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Friday, 6 July 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 296 Friday July 6th 2012

The Morrissey tour is back on the road, the new drummer is in place (behind the drum kit, funnily enough), and Morrissey walked on stage yesterday, at Les Ardentes Festival in Liege, Belgium,  wearing a Green Carnation. Let me repeat that last bit for those who are hard of hearing, MORRISSEY WALKED ON STAGE WEARING A GREEN FUCKING CARNATION!



SETLIST: (With Morrissey quotes and lyric changes in " ")

"I dare you to be yourself"
1. SHOPLIFTERS OF THE WORLD UNITE ("Last night the plans for a future war with Syria is all I saw.") ("Shoplifters of the world - yes you! - take over")
2. YOU HAVE KILLED ME ("I forgive you, I forgive you, on my soul, on my soul, I forgive you.")
"If I die, then I die."
3. YOU'RE THE ONE FOR ME, FATTY ("Ah Battersea - hope and then despair.")
"Thank you. Thank you."
5. WHEN LAST I SPOKE TO CAROL ("One thing I still know.")
"Belgique, thank you."
6. EVERYDAY IS LIKE SUNDAY ("Otherwise, share some grease tea with me." Over outro: "They can kill me - they can't stop me!")
"Thank you. [To someone in the audience] Would it be Sheffield? No. Luxembourg? No. Sweden? Croatia? Lima? No."
"I know."
9. HOW SOON IS NOW? ("Crippling and vulgar")
"Thank you. In my soul, of course, it's always a Thursday, it's always midnight, and - as you know - there's only one thing to do. This."
"Mmm. Desk clerk told me. A girl was washed up. What? What does your sign say? i can't  read. What does yours say? Does it? Mmm. Mmm. Where is it? Where is it? Do people really still get married? Incredible. Absolutely incredible. However, would you please say something nice to; on piano, Gustavo Manzur. Do you think you can say something nice to guitarist Jesse Tobias? And to our new friend on drums, Eric Gardner. To a very old friend on the bass, Solomon Walker. And a name only spoken in private - Gaynor Tension."
12. MEAT IS MURDER ("Kill. Eat. Kill. Eat. Murder.")
[Shirt change: red & white polka dots]
[Shirt change: black & white polka dots - similar to Rank inner sleeve]
18. STILL ILL ("Wow! This is very interesting.")

(Thanks to 'The Smiths Indeed' for providing the setlist)

There comes a point when coincidences can longer be considered coincidences. The MAIN theme to, is 'The Blue Rose Society', a society that was formed to mirror Oscar Wilde's 'Green Carnation', so when Morrissey walked on stage in Belgium, wearing a GREEN CARNATION for the first time ever in his life, could ANY sane person possibly claim that Morrissey wasn't giving a nod to 'Blue Rose', or was it YET ANOTHER (number 46) coincidence? The answer is of course NO, no sane person would deny that Morrissey was acknowledging BLUE ROSE, but on So-low, the sanest days ARE indeed mad, and already somebody has posted "I am waiting for someone to claim that the giant green broach or whatever was actually a blue rose." They don't EVEN know that it was a GREEN CARNATION! *Bangs head on wall*

 I have tried to post on the So-low webshite this morning, to point out that NOBODY in their right mind could now dispute that Morrissey is MorrisseysWorld, but I have once again been blocked, with both David Tseng and Peter Finan, (the So-low owner and moderator), ensuring that their readers don't get to see ANYTHING that PROVES Morrissey is MorrisseysWorld. Only two days ago, Uncle Ernie (Finan) posted that So-low was a forum for complete freedom of speech, to reflect the real world and it's varying views, well it would appear that this is ONLY true if your view reflects THEIRS, or at least Finan's, as it is HE who calls all the shots, the other guy doesn't seem to do much, as he is busy playing with his Star Wars toys. represents dictatorial censorship at it's very worst, but then we already knew that didn't we.

