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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Following the Mozziah Day 309 Thursday July 19th 2012

The reason I re-issued, re-packaged and re-evaluated 'The History of Morrissey's Blue Rose Society' yesterday, was because on Tuesday evening, '@MorrisseysWorld' went into overdrive on twitter, and had hundreds of people tweeting . At one point there were so many people tweeting , it was in danger of trending, which would no doubt have horrified 'Our Mozzer', or would it only be 'Real Morrissey' that would be horrified?

There are now LOADS of followers with the BlueRoseSociety hash tag in their profiles, so we are no longer the 'Deluded Dozen.' I have started to follow all these new BLUE ROSE members, and my twitter timeline now has a completely new look to it. I can no longer see the likes of; Loughton Lil, HeatherCat, MancLad, LizzyCat, AirRaid, GOB, Romina et al in my timeline, as they have been swamped by the likes of; '@dobcrossdaz', '@EricaCalil' and '@bigbelbess'. The only problem is, I don't KNOW any of these people, and it feels a bit strange. Most of them have NO IDEA about the MorrisseysWord blog, and they keep tweeting things that are non Moz related. They haven't 'been on the journey', so I'm not sure I can continue like this, they may have to go.

It is well documented that the vast majority of Moz fans don't believe that MW is Morrissey, mainly on the reasoning that 'MORRISSEY WOULD NEVER DO THAT', and this latest  tweet rampage will, in their minds, add even more strength to their argument, after all, the 'Real Morrissey' would NEVER want to be a member of a club. Of course, the irony of it all is lost on these people, which is just as well, because NOBODY would want a 'vast majority' acceptance, but 'is it really so strange' that Morrissey (whether real or parody) would be interested in forming 'BLUE ROSE SOCIETY'? 

History shows us that Morrissey was a founder member of The Cramps fan club, called 'The Legion of the Cramped', and was allegedly the PRESIDENT of the UK section of the NEW YORK DOLLS fan club, although HOW he achieved such a high position of office is unknown. Add to this the fact that Oscar Wilde formed his 'GREEN CARNATION SOCIETY' and I think that it is perfectly reasonable that Morrissey would LOVE the idea of 'BLUE ROSE'. The only thing that Morrissey probably IS asking himself is 'WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING ON TWITTER?', but we're ALL asking that very same question of ourselves. Actually, I'm on it because he's on it, but I doubt he can use the same excuse!

A tweet yesterday from '@MorrisseysWorld' probably sums it up best, he said, "People tell me I live a chosen aloneness, yet being alone is the last thing I want. I want to be with people who do not exist." As '@LoughtonLil' responded, "If you're looking for people who don't exist, the Twitterdilly Arms is the perfect watering-hole for you." Morrissey is never more at home, than when he is among lost souls, and luckily for him, that's EVERY night he's on stage, and now EVERY time he wishes to enter the interweb's NUMBER 1 MORRISSEY THEME PUB. *Did I REALLY just write that?*

Former MW believer '@Its_Only_Me_K' tweeted 'Our Mozzer' earlier today to say, "I can't believe Morrissey hasn't demanded you to have your twitter account removed", to which MW answered, "Morrissey will never ask for this account to be closed down. I told you this back on day one." WHAT DOES THAT STATEMENT TELL YOU? WHAT DO ALL THE 'OFFICIAL' DENIALS TELL YOU? WHEN WILL THE 'VAST MAJORITY' OPEN THEIR EYES? Hopefully NEVER!

And the outcome of 'Our Mozzer's'  recruitment drive? His follower numbers FELL to 8,404.....You couldn't make this up! has reported that Morrissey's concert in the Lycabettus Arena in Athens, BROKE an attendance record, which was previously held by Radiohead. My immediate response to this was WOW, old Mozzer is STILL the number one ticket in town, but guess what old UncleSkinny's take was over at 'Cesspit Central'?  He said, "There's a real sub-text to this statement, a frantic waving of hands saying "I'm still current, I'm still packing 'em in." Can ANYBODY explain WHY this man runs a so called Morrissey fan site? WHY? It beggars belief. The So-lowers turned on Skinny and he showed his true colours by saying, "So it's OK to slag me and David off but not Morrissey?" Enough said.


  1. Good point about Our Mozzer being the Prez of the New York Dolls Fan Club. Seems to me the only way he'll partake in this sort of thing would be if He was in charge, which he is I'm sure despite recent facebook comments saying both MW and DragBoz are fake. I'm too sure that they're indeed real.

  2. Hello Rat, good point for me to! For what I know Morrissey, in the past, was a very passionate writer, he used to have pen pals, managed fans club, and wrote a lot of letters to music magazines in times when there was'nt internet. So why, by now, does he refuse any kind of social network? We all know that he got no record deal and this means no strong press agent, or maybe no press office at all, how could he ignore the power of internet? Have a nice week end Rat! P.S. I don't know Morrissey and I can't say what he could, should, would...How can they say it? Only the one who knows the "real" author could say: He's not Morrissey! Do they know him?


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