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Monday, 6 August 2012

Day 327 - Monday August 6th 2012

The Youtube footage from Istanbul has not been particularly helpful in finding MorrisseysWorld's 'missed clue', but luckily I have been helped out by somebody who was there. Twitter user Nila T (@nila_29) posted the following comment on my blog entry of yesterday:

Nila Tony6 August 2012 12:50

I was at the Istanbul gig and yes the audience's reaction was incredible,I thought the whole thing was quite intense and emotional at least for someone like me who has been a Morrissey fan for 27 years.... @morrisseysworld tweeted 'Istanbul' 10 days after the concert when I asked when/if he would come to Istanbul again. The only thing that I thought was significant was that the night before the concert ,Wednesday 18th-19th July he tweeted "I feel quite alone this evening" and there was another tweet about "being alone"-I assume that he was in his hotel in Istanbul at that point- then during the concert on Thursday evening he said something like "last night when I was (or felt) all alone in my cold hotel room". Now,I may just be paranoid and this may well be a coincidence,but my intuition tells me it wasn't.


I think Nila has got it spot on, but we only have her word for it of course!

I had to chuckle to myself as I once again looked at the above photo of Moz getting the key to the city of Tel Aviv. That BLUE ROSE tie is so out of place, it is hilarious.

MorrisseysWorld has again gone quiet but I am pleased to announce that Rosy Mires (@RosyMires - pronounced Mirez) is back in the fold. She won't commit 100%, but as all the coincidences and signs keep coming, she has had to admit that Moz MUST be involved in some way. Stuart Kirk (@southkirk) has also jumped onboard, but the great flower loser MancLad (@mancladmozfan) has decided to slip away from twitter, and has asked admin guy on the MW blog to delete all his emails. God only knows what he's been emailing.

Manclad will be back, as I've said before, you can check out any time you want, but you can never leave. We all get a little weary from time to time, but NONE of us can leave it alone. There is definitely a lull and lack of enthusiasm among the BLUE ROSE SOCIETY, but that is inevitable as the tour is now over. I also think that many people hoped that all would be revealed at Manchester, but that would have been FAR too obvious, and VERY un-Mozean. It is almost as though we have all entered a summer recess, and I too will blog less often over the next month or so.

In all the recent excitement of the new parody article and TTY statement, I haven't mentioned the news that Moz has a new drummer. Moz has a new drummer. I'm afraid it doesn't get anymore exciting than that for me where musicians are concerned. God knows when they found him though.

Talking of the new parody article, I have today been re-reading it, and one particular exchange between Morrissey and Mikey Bracewell has had me in stitches. The two of them are discussing what to do with the blog, when Bracewell says:
"How about wearing a blue rose tonight, Morr-ee-say, and then simply deleting the blog and twitter so the entire world regrets forever its decision not to get on board with MorrisseysWorld?"

Morrissey replies:
"That's too predictable - almost expected. No, we need something more oblique."


Bracewell then suggests doing nothing, to which Morrissey replies:

"That would be too enigmatic, Mikey. You see, in order to generate 'enigmatic otherness' factor, at least in this industry, one sometimes has to do the run-of-the-mill." He goes on to say: "one is expected to do the unexpected and therefore doing the mundane can be all the more 'mesmeric', as long as it's not 'too' obvious, like your previous suggestion."

Not only is this incredibly clever writing, but I imagine it is EXACTLY how Morrissey's mind works when it comes to MorrisseysWorld. I am sure that when he started the blog, he had NO IDEA where it would go, and now it is almost a challenge to himself to keep the mystique going for as long as possible. He CONTINUES to give clues and signs, but at the same time is trying to second guess what will happen with each move. I wouldn't be surprised if Morrissey considered singing 'Trouble Loves Me' at Manchester, but it almost became too expected, just like wearing the blue rose in Edinburgh.

I am convinced that the blue rose, and indeed 'Trouble Loves Me' WILL appear sometime, but when least expected, although to counteract that, our ever contrary Moz may of course decide to throw them in when they ARE expected! I now have no idea as to what IS or ISN'T expected, in which case, he can't go wrong!

Michael Bracewell The Space Between

'The Space Between' by Michael Bracewell is a new book published by Bracewell is fifty four tomorrow, Happy Birthday Mikey.


  1. I was also highly amused by that exchange in the parody article. I think Moz is doing a splendid job of maintaining the mystique and finding the right balance. If things were too obvious and expected, it would take all the fun away.

  2. Very interesting about the Istanbul concert, I remember tweeting
    Moz when he mentioned feeling alone that night.
    I agree that Our Moz would not do ANYTHING obvious,
    rather the reverse !
    Here is a link to the new drummer who is also a vocalist !
    I miss Moz on Twitter, but he deserves the break.
    I wonder what our Manc has done now ? Miss him too !

    1. I've seen the Bravery quite a few times - good band. I would imagine that their drummer will fit well with Moz's boys, although I can't imagine it's a permanent appointment - the Bravery lads go back too far together.

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