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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Day 346 Saturday August 25th 2012

Yesterday morning, regular MorrisseysWorlder, Girl On Bike (GOB), left a comment on my blog saying that the MorrisseysWorld chat room was still up and running, with an address of:$0.

Early yesterday evening, I decided to pay the chat room a visit. It was empty, so I left a message, and then my internet connection dropped out (it's doing that a lot lately, I think I may need a better router/modem thingy). I fired it back up, and popped back to the empty little room, where I found Morrissey1959, just sitting there, minding his own business. Here are the 'highlights' (?) of our brief conversation:

Morrissey1959I smell a rat. We could do a spontaneous interview using this forum sometime in the distant future.

TheRatsBackWhat happened to the last interview?

Morrissey1959Oh it will be completed. I have been rather busy, you know; this and that; a bit of the other; many hours of languid boredom.

TheRatsBackDo you WANT to be bored?

Morrissey1959Boredom is the only thing which truly makes us interesting

TheRatsBackBoredom depresses me

Morrissey1959You must spend much of the cricket season scraping yourself off the linoleum

TheRatsBack I live for the cricket season....truly. You must live for the stage

Morrissey1959On stage I am superhuman and off stage I am less than human. It's a shame one spends most of one's life off stage. I wonder why the MWers and the ConMorrissey Theorists don't spend more time here. This little chat room is quite the best chat room on the interweb

TheRatsBackI like it here, can I stay?

Morrissey1959I know you're scribbling down this little interview for your delightfully obscure blog thing; to thrill the few and bore the masses. You will find an interview on your blog in a short while. If I could post a parody piece on your blog, well,  then I might.

TheRatsBackPlease do, the crowd would go wild.

And with that, he was gone. I love the fact that he used the word linoleum, NOBODY has lino they? So now, I continue to wait for the interview.


  1. i miss all the action, clearly i have no middle name.. still playing croquet i see rat, how's the handicap, or is that a different game altogether

  2. Great news about the imminent interview answers. We were worried that we might never hear from Our Mozzer again. And a parody piece would be truly thrilling, we'd be honored if Mozzer would consider doing that. Regarding his comment about the chatroom, he mentioned the same in a previous chat, that he would like us to spend more time there. I love his comments about being on stage and off stage - a classic Mozzer statement.

    1. In light of Lizzy's and GOB's comments below, I should add that, while it's wonderful that Our Mozzer feels superhuman on stage, I'm truly sorry that he feels less than human the rest of the time. Some of us can identify with that feeling. I hope there might be a slight possibility that knowing we care might help in some small way.

  3. How lovely that Our Mozzer is still around and available via
    the chat room ( although I always miss him )
    Perhaps there could be an audible alert when he enters the
    chat room so that we can be available ?

    Who else would use the word linoleum instead of lino ?

    Please write a parody piece Morrissey1959, or indeed anything !

    I miss you on Twitter and I truly hope that you are happy.

    There are many people who care about you.

  4. Wasn't Our Mozzer going to publish one last parody on the blog and never did? It would be great if he published it here!

    I also want to echo what Lizzycat has been saying. You've sounded a bit down lately and hope you are ok. There might not be many regulars here, but we do care a lot about you!

  5. Indeed, GOB. I rarely talk but I'm often hanging around somewhere here, waiting for Our Mozzer to enlighten us. Or to rudely and randomly insult crappy celebrities.

    Also thanks to TRB for giving us a home while MW is on vacation. Please keep blogging from time to time.

    1. Looks like the Twitterdilly Arms has relocated!

  6. Good to know that our Mozzer is still around. I too send my love & kind regards.I hope you are able kick back & try to relax for a while Moz.

    God I so agree about the linoleum, just as Moz says lavatory. So quaint & delightful. For some reason it takes me back to sitting with my Nan in the 'Parlour' as a child.

    Happy to see you back blogging as well rat!

  7. Had a pleasant afternoon as Moz was in chat room and on twitter for several hours. First time I actually got to talk to him for any length of time AIR was also in there as were a few new commers 2 of which gluegun and seasick may be stopping in the Arms after we mentioned it and your blog. Moz gave us some of his astute observations, a few of which you can find amongst his tweets, the others were about getting older, performing his tour, Southpaw, and answers to questions we asked. As I said it was all very enjoyable.


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