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Friday, 13 July 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 303 Friday July 13th 2012



3. 500 MILES

My karaoke night was a success, because luckily a number of my dinner guests could sing, where as I am now wanted for murder. Having said that, all twelve of the audience agreed that the 'highlight' of the evening was my rendition of 'Let Me Kiss You', which OBVIOUSLY included me whipping off my shirt, dabbing it all over my sweaty paunch, and then launching it into the hysterical crowd.....and yes, they were in hysterics, with one of the female members of the audience so 'touched', she was crying.

Being away from Twitterdilly has meant I have fallen even further behind with proceedings, so I have had to try and get up to speed. I think it is easier if I set myself an agenda:

1. My karaoke Night - TICK
2. Milan Concert
3. Florence Concert
4. MorrisseysWorld blog
5. Twitterdilly Events
6. Blue Rose in Manchester - Plan B

There was a new stage back drop in Milan, of a couple of guys who looked familiar. It was speculated in The Twitterdilly Arms, that it could be either some old footballers or singers, but it transpires it is Adam West and Burt Ward, aka the original Batman and Robin. This excited '@MancladMozFan' beyond belief, because I have previously blogged about dressing up as the 'Boy Wonder' for a radio show stunt, but I have a MUCH better theory than Mancs. I believe Morrissey has used this backdrop because Batman & Robin were alter ego's, just like 'Our Mozzer'.Yesterday I touched on the fact that at the end of 'Everyday Is Like Sunday', Morrissey sang what appeared to be "I'm a poor lonely rat, I'm a poor lonely boy, I know how you feel." (See here: but having listened to it again, I think he MAY actually be singing, "oh my poor lonely BAT, oh my poor lonely BOY (wonder), I know how you feel." Batman and Robin could NEVER reveal their TRUE identity, just like Moz.

I also mentioned yesterday that Moz came on stage in Milan with an unlit cigarette behind his ear, which he then put in his mouth, and sang 'You Have Killed Me' with it hanging out of the corner (See here: HOW did he do that and WHAT was it all about? Was it a 'nod' to somebody?

I'm sure there are other things that I have missed from Milan, but I just haven't had the chance to go through the Youtube footage.

There is a fair amount of Youtube footage, but again, I haven't had the opportunity to watch it. The BLUE ROSE SOCIETY were getting excited on twitter because they thought Moz was wearing a blue shirt, covered in BLUE ROSES, but it transpires that it was a trick of the light. It was actually a BLACK shirt covered in Black roses, similar to the red one he wore in San Diego on May 22nd. I have   also seen footage of Moz wearing a WHITE shirt with black roses on in Florence. 'Let Me Kiss You' was for some reason performed as an instrumental, with Moz playing the tambourine throughout. He gave a sly smile when the crowd 'eventually' cottoned on, and started singing it for themselves.

       My interview with Morrissey has been published in full on the MW blog. Underneath the varying comments from MorrisseysWorlders, Morrissey has written, "Attack records." One of the questions in my interview was, "We fans are desperate to buy the half dozen songs you've showcased, would you ever consider just releasing digitally, or signing to a small independent label?" Morrissey answered, "As I tweeted, finding one of my albums in the local newsagent taped on to the front of the Sunday Mail is probably my biggest nightmare. Releasing it electronically would be a close second. The third option is now my only hope." MORRISSEY MUST HAVE RE-SIGNED TO THE 'ATTACK' RECORD LABEL! AND WHAT WERE THE BAND WEARING ON THEIR SHIRTS IN FLORENCE?

Another of my questions was, "Have you written any new songs lately, and if yes, will you be playing them live?" Moz replied, "Boredom is a Plague, The Tyranny of Tedium, My World. Possibly. We hope to have a new song in the set by Manchester." Yesterday '@MorrisseysWorld' tweeted, "My World is coming." MORRISSEY IS TELLING US THAT EITHER THE ALBUM, OR THE SONG, OR BOTH, IS COMING SOON.....Could we be hearing 'MY WORLD' in Manchester?

When the penny DOES eventually drop that Morrissey IS MorrisseysWorld, EVERYBODY who missed it is going to read back through all this and realise JUST HOW OBVIOUS IT ALL IS.

Today, the '@MorrisseyWorld' twitter account has announced that, "When Morrissey appears with a blue rose, will replace Morrissey-Solo for news." This is fantastic for ALL us Moz fans, because at the end of the day, the Morrissey community is HUGE, but at the moment it is fragmented. Most fans are SICK TO THE BACK TEETH of So-low, and are DESPERATE for an alternative. MorrisseysWorld becoming an OFFICIAL MORRISSEY NEWS SITE is JUST what we need. There are THOUSANDS of Morrissey fans on twitter, from all over the world, so spreading the word of the new site will be easy. It will need to be completely revamped, but it will be BRILLIANT.
      Morrissey once asked me in the chat room of MW if I would be interested in working for the site if it became an official news site. I didn't answer at the time, but I will answer now, it is a YES, and I WON'T be asking for 3,000 dollars a month.

