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Thursday, 5 July 2012

The History of Morrissey's Blue Rose Society


It is well documented that Oscar Wilde and his followers wore 'Green Carnations', although when asked what it signified, Wilde would reply, "Nothing whatever, but that is just what nobody will guess." In homage to Wilde, the mysterious website 'MorrisseysWorld', has asked Morrissey fans to take either; red, white or blue roses to Morrissey concerts. Both 'Green Carnations' and 'Blue Roses' are unnatural flowers, and blue roses represent unrequited love. Red and white roses were a recurring motif in Wilde's work. Here is a brief history of Morrissey's 'Blue Rose Society' :

On August 22nd 2011, the website, which a number of Morrissey fans believe is run by Morrissey himself, asked for fans attending the concerts on the USA tour, to wear either a single red rose or a single white rose.

On September 1st 2011, this request was re-iterated and it was stated that it was in honour of Oscar Wilde, because of the roses being a recurring motif in Wilde's work. It was also stated that Wilde lives on today in the artiste Morrissey. 

On November 4th 2011, the MorrisseysWorld website explained that the 'Secret Rose Society' was to mirror Oscar Wilde's 'Green Carnation', a secret society formed by Oscar Wilde for his followers, who wore green carnations to his performances without anybody knowing why. 

On November 14th 2011, Morrissey's tour of the USA and Mexico got underway, with a concert in San Antonio, Texas. It was reported that a small number of the audience wore roses.

On November 28th 2011, at Morrissey's concert in Pomona, at the end of  'Everyday is Like Sunday', Morrissey 'received' a RED ROSE from a member of the audience. He sniffed it, and then jokingly tossed it away. (See here: ).

There were a number of other concerts played on the US and Mexican tour, and at various concerts, some members of the audience wore white or red roses, but NONE were actually handed to Morrissey.

In February 2012, the MorrisseysWorld website announced for the first time that the secret society would be known as the 'Blue Rose Society'. 

On February 24th 2012, Morrissey started his tour of South America and again, the MorrisseysWorld website gave instruction for fans to wear a red rose or a white rose, and also instructed fans to THROW THEIR ROSES ONTO THE STAGE.

  Two concerts were played in Chile, four in Argentina, three in Brazil and one in Peru, but although a few South American fans promised on twitter to take roses, NONE were handed to Morrissey on stage. 

On March 17th 2012, on the very last day of Morrissey's South American tour, in Bogota, Columbia, Morrissey 'plucked' a WHITE ROSE from a member of the audience during the song 'You Have Killed Me' (Video footage here: ). Under the red lighting, the rose looked red, thus confirming a prophecy on MorrisseysWorld, which said the white rose would turn red when the blood runs (the 'blood runs' being the song 'You Have Killed Me'). The prophecy from October 2011 can be read here:

On April 10th 2012, the MorrisseysWorld blogsite pledged that Morrissey would appear with a BLUE ROSE before 2012 was out.

On April 19th 2012, Morrissey embarked on the Asian leg of his World tour. Many flowers were taken to the concerts in Japan (evidence here: ) but mainly gladioli, so Morrissey ignored them. HE WANTS ROSES. Morrissey DID take a flower in Nagoya on May 2nd (, but having looked at it, he gave it away. It WASN'T a rose!

On May 3rd 2012, at the final concert of the Japanese tour, in 'Ebisu Garden Hall' Tokyo, the FIRST BLUE ROSE was taken to a Morrissey concert by twitter user '@Tokyo_Katie', but she was too far away to give it to Morrissey. (Here is her photo:

On May 8th 2012, at the concert in Singapore, at Fort Canning Park, the SECOND BLUE ROSE was taken to a Morrissey concert by long time MorrisseysWorld follower, '@MancLadMozFan'. It had been well documented via twitter that Manclad was taking a BLUE ROSE, and even '@BozBoorer' had  tweeted to say, "We're looking forward to Manclad in Singapore."
   At the end of the last song, 'Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me', Morrissey went over to where Manclad was standing, but unfortunately Manclad had LOST the rose during the concert. If you watch the youtube footage for 'Last Night I Dreamt', you can see Morrissey go over to Manclad (3 mins 45 seconds in), LOOK DIRECTLY AT HIM, AND PUT HIS HAND OUT. When NO ROSE is forthcoming, Morrissey looks to the sky, mock horrified and then walks to the other end of the stage, before RETURNING to Manclad (4 mins 11 seconds), AND SHRUGGING HIS SHOULDERS, before walking off stage! ( See here:

On May 19th 2012, the MorrisseysWorld website asked concert goers to take a single white, red or blue rose. It also stated that if you get into the front row, Morrissey might receive your rose.

On May 22nd 2012, at Morrissey's birthday concert in San Diego, Morrissey took to the stage in a red shirt that was covered in roses. A number of MorrisseysWorld followers took BLUE ROSES to the concert, but they were unable to get close enough to hand them to him. Morrissey's tour ended a few days later.

@JJazmineMoz takes blue rose to San Diego
                                                A Blue Rose in San Diego

Morrissey has NEVER received a BLUE ROSE on stage, but IT IS OBVIOUS from Morrissey's acceptance of the red and white roses, that he WANTS A BLUE ROSE. Morrissey's tour gets back on the road on July 5th in Belgium, and Morrissey will play a total of twelve dates in Europe. This will be followed by a thirty five date tour in the USA starting in October. The word is now getting around that MORRISSEY WANTS ROSES, but WHEN will he be given the first BLUE ROSE?

MORRISSEY WANTS ROSES: RED, WHITE, and especially BLUE. Followers of Morrissey should wear either a red, white, or blue rose to his concerts, and if close enough, throw it to the stage. If not close enough, just wear your rose with pride, to show your appreciation of Morrissey, the 'Real and Proper Poet Laureate'.

Morrissey The Real And Proper Poet Laureate (2)

It has also been said, that the song 'TROUBLE LOVES ME' is the song of the BLUE ROSE SOCIETY, as it is an anagram 'LOVE MT BLUE ROSE'. 'Trouble Loves Me' has not been performed by Morrissey since 2006, so will he sing it before 2012 is out, thus signaling his approval of the BLUE ROSE SOCIETY? Time, as ever, will tell.

  The History Of MorrisseysWorld:

#BlueRose  'OO' 


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