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Monday, 9 July 2012

Gianni Santoro Interview with Morrissey

Morrissey has recently given an interview to Gianni Santoro, and it has been published in Rome in XL Repubblica. It is not available online, but Romina Ricci has translated as follows:

1) Are you happy to come back in Rome? M." Yes, very much, by now I got skate and hula hope! I'm hoping it's not beeing embarassing!"
2)The last time,in February 2006, you were searching for home in Rome, what's happened? M."I stayed in an hotel and then the bill was more expensive than the budget for building the same hotel!"
3)You said that the Disco's Company don't want you. Is this so meaningfull? M."Today is this meaningfull?! Music is marketing. The L.P. are peaised just for one good song. People like me are strange. Or we sing, or we die!"
4) Is redy your new L.P.? M."Since a lot of time and it's old yet. I don't belive it will be published. But I will never know. It would be possible that someone could have pity of me and give me a little piece of bread."
5) Never a duet with Patty Smith or Lou Red, but you are friends, why? M." they got very high standards."
6)You are moaning about fake account on social network. Why don't you open an official one to communicating? M." People use to listen my words to much. The update as: I'm wake, up dressed up,
had breakfast, falled down, it makes people more ridicoulous than they are in fact. I use to send a statement on True to, no social network, they are against social.
7) There is a point that you asked me for no debating: Smith. Tell me: Beach Boys, Nlack Sabbath, Stone Roses, Suede...sometimes is the reniunion something good?M"After the marriage to divircing is unavoidable, and you'll never marry again!"
8)What do weare waiting for about your autobiography?M" I spnt more time to talking about it than to writing about. The innocent will have their name and the guilty will be protected. My life is not a short novel, it will be includeded in an horror category."
9)There'll be a chapter about your love affair?M" Yes, it will be the shorter one and with no pictures."
10)We all saw your picture with Gaga. You were looking like toughtfull. M" I always look toughtfull. She asked me to visit her and I accepted and she was very nice, but I still don't understand what kind of face she could have. I think she could have a different nose for each day."
11) Want you say somthing else to the world? M"Yes, in England the freedom to speak does'nt exist. I do belive it's time to approach the question. Welcome back to 1939"

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