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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 297 Saturday July 7th 2012

I intended to write a parody piece today, featuring Moz and Boz in Rome, and from what I'd created in my head, it was VERY funny, but unfortunately I just haven't got the time today. I'll see if I can re-hash it and deliver it next week, especially the bit about Moz introducing himself to Solomon, mistakingly thinking he was Eric the new drummer, with the excuse that he didn't recognise him, or any other member of the band for that matter, because he always has his back to them. I've probably ruined it a bit now....never mind.

The MorrisseysWorld blogspot and Twitter account have completely disappeared this morning, as has the Morrissey wikipedia entry about Blue Rose/Green Carnation.

On Thursday July 5th, Morrissey's wikipedia page was updated to reveal that the BLUE ROSE SOCIETY was a secret Morrissey appreciation society, similar to Oscar Wilde's GREEN CARNATION. That VERY evening Morrissey wore a GREEN CARNATION on stage for the FIRST TIME EVER. On Friday July 6th, I reported both of the above in my blog, and asked "could any sane person possibly claim that Morrissey wasn't giving a nod to BLUE ROSE?"

Just before EVERYTHING disappeared, '@Banjaxer' tweeted, "People unsure about @TheRatsBack and @MorrisseysWorld should remember he first registered on Twitter as UK actress Amanda Holden. Beware." I can only conclude that Morrissey has decided that he is soon to reveal that he WAS the person behind MorrisseysWorld, and Banjaxer is trying his hardest to distance himself, because when it is all revealed, he isn't going to be very popular with his So-low mates. Banjaxer (aka Walter Ego) will of course deny, deny, deny, but unfortunately for him, there is too much evidence, especially the 'Bans Committee' piece (which many of us have kept a copy of) from MorrisseysWorld, that says Walter Ego works for Morrissey. "People unsure about @Banjaxer and @MorrisseysWorld should remember 'he knows you know', he's in the shit, and he's trying to deflect attention." His only saving grace is that the So-low lot don't understand ANY of what has gone on.

So, WHAT is Morrissey going to do next? Is he about to WEAR A BLUE ROSE? Tonight's concert is in the VERY special city of ROME.

      As they sang in West Side Story:

"Could be!
Who knows?
There's something due any day;
I will know right away,
Soon as it shows.
It may come cannonballing down through the sky'
Gleam in it's eye,
Bright as a rose!


  1. Hi Rat, I'm still at home, 'usband is sleeping and he dows'nt want to go at the Audotorium early like me, he's not a fan and Morrissey will be on the stage around 10.00 p.m.! Mw is no more on line and that is sad, but I'm asking why? Was realy Morrissey the author of the blog and the owner of the twitter account? I forget to write the right ask yesterday because I was on the beach with children...litteraly G. Santoro asked:" I saw your picture with Gaga, you looked toughtfull" Morrissey answered:" I always look like this" and than the rest as I wrote yesterday...So, I'm asking to myself what picture are they talking about? The only picture with "Gaga" was,first, on so-low and then on MW where was written the funny story about the pic and the the real identity of the woman, Gwen Steffi, with her boyfriend who loves to dress himself quite like a transgender... What does it mean? Is Morrissey the real author of the blog? Or is someone else who's taking in turn Morrissey about his friendship with Gaga? The last question of the interview was "What is music's industry now?" Morrissey said "Marketing!" I say TRUE!

    1. Stefani is the REAL name of Gaga. The MorrisseysWorld article about Gaga, Gaga lookalike Gwen Stefani and Justin Tranter was hilarious. I am missing the blog already, and it's only been gone one day! but while it is gone, we must spread the word, and the word is #BlueRose


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