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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Day 336 - Wednesday August 15th 2012

I had no intention of blogging today, as I was due to watch cricket at the beautiful Hursley Park, but as usual it has tipped down with rain, and the match has been called off. I have just arrived home, and despite the cricket being off, I STILL had no intention of writing anything, but I have just read the comments left on my blog entry of yesterday, and one of the comments is from Morrissey himself, inviting me to interview him. Now there is no way I would miss an opportunity like that, so here I am, back again, questions at the ready.

Morrissey also invited others to ask questions, but it would appear that not many people have been back to read the comments section of my blog, so there are only three other questions, which I will inject into the interview. Also in the comments section of yesterday, Heather Cat posted some of the 'highlights' from Morrissey's chatroom chats of August 10th and 12th. I still have some notes from the MorrisseysWorld chatroom chat of August 9th, so at some stage over the next few days, I will put all these notes together and post some sort of blog entry.

So, here goes, my SECOND exclusive 'Following The Mozziah' interview with Morrissey. Hopefully he will reply in the comments section, as he did on Thursday May 17th, and I will repost the interview in full as a new blog entry, and then return to twitter to post it to the fans.

TRB: The last time we had one of our intimate little chats like this, you chose to answer my question about the NME court case via True To You, which then subsequently disappeared. Did you get into trouble with your lawyers for posting it there?

TRB: You have so far remained tight lipped on the whole NME affair. Why did you decide NOT to proceed with the case, and were you happy with the outcome?

TRB: One thing you haven't been so tight lipped about is the Olympic games, saying you were unable to watch "due to the blistering jingoism". How did you feel seeing your friend Russell Brand perform (and yes I think that is the correct word in the circumstances) at the closing ceremony?

TRB: Speaking of the Olympics, can you clear up the mystery surrounding the use of 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out' in the opening ceremony? It was clearly listed in the programme.

TRB: Now let's get on to three subjects that most of your fans are really interested in; records, book and tour. Firstly, you have recently hinted that you may be releasing your next album back on the Attack record label, is there any news yet?

TRB: Secondly, your autobiography was earmarked for an end of 2012 release, and then you mentioned 2013, and NOW you are talking about 2015. What are your current thoughts with the book, and what do your publishers advise?

TRB: Thirdly, you are going to be embarking on a thirty five date US tour in October, are we likely to see you touring the UK next year?

TRB: In the past year, you have accepted a red and a white rose on stage, but thus far you have NOT accepted a BLUE ROSE. Are you waiting for somebody to actually make it on to the stage with the rose between their teeth?

TRB: The whole idea of your 'Blue Rose Society' in honour of Oscar Wilde's 'Green Carnation' is a brilliant idea. Oscar is said to have worn a green carnation at his performances, so will we eventually see you regularly wearing a blue rose at your shows?

TRB: As I mentioned Oscar Wilde, this is probably a good time to bring in a question from 'fancy123', who asks: "I know you like Oscar Wilde, are there any modern authors you enjoy to read? What type of genre do you read or does it change depending on your mood? Are you currently reading anything?"

TRB: Going back to the subject of shows, it would appear that you have personally hand picked a vast number of iconic venues throughout the world to sing in. In London alone you have played The Royal Albert Hall, Wembley Arena, The Palladium, Earls Court, Alexandra Palace, The Festival Theatre etc etc. Firstly, are there any venues/festivals that are still on your 'to play' list, and if so, what ones, and secondly, can you name the ten venues/festivals throughout the world that have given you the greatest pleasure to sing in? (Don't stop at ten if you fancy listing the whole lot)

TRB: Do you pinch yourself when you think of all these fantastic places you've played in, or were they lucky to have you?

TRB: 'Lizzycatmoz' asks: "What is your proudest achievement, personally or professionally?"

TRB: I was going to ask a question about The Smiths, but I have lost all interest in a re-union, and in fact I personally hope it never happens, so instead, let's talk about your relationship with the beautiful Boz Boorer/Gaynor Tension. I have read in an interview today, that Boz says, "Life with Morrissey is at times very hectic and crazy. You live intensely with each other, almost as a married couple." Do you see your relationship as a marriage, or is Boz just fantasising?

TRB: 'SmallBoyJokesAndLoadedGuns' asks: "Dear Moz, I'd like to know how old you really are in your head? Multiple answers accepted, of course."

TRB: Finally, may I thank you in advance for answering the questions, I hope they find you in one of your open and candid moods. Please feel free to throw in an exclusive, and were you serious about playing a game of cricket, and if so, are you free Sunday?


  1. Poor SmallBoyJokes is still in hospital after her little 'mishap' during the chat room session. If you read this. Hope you get better soon! Didn't realise it was that serious! No more drinking and chatting for you then...

    1. It wasn't REALLY serious, just a very deep cut.. was released today and everything is fine. Well except that Our Dear Mozzer is still gone...

  2. really great questions Rat!
    looking forward to the answers
    I love that your blog is a communication tool!

    I've put my Manchester pics up:

    1. Thanks so much for posting this. I love the interactive blog experience, it's almost as good as being there.

  3. I am thrilled that you are continuing with your blog Rat albeit on and off and also acting as a conduit between us and Morrissey.

    Many thanks to you and Mr M, I am greatly looking forward
    to his replies to the questions.

  4. Fantastic questions everyone, these will be interesting to read I'm especially interested in the Blue Rose question, i doubt i have the gusto to make it on stage. I think he doesn't know how brutal the pit gets let alone the fear of burley security guards at the ready to take any stage invader down. I took a dozen last time. This time I'll get long stemmed ones. De-thorned by yours truely.
    Thanks for the birthday tweets everyone! Made my day :)

    1. I agree Jaz, I'm wondering if Our Mozzer has any words of advice for those of us who will be faced with attempting this arduous task.

  5. Just thought of another question: Where do you call 'home' nowadays?

    Thank you!

  6. bloody hell, i go awol for a day or two and miss the Q&A session, if its not too late rat, can you find out where my box of chocolate eclairs are.. ok, it was never agreed as a bona fide payment, but in my little head it was..

  7. Were my questions THAT dull? Oh well enough said!


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