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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Day 330 - Thursday August 9th 2012

'Our Mozzer' has posted his final blog entry, and it is a beautiful piece of writing. He has also made his final appearance in The Twitterdilly Arms, tweeting his thanks and then his final farewell to the BLUE ROSE SOCIETY. Morrissey1959 then appeared in the MorrisseysWorld chatroom to have a final chat with the old gang.

The Mozziah's final curtain will mark my exit too. If he is no longer among us, I have NO Mozziah to follow, and therefore no blog to write. 'Our Mozzer' has promised one more parody piece before disappearing, so I will report on that, and no doubt I will reappear from time to time with Moz related observations, and who knows, perhaps one day he'll return.

It would appear that Morrissey decided against MorrisseysWorld replacing Solow, he probably just couldn't be bothered. His final blog article tends to suggest that he is probably annoyed at himself for having ever started his blog and twitter account. The article is a conclusion to the piece from yesterday, and in it, Morrissey goes on to explain that "technology is the plughole through which our humanity pours like used bathwater." His final words are "Cast aside technology and embrace solitude; embrace yourself." If I can't 'Follow the Mozziah', then I will at least attempt to follow his lead.

MorrisseysWorld has been a phenomenon, and one of Our Mozzers final tweets was to say, "when you read details of the autobiography, you WILL laugh." It MUST be called 'Morrissey's World', it just HAS to be.

R.I.P MorrisseysWorld.....nearly, and VIVA BLUE ROSE SOCIETY - It's only just begun.


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  2. Thanks again for writing all of your blog, Ratty. MW wouldn't have been the same without you! I will be sad to see you go as well but also very glad we met in person! Vive la Blue Rose indeed!

    *walks off sobbing*

  3. It's been quite a trip. I've followed all this through reckless and regretful depression and out the other side and Ratty, you've been a constant and helped to anchor me back to Our Mozzer and find a little sanity and perspective.


  4. Should I still take a Blue Rose? This recent departure has me a little discouraged.

  5. I, too, salute you for the time and effort contained in your blogs.

    I hope that you will appear from time to time like Our Mozzer.

    It has been a wonderful journey, many thanks to you both xx

    Yes take the blue rose Morrizzy.


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