge' and '@UpthePier' as the BEST twitter accounts. I'm obviously honoured, although I only use the 'Pier' account on Tuesday's to do the Twitterdilly Arms Chart rundown (that's probably why he likes it!).

Next on the tweet list from MW was a proposal to merge Ed and David Milliband (like John & Edward became Jedward) into EDID. He even gave them a hash tag....Morrissey is now creating hash tags on twitter!!! "He just WOULDN'T do that", I can hear the non believers cry. The next tweet said "Unblocked by @Wossy but still blocked by @richardm56 (Richard Madeley) and @alexispetridis - what could it all mean?" Bearing in mind that Jonathan Ross has over 2 million followers on twitter, he not only miraculously noticed this tweet from MW, but replied, saying "@MorrisseysWorld you were never blocked by me....". Could this mean that Ross was EXPECTING the tweet? MW immediately fired a tweet back saying "@Wossy Don't tweet me again or they'll declare me the true artiste Morrissey!"

MW was back again on Sunday, with the first assault aimed at Rihanna. The next was fired at The Stone Roses, who apparently have now performed their 'much awaited' Heaton Park reunion gigs, although this has COMPLETELY passed me by. MW tweeted "Despite a tone deaf ape and Jimmy Page standing in for Brown and Squire at Heaton, The Stone Roses sounded exactly like The Stone Roses." I have noticed that MW has started following a whole new load of 'celebs', so God only knows who he may start picking on next! My 'false idol' Tim Burgess has been added to the list, but so far has not been touched.

Loyal MW believers '@Lizzycatmoz' & '@GirlOnBike' asked 'Our Mozzer' for an exclusive about the new drummer, but MW gave nothing away, except to say "a drum machine in speedos? You heard it here first." MW then had a pop at Elton John, before '@louizakc' asked "sir, do you frequent the Morrisseys World blog chatroom?", to which MW replied "Heavens, no!"....which isn't 'entirely' true, but then again, when has 'Our Mozzer' EVER told the truth? He signed off for the day by 'unfollowing' Mario Balotelli, citing that he doesn't "follow unverified accounts". Oh you do have to snigger.

As I was driving to Brentwood yesterday, I was thinking about the 'Bakergate' incident of the other day, and I suddenly remembered, that one of Danny Baker's main claims to fame, is that he killed Bob Marley, who died from cancer. The story that Baker tells, is that he broke Marley's toe during a football match in 1977, and the broken toe developed a melanoma. Baker therefore claims that he brought on Marley's cancer, and is therefore responsible for his death. I think that, as Baker can joke about the death of a musical icon of cancer, he would have laughed at another musical icon joking about him. Perhaps MW believer Amy Lame can enlighten us, after all, she is a co-host with Baker on the wireless.

Rosy Mires is somebody who isn't as forgiving, she has now stopped following ANYBODY who has anything to do with MorrisseysWorld (well, sort of, she still follows a few, and is even going to Genoa with @AIRRAID25 this week) because the MW comment about cancer being a "walk in the park", was the final straw in bad taste. Rosy has been offended by SO many things that 'Our Mozzer' has said, that I agree it is for the best that she has NOTHING more to do with him......although she won't of course, because like all the others, although they have tried to convince themselves that it isn't Moz, they know deep down that it might be, so however hard they try, they will STILL continue to follow the whole phenomenon, and God only knows what they'll do when they find out it's him. To burn the records or not to burn, that will be the question.

Another person who regularly protests that he isn't interested in MW, is journalist Kevin Marrinan (aka @Banjaxer aka Walter Ego aka a capitalist footballer supporter posing as a socialist). Regular readers of this blog (and MorrisseysWorld) will remember that Kevin is the guy who MW initially mentioned in the 'Bans Committee' piece, when he called him "one of the so-low trolls I pay to write nonsense all over  the so-low site", and he then introduced Banjaxer to the MorrisseysWorld followers (whilst using the twitter account @ODyrbrm) in October last year, by saying "@Banjaxer is in charge while I'm away"(on holiday). We followers all took this to mean that Banjaxer was the administrator on the MW blog.
  Ever since then, '@Banjaxer' has been trying to distance himself from MW, and has claimed he has no interest in it. He has also begged me to leave him out of the whole phenomenon, which I have been happy to do, but yesterday he dragged himself back in.

I was exchanging tweets with Nico Tatarowicz (@nicotatz), the maker of a hilarious Stone Roses mocumentary, when completely uninvited, '@Banjaxer' butted in, to tweet "@MorrisseysWorld is NOT Morrissey". I can't work out why Banjaxer doesn't just keep completely away from MorrisseysWorld, unless of course Morrissey is STILL paying him to continue with the denials. Kevin/Banjaxer/Walter  KNOWS 100% that it IS Morrissey, and he also knows that I know he knows. Is Moz still paying the £47 per month that he quoted in the Bans Committee piece, or has Walter had an increase?
   The whole MW phenomenon would make a fantastic story for any journalist worth their salt, EVEN if they didn't believe it to be Moz behind it. The is it/isn't it element would make for fascinating reading, so one has to ask, WHY hasn't Banjaxer ever written an article about it? I'm sure the Manchester Evening News would love to run a story about a secret Morrissey website that has had nearly 300,000 hits. Hmmm.

The excellent Stone Roses mocumentary that I mentioned ( see here:, has a brilliant Moz bit, which has Morrissey saying, "The hacienda? Well I'm aware that it's the Spanish word for an estate. Some hacienda's were plantations, mines or even businesses factories. Many hacienda's combined these productive activities, but then I expect you have just got me here to extract some kind of anecdote about the Manchester nightclub of the same name, which I can't remember, even though I can and I'm not saying." That last sentence had me crying with laughter.

That'll do for today, it is now July and it is once again pouring with rain. This evening's cricket match has been called off, so I will wait to see if 'Our Mozzer' returns to twitter whoredom.

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