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Monday, 16 July 2012

Following the Mozziah Day 306 Monday July 16th 2012

I am SO glad that I don't own an iphone, because both MorrisseysWorld and twitter have taken over my life, and I fear I would be on the internet ALL day, EVERY day if I were able to access it. My friends (yes I do have one or two.....but definitely NOT three) don't understand why I still have an old brick of a phone, but I will continue to resist.
      Yesterday, I was able to 'check out' of MorrisseysWorld for a day, and enjoyed a lovely day watching cricket in Hastings. I had never been to Hastings before, but if EVER there was a seaside town that they forgot to bomb, it HAS to be Hastings, although by the state of their pier, perhaps they DIDN'T forget.


My kids have now finished school for the summer, so I MAY find some normality, COMPLETELY away from the internet, but having said that, with the Manchester concert coming up, that probably WON'T be the case. In fact, instead of doing things as a family, I will do what all modern parents do, I shall sit my children in front of the X-box, where they can shoot Nazi's all day, and if what I have read in the news is correct, it will be a similar experience to being at a Madonna concert. On second thoughts, NO parent could be as cruel as to make their children sit through ANYTHING resembling a Madonna concert, I shall have to have a rethink.

The only problem with being away from MorrisseysWorld, is that there is this absolute compulsion to catch up with what you've missed, so this morning, I plowed (ploughed?) through my twitter timeline to catch up. I also ploughed (plowed?) through Youtube to catch up on missed footage, which included 'Speedway' in Grado, which has Morrissey singing a cappella from T.Rex's 'There Was A Time' during the pause. He sings, "There was a time when everything was fine", before then adding "shut up."

On twitter, 'Our Mozzer' (@MorrisseysWorld) has had a fairly busy weekend, as he kicked his heels waiting for the next concert (tonight in Athens). He appeared to be in good spirits as he exchanged tweets with the masses, and took questions from the floor. '@Lizzycatmoz' asked, "Are you really S.P. Morrissey?" to which MW replied, "I'm not Morrissey but 74 of my followers are - without whom I would receive almost zero Twitter traffic. So thank you, Moz." Lizzy tweeted to say that she didn't understand, but I did. The 74 followers (a slight exaggeration) include all the many pessoa's (persona's) that Moz has created on twitter. We will NEVER know which of these characters are Morrissey, but there is no doubt that there are quite a number. And we also know that '@MorrisseysWorld' ISN'T Morrissey, it's 'Our Mozzer', parody Moz....there IS a difference, although sometimes the lines get blurred. Heather asked if Moz and Parody Moz had ever met, to which MW replied, "Parody Morrissey will be coming face to face with the true artiste in the next blog post on Now THAT, I can't wait to read. We haven't had any parody from Mozzer for ages, he must have been busy.

'@elizabethgoodw3' asked MW, "If you were Prime Minister what would be in your manifesto?" MW replied, "If I were DC: 1. ban animal testing 2. ban fur 3. discourage meat consumption 4. reduce immigration 5. award florists tax exempt status." Now if REAL Morrissey had released that tweet, the left wing press would have ONCE again been all over him for his views on immigration but interestingly enough, today it has been announced that the 2011 census of England and Wales, reveals population is up 3.7 million in the last decade, the largest growth since 1801. 55% of the increase is due to net immigration. Morrissey's views on immigration are ALWAYS misinterpreted, but the figures speak for themselves. This is NOTHING to do with race, this is to do with sustainable numbers in a small country. England CANNOT continue to let anybody and everybody just walk in and set up home. England is now EVERYBODY'S, and it owes them ALL a living.

Enough for today, in Morrissey terms, it looks like being a quiet news day. Tonight he plays the STUNNING Lycabettus Theatre in Athens, and '@GiaMGP' has tweeted to say, "Oh Athens, so much to answer for! I will be there, holding a blue rose for @MorrisseysWorld." The question is, will Gia offer it to Moz, and if so, will he take it?


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  1. The Athens venue is truly beautiful, what an amazing backdrop.
    I think we all agree with you Rats that Twitter and the MW blog can be a hard habit to break.
    ( Good title for a song ? ! )
    But it is great fun too.
    Please keep on doing what you do !


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