One place that the So-low boys don't seem to have any control over is Wikipedia. I'm not sure how Wikipedia works, and who can update a page, but Morrissey's Wiki page has been updated with the following:

'The Blue Rose Society' has been running for many months since mid 2011. This is a secret society focusing on the MorrisseysWorld parody blog and other connected websites, which some conspiracy theorists believe is run by Morrissey himself, including Kitty Empire who voices this view in a concert review and on her twitter feed. [81] This is based on a series of coincidences, documented extensively on the blog, in which Morrissey seemingly cites the blog, makes a sign in reference to it or picks out a red or white rose from the audience (two of the signs of the blog). Morrissey has denied running the blog on four occasions in 2011-2012 (linked elsewhere). The sign of this secret society is the blue rose; blue roses - as well as their other signs, the red and white rose - have been seen at many Morrissey concerts in 2011-2012 from the US to Colombia. The Blue Rose Society is seen by some as a reference to Oscar Wilde's green carnation-wearing followers. Former mayoress of Camden and playwright Amy Lame revealed on her Twitter feed that she had incorporated roses into her Morrissey-themed play as a MorrisseysWorld reference.
There is an associated MorrisseysWorld Twitter account, featured in the Observer magazine's 'who to follow on Twitter,' which was nominated by Boy George as the best account on Twitter. [82]Boy George at the same time wrote, "Most likely a parody account, but whoever is behind it manages to deliver many caustic and witty gems – rather like the real Morrissey, who is never lost for a unforgettable one-liner." Boy George had hinted on his Twitter account that he believed the author to be Morrissey and leaves this possibility open in this brief interview. Although only covered briefly in the mainstream media, the MorrisseysWorld phenomenon (almost 300 000 blog hits and close to 10 000 twitter followers) has become an intriguing part of the Morrissey story in recent years, with some claiming he will reveal his authorship of the blog in his autobiography.

The complete Wiki page can be found here:

So, apart from the Green Carnation, what else is there to report from Liege?  The setlist was a pretty similar 'Greatest Hits' set to that from the other legs of this tour. The only Youtube footage available so far, is of; 'Black Cloud', 'How Soon Is Now' and 'Everyday Is Like Sunday'. Needless to say that all three songs were performed brilliantly, and it is interesting to see Morrissey closely watching the new drummer (Eric Gardner) go through the drum routine at the end of HSIN (see here: I won't say too much about Eric, as without being disrespectful, drummers have never really interested me, I've always been fascinated by 'front men'....with the exception of Boz of course, he's in a class of his own, and a dress of his own last night, which appeared to be a NEW one. A new blue number, with some sort of coloured pattern cape.....lucky boy. The rest of the band wore matching t-shirts, although new boy Eric (who is a session musician from California, who previously played with Gnarls Barkley, and has his own band, named after his grandmother, called Dot Hacker) wore his own t-shirt, which tends to suggest he hasn't been inducted yet.

Tomorrow, the show reaches Rome, where Romina Ricci (@caterita2008) will be representing the 'Blue Rose'. On Sunday, MorisseysWorld diehard EARS (aka '@AIRRAID25 aka 'Emotional Air Raid) will be attending the concert in Genoa. Unfortunately she has tweeted this morning to say that her BLUE ROSE didn't arrive in the post, so it looks as if she won't be the first person to present Morrissey with that all illusive BLUE ROSE after all, unless her co-traveller (MW hater Rosy Mires) can find one and save THAT would be irony!


  1. Dear Rat, is the third time that I'm try yo write a cooment and my pc eats it! Now trying with I pad ...I'm on the beach, of course! I read, yesterday, a new Morrissey's interviiew by Gianni Santoro, he's on twitter and you could find him. Translation: S " why do you moaning about fake account and why don't you open an official account onasocial network.".morrissey:"Having an account just for saying something like just wake up,having breakfast, I was falling down...It looks ridicoulous!" G.S. "I saw your picture with Lady Gaga, how did you meet her." Morrissey"She called me and I went, she is nice, but I don'nt remember her nose, I think she got a different nose for each days". This my short translation about the most interesting answers, yes he denyed, but do you remember the story about Gaga's picture? I saw the picture on so low and I did 'nt notice that she was Gwenn Steffy and her boyfriend And I discovered it by Morrysseyworld do you remeber it Rat? Now find your logic conclusion...Morrisseyworld somehow belongs to Morrissey!

  2. I remember that picture, it was (May. 2011) and one of my first visits to MW. At first I thought it was Gaga, but then as I read the parody piece from Morrissey's perspective, I found that it was Gwen. It was a very humorous piece and articles like that are one reason I continue to visit MW. As per Romina above, Moz commented on the picture at a recent interview, which shows how attuned Moz is to MW


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