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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 294 Wednesday July 4th 2012

Today is a very sad day. Following a whole day of 'binge tweeting' yesterday, The Mozziah has today announced his retirement.....from twitter that is, not from live performing, or indeed life, it would appear that both of those 'activities' are safe....for now. The twitter king is dead, and it's so lonely on a limb.

I guess this may well be my final blog entry, although I will re-post the 'History of The Blue Rose Society' tomorrow, and hope that one day, the message will finally get through to the masses, and EVERY Morrissey concert hall/ leisure centre will be filled with red, white and blue roses. We can only hope that the few of us who found MorrisseysWorld, and BELIEVED it to be Morrissey, can spread the word, and hope that instead of ridicule, the people will listen, believe, and bring their roses.....but somehow, I doubt it.

So, why did The Mozziah's twitter career come to an end? My guess is that Morrissey woke up this morning, and was disgusted at himself for spending a whole day tweeting. He will have felt that it was just TOO un-Mozzean (whether a parody or not), and he will have worried that he has damaged that 'mysterious otherness'....or perhaps he just got bored of being so bored!

The binge session started at around 12.30pm yesterday, with a retweet of MorrisseysWorld regular '@Heathercat222', who had posted a tweet congratulating Kristeen Young on her attack on So-low. 'Our Mozzer' then had a dig at journalist Tony Parsons (@TonyParsonUK), before retweeting the breaking BBC news that Ian Brady had been taken to hospital. Mozzer tweeted "Ian Brady, when will you die?"....pretty soon by the looks of things!

The writing was soon on the wall that 'Our Mozzer' had had enough of twitter, when he tweeted, "Am I boring you? I'm boring myself." I am picturing a VERY bored Morrissey, in a nondescript hotel room in Belgium, with NOTHING to do, just waiting for the tour to begin.
      Rihanna, The Stone Roses and Dappy were picked on next, before MW tweeted, "Time to give Belgium a try", which presumably meant he was venturing outside, or maybe even rehearsing, if he DOES ever join in the band rehearsals. Surely he wouldn't just leave Boz and the boys to 'bed in' the new drummer, he MUST do SOME rehearsing, DOESN'T he?

Four hours later, the binge continued, with Blur singer Damon Albarn (@Damonalbarn) geting a slating, and One Direction singer Niall Horan (@NiallOfficail) questioned as to HOW he has 4 million followers. 'Our Mozzer' then laid into somebody that I'd never heard of, a journalist called Caitlin Moran (@CaitlinMoran), who somehow has 242,000 followers. Moran fought back, so I jumped in and had a dig too. I was suddenly like a gangster's moll, riding shotgun in The Mozziah's twitmobile. It didn't last long, despite one good comeback from Moran, she decided to take the easy route and give in...she blocked us both. It was like the Johnny Marr incident all over again (see my blog entry 'Day 27' here:

Next to be insulted by MW were; Elton John, Piers Morgan, Gary Lineker, Ricky Gervais and non rose thrower '@MancladMozfan'. A further sign that the boredom was really getting to 'Our Mozzer' came at approximately 9.30pm, when he tweeted, "How bored would one have to be to follow @officialtulisa @CherylCole AND @richardpbacon? Yes, thinking about it... I think I shall." He then had a go at pop phenomenon Steps, before telling me that Lee Latchford Evans (@llatchfordevans) "isn't as innocent as he looks"....the mind boggles!

In answer to '@elizabethgoodw3' 's question asking "will you be getting tickets for the Spice Girls Musical?", MW replied, "Why not? Since I watched Madonna 'sing' live, any pretense of pop aloofness has long gone."
    Katie Price and Frankie Boyle were then reminded of their stupidity, before MW had a pop at the Isle of Wight, asking me "Do they even have TVs on the Isle of Wight?" I replied, "Black & White ONLY & Sykes is still in it's first series." Coincidentally, Eric Sykes died this morning, the world has lost a genuinely funny man.

MW continued on the tweet rampage for another couple of hours, before he finally called it a day by tweeting, "Twitter mirrors reality; the more I tweet the more followers I lose. It's just like releasing albums." Despite the humour, this is of course absolutely true. The more Moz tweeted, the more his followers fell (down to 8,436). I had to look up the album bit, but that too is surprisingly true, his last three albums have seen sales fall thus:


No wonder he's been in no hurry to release another album, the next step is 'taped to the front of The Mail On Sunday'!

