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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Day 339 - Chats With Our Mozzer

On the evenings of Thursday August 9th, Friday 10th and Sunday 12th, Morrissey1959 entered the chat room of the MorrisseysWorld blogsite. I was on hand on the Thursday, and took a few notes. I wasn't around on the other two nights, but notes were taken by Heather Cat. Here is a brief summary of some of 'Our Mozzers' quotes:


- " I wrote every article (on the blog), even the awful ones."
-  "irony is important to any artiste."
-  "I stumble and fall through this life, I can't help playing easy to get. Of course it makes no sense for us to communicate through this mundane medium - each word lacks vitality and the caressing thump of the singing voice, like strawberries without cream, velvet sans slap, or David Showie minus his make-up. All I have in my soul to give I transmit willingly through song, whether on record or on stage. This leaves me bereft."

- "My life is merely a shadow. When I cry, the tears are those shed by Nico, like dead freesia petals falling to a concrete floor - frozen spring blossom of malcontent which was her rendition of 'Sunday Morning.' When I laugh it is an echo of Jimmy Clitheroe filtered through the mind-warping prism of Wilde's rapacious wit and mesmeric insight. From a certain point of view I do not exist at all, I am a trick of the light, a hoped-for poetic uncle, a child crying for attention in a world where  time is money and money is the only constant. The drip, drip, drip of marketing, the glad rattle of the corporate cash register, the endless round of interviews and conferences. These things slowly kill me, I know you understand. I know it."

- "Don't you think this has been the most incredibly intimate experience? Ourselves against the world. In fact, we are so disenfranchised, the world doesn't care enough to fight us - they simply ignore us."

- "Rat, I would be keen to see your blog continue, but somehow know it won't."

- 'mmedestaelghost' asked, "What was your favourite moment in the last year?" Morrissey replied, "Good question. It was: 1. Istanbul 2. Key to Tel Aviv 3. Reading SmallBoyJokes' comment today 4. Writing essay on the beginnings 5. Meeting an old friend for tea in Rome."

- Heather Cat asked, "Was there anything of note about Istanbul that we missed?" Morrissey replied, "You missed me shed a tear." SURELY, this HAS to have something to do with him holding 7 year old Carla on stage, but there is still NO Youtube footage of this moment, or indeed any other footage that shows a weeping Moz....or IS there?

- "My only ambitions are: to play cricket with the Rat at Shanklin Village; and to appear with a blue rose."

- "If this chat room became the home for all of you, I'd be thrilled. It's more personal than twitter. twitter is the kitchen, the blog is the sitting room and this is the bedroom."

- "The longest observer of the blog, the one who found it first - Simon Fuller." Is this REALLY true, or a Moz windup?

- Morrissey claimed that he had just one other twitter account and that he was just one other person on the blog. He said, "I am paulyoungmozfan and on the blog I am helena NS." I always suspected that he was both Paul Young and Helena Noble-Squire, but they are DEFINITELY NOT the ONLY other names Moz uses.

- "R is someone fairly famous. The truth will all emerge and of course nobody will believe it."

- "Sarah: 'And we always say to our candidates, don't worry, there's always something out there...even if it's the X Factor.' "

- "I am a fraud. There is no satisfaction in being 'the fake Mozza'. I am your Mozzer."


Items of note mentioned by Our Mozzer in the MW chatroom on August 10th & 12th:

- Not planning to release autobiography until 2015, so that it will cover his entire career 

- Probably will resurrect the Attack label for new album. There's two albums worth of new material. People Are the Same will probably be a B-side.

- We've already been told that the upcoming US tour will be the 'ironic t-shirt tour' -COSH is just the beginning :)

-The True Artiste didn't wear a blue rose because he didn't want the blog to remain open. However, there's still hope for blue rose to be fulfilled (not for the purpose of re-opening the blog). The blue rose must be delivered ON STAGE (he tried to hint at this previously).

- He chose to cover 'To Give is the Reason I Live' because of Bans & Ejections Committee blog post, when he explains to Mikey the reason why he gave nothing.

- He said virtually everything he does comes from the blog: Boz in drag, finger lingerie, etc.

-He solved the debate about whether he sang 'I'm just a poor lonely bat' or 'I'm just a poor lonely rat' -he sang 'rat!' He said to notice the smirk on his face afterwards.

- He touched on Freemasonry and the fact that it's so pervasive in the music industry, it's difficult to have a successful career if you choose not to join.

- Favorite songs to sing: Paint a Vulgar Picture (which he said is due to be sung soon), November, Everyday is Like Sunday, There is a Light. First of the Gang is his favorite lyrically.

- Favorite music videos: Last of the Famous International Playboys, My Love Life, Stop Me, You Have Killed Me, The More You Ignore Me

This is not intended to be a complete summary of the chats, just the main points of interest. If I have overlooked something important, or didn't report something accurately, please leave a comment. It was such a privilege to have Our Mozzer join us for these chats, and now with the news of another interview coming, the pleasure and privilege continues. Heather

NOTE FROM RAT - Thanks to Heather for these notes, although why you Americans continue to leave out the letter 'u' from words like 'favourite' is bemusing, and frankly, just plain lazy. Morrissey would never do it, so you shouldn't either. It is time for the Americans to just say NO to their teachers, and INSIST on using the English language in the way it was devised. If we'd wanted to spell favourite without a u, we would have. Thank you.


  1. NOTE TO RAT - I'm sorry that American spellings disturb you, but it's time for you to accept the fact that they have been valid and official since the 19th century. It's not our fault that Noah Webster chose to alter some of the English spellings. If this is truly unacceptable to you, I think you have no choice but to take it up with Mr. Webster beyond the grave.

    Regarding the chats, thank you for transcribing the wonderful quotes from Thursday. There are some real gems there.

  2. And as JG said commented during the last chat room session with Our Mozzer: "And so they sat at the Master's feet as he regaled them with tales of loneliness, tour diaries, drag artists and fake t-shirts."

    The pleasure, the privilege was all ours. Thank you!

  3. Well said Heather, of course you should use American spellings !

    Many thanks to Rats and Heather for transcribing the chats.

    I was part of the first chat only and it was a very emotional
    and special experience. Everyone partaking seemed to be part
    of a wonderful cocoon. Communicating with Morrissey1959 in this
    way moved me to tears. A very special and intimate evening.
    Thank you all for this special memory.

    1. Wonderful description of the chat room experience, Lizzy. I was also moved to tears during one of the chats. Many thanks to Our Mozzer for this very special experience.

  4. Thank you Heather for your kind words !

    I have also remembered that Morrissey 1959 gave his recipe for making coffee whilst ' chatting.'

    2/3 hot water and 1/3 cold water because coffee should not
    be taken ' hot. '

  5. Haha concerning the spelling differences. Why quibble over trifles? :)

  6. "1. Istanbul 2. Key to Tel Aviv 3. Reading SmallBoyJokes' comment today"

    Awwww. I'm speechless. Almost.

    My favourite moments this year:

    1. Italy 2. Edinburgh 3. Reading Our Mozzer's comment on my comment


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