I won't go through ALL of MW's recent tweets, but various ones stand out. Yesterday, MW tweeted, "Political correctness is the murder of the human spirit masquerading as politeness." Matthew Broadbent (@SPRAFFMJB) replied, "THAT is a good fucking tweet", to which MW replied, "You sound surprised." On the other hand, '@RosyMires' sarcastically replied, "Oh for the good old days when you could be horribly racist and call people queer...and people laughed." I am SQUIRMING on Rosy's behalf, she is going to be gutted when she finds out MorrisseysWorld is Morrissey.  For her own sake, I wish Rosy would do what she said she was going to do, and take herself AWAY from MorrisseysWorld. She tweeted to say that she was going to take the advice of the brilliant 'If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me', but unfortunately for Rosy, as I pointed out the other day, this is Moonie Heaven crossed with Hotel California, you can NEVER leave!

Rosy's reactions are no different to the reactions from SO many of the 'cool' Morrissey fans who decided VERY early on to dismiss MorrisseysWorld, and are too blinkered to review the evidence. A prime example of this is '@Emma_Hampton', who on 12 Sept 2011 tweeted, "(it's) insulting to Morrissey to say the blog's cheap humour is anything like his truly intelligent *real* writing style!" The reason I have stumbled upon this tweet, is because it was to one of the ORIGINAL MorrisseysWorlders, '@Jeane_Morrissey' (aka Jeane Moz) who has returned to twitter, having not tweeted since 6 October 2011.

Jeane is EITHER a Moz pessoa or PERHAPS it is Boz Boorer or Kristeen Young. Jeane was a MorrisseysWorlder WAY before I discovered it, and the account was ONLY ever used to publicise MW. I have been reading through 'her' tweets, and found the one form Emma. Jeane's reply was, "emma u don't know what intelligence is u just say it b/c it sounds cool. read first then comment.  or get lost. ur choice." Of course, the OTHER person Jeane COULD be, is Kevin Marinan, aka '@Banjaxer' aka WALTER EGO, the man EMPLOYED by Morrissey to, "do internet-based jobs for me, like repeatedly visiting my blog and posting links around the place." Kevin Marinan is also known as Kevin Marrinan, and has recently re-added the 'R' to his twitter account name. Now WHERE have I seen an 'R' hanging around? Oh yes, ADMIN GUY ON MORRISSEYSWORLD. *PENNY DROPS* It is my opinion that Kevin Mar(r)inan RUNS MORRISSEYSWORLD. He is OBVIOUSLY sworn to secrecy and plays his part BRILLIANTLY. Kevin Mar(r)inan, I salute you, a true MORRISSEYSWORLDER.

Other MW tweets from the last few days include one to '@thesimongoddard' saying, "I trust I'm in the new edition." Simon Goddard is the author of 'Mozipedia', the fans 'Morrissey Bible', but we have to presume at this stage that the new edition (out early next year) will have NO mention of MW, and will therefore be out of date straight away! Oh well, it gives him an excuse for ANOTHER update.

My favourite tweet of the week DOESN'T come from '@MW', but from the previously unheard of '@georgiatbhh', who yesterday tweeted, "My mom won't let me see morrissey or pulp what the fuck you fat slag why." There is SO much wrong with that tweet, and yet SO much right. There is hope for the youth yet! According to Georgia's profile, she is from Sheffield. I shall be moving there at once.

Finally on the Twitter front, a tweeter called '@msjulie73', who BLOCKED me months ago when I was 'promoting' MorrisseysWorld has tweeted, "I can't tell you how much I love finding out that Morrissey's new backdrop is TV's Batman and Robin (unmasked) HolyBackDrop." I just HAD to reply, "I can't tell you how much I will love you finding out MorrisseysWorld is Morrissey (unmasked) HolyBlueRose."

It would appear that I was mistaken yesterday, LizzyCat DOESN'T have a standing ticket EITHER, NONE OF THE 'BLUE ROSE SOCIETY' DO, so my original plan of us all meeting up, is out the window. My PLAN B was to dress my friend 'Big Mick' as Lil from Twin Peaks in a bright red dress, with a BLUE ROSE. I knew it wouldn't be easy getting a 6'3" 'outhouse' of a man to agree to this, but my powers of persuasion can be strong, I am quite a manipulator, so on Wednesday evening, I put the suggestion to 'Big Mick' with a fiar degree of confidence. He told me to "Fuck right off." Plan C is now needed.

*An apology - Yesterday's blog entry included me using the word 'there' instead of 'their'. This is obviously HIGHLY embarrassing, and I have now amended it. I just hope nobody noticed.*
*Further update - I have decided NOT to amend it, it shows I am human, and will act as a reminder of the pain I have suffered on this journey.*


  1. rat that is not the first time moz has done the ciggy routine.. maybe years of watching elsie tanner can corrupt a young mind and is mick your bodyguard

  2. or maybe it was the dreaded penguin

  3. I like your theory about Batman and Robin, and I think you're right about Moz singing about 'Bat' and 'Boy' at the end of EILS. Regarding the rose shirts in Florence, whether they were black or blue, the fact is that he wore two shirts covered with roses in one night, which seems like a rather obvious sign. Things definitely seem to be picking up momentum now - can't wait to see what happens next.

  4. Hello Rat, the "R" Theory is very brillant as all the things you use to write! It was a surprise discovering the identities of the new backdrop and I know the best will come in Manchester! Thank you, from the deep of my heart!

  5. LOL, sounds like your karaoke performance made quite an impression!


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