This morning, MW posted three tweets. The first was to '@BoyGeorge', and said, "I'm leaving twitter today. It has been a pleasure sharing a timeline with you." The second & third tweets said, "After almost a year on Twitter, I've decided I started something I couldn't finish- And so I'll leave it unfinished; from parody Morrissey, over and out. An interview on will follow quite soon. Thank you." And that was that.


  1. He'll change his mind, oh I hope it!

  2. So it's goodbye from him and goodbye from him. What a bummer three weeks before Manchester.

    Perhaps he is as addicted as the rest of us and will find his way back becasue he misses his 'regular irregulars'.

  3. It is not surprising that our Moz has left Twitter after his marathon sessions there for the last 3 days.
    It has been great fun and so has he and somehow I think he
    will pop back on and off again from time to time.
    Twitter is like a drug and it compels one to keep coming back for more.
    Thank you 'parody ' Morrissey, it has been a pleasure as always, and the best of luck for your tour ( not that you need it ! )
    See you in Manchester ! xx

  4. He has been gone before and with the tour starting again there surely won't be too much time. It would be nice to get the odd tweet like during the South American leg of his tour... I just hope he doesn't close the account yet as I would like to go back and re-read some of his witty comments!

  5. Dear Rats,

    this is a very sad day indeed. Our Mozzer leaves twitter and possibly his blog, too, and you... well... you follow him. Of course. Sigh. But who will keep track of all the coincidences now? Who will rifle through the vast youtube footage of the many upcoming concerts?

    I had been quietly following morrisseysworld for so long, almost since the beginning of it all, but was always too shy to speak myself, and only recently I found the courage to join the Twitterdilly Arms. I found that everyone was really really nice and I also had the chance to exchange some tweets with Our Mozzer Himself, there's obviously NO barrier on Twitter, he would even talk to ME! (He never really answered my questions, though, but well.)

    Was it the REAL Morrissey? And will time REALLY tell? I still find it hard to imagine him in front of a computer, that image of old-fashioned Moz hacking on a typewriter or scribbling in a diary is stuck very deep in my head. Yet, the evidence is there, at least it's proven that there is *some* connection. In the end, it doesn't really matter. Who IS Morrissey anyway? Nobody knows, and boundaries are blurred in this whole game. I always pictured Real Morrissey and Parody Morrissey as one entity, called "Our Mozzer".

    I'm truly sad that it seems like the journey is coming to an end. I will sit and watch now, waiting and hoping that the two of you will soon come back and lighten up my painfully troubled existence. Sure, we still have Real Morrissey in a concert hall (lucky me will soon be tanning under the Italian sun and cheering in the Mozpit), but it was such a pleasure to hear from Our Mozzer on an (almost) daily basis, and I'll miss him thoroughly.

    I'm secretly hoping that Airraid's blue rose will make it to the stage in Genoa (I'll watch out for you!), which will then result in a grand comeback of MW's blog and Twitter. "The joy of music is that it allows one to dream, which in turn allows one to find that grain of hope", as a famous writer once said.

    Love to you, Rat, and (a bit more, hope you don't mind) love to Morrissey/Our Mozzer/Parody Moz/ThatMozThing. Thank you for everything, please don't forget us. And now come back already!

  6. My favourite rodent, I understand how you are feeling, but please don't cut the umbilical cord just yet. I will really miss you if you go & appreciate all the time & effort you have given to your smashing blog. x

    SBJ - Another cracking quote, thank you! If you see a slightly unhinged looking middle aged women, with a blue rose in Genoa please come & say hello : )

  7. Rats - hope you can keep up with the 'odd blog'. Was looking forward to your review of the MEN arena. From your position in the upper tier you have a bird's-eye view to spot HM More-ee-say's crown.

  8. Dear Rats,
    Just wanted to say, I truly hope this isn't the 'end of the road' for your delightful blog! Nevertheless, a huge thank you for all the time and effort you've invested in this site! I'm grateful that you've shared your considerable writing talent with us! Whether it be a thought-provoking, informative article, or one of your hilarious parody sketch thingys; all have been a rare pleasure to read and have brightened up many a dull, gray day!
    Anyway, thank you again and best wishes to you in all your endeavors!
    Vive le Blue Rose!

  9. This is the last tweet I will ever do / no I've changed my mind again... ?


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