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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Day 351 Thursday August 30th 2012

I am holed up in a hotel in Loughborough with absolutely NOTHING to do. The hotel is bland, the outlook is bland. The weather is bland. My word of the day is......well, you get the picture.


The MorrisseysWorld blog thingy has reappeared, but all the old content is still missing. There are just the last two articles from earlier this month, and the chat room (The Worlds End) is still there, although none of the regulars seem to be using it much. Our Mozzer does however, seem to be back in full swing on twitter. I can only guess that he is bored, but then again, if I were to say he were bored, he would say he is not bored, and anyway, how can anybody possibly know how he feels?

Since returning to twitter 5 days ago, Mozzer has had a go at a whole host of people, and covered many topics. He continues to deny that he is the REAL Morrissey, but then drops in the odd tweet to prove that he is. A perfect example of this is a tweet from Aug 25th which read, "Following on from my lead, I would like to suggest Tony Bliar registers a Tony Blair parody account and simply tells the truth!" This is Moz ADMITTING that he is tweeting as 'Parody Moz'. However, a tweet from our old friend Banjaxer, which Moz then retweeted, read, "Is @MorrisseysWorld the real @MorrisseysWorld or is it Morrissey pretending to be @MorrisseysWorld." This implies that '@MorrisseysWorld' ISN'T the REAL Morrissey, but the REAL Morrissey DOES have access to the '@MorrisseysWorld' twitter account, and sometimes PRETENDS to be 'Parody Moz'! Confused? You will be.

WHO IS MORRISSEYSWORLD? (Incidentally, type 'Who Is MorrisseysWorld' into Google Images, it's like seeing the whole MW story in pictures).

Elton John and Madonna have once again been at the forefront of Our Mozzer's venomous (and bluntly honest) tweets, whilst he has also exchanged pleasantries with both Boy George, and former bass player, Jonny Bridgwood (@JohnnyBridgwood). When I say 'former' bass player, I don't mean Bridgwood is a former bass player, I mean he is Morrissey's former bass player, although I have NO IDEA who Bridgwood now plays bass for, and to be honest, I have no interest either! Our Mozzer asked Bridgwood to ask him a question that only the real Morrissey could possibly know, so Bridgwood asked, "Who's the cook at Hook End", to which Mozzer replied, "How the hell would I know? I keep telling them I'm not Morrissey and so does Morrissey, but they won't believe me - or him." Jonny Bridgwood sent no further tweets, and DOESN'T follow '@MorrisseysWorld', so I guess he took Our Mozzer at his word. It is incredible that all these people who have played with Morrissey, really don't know him at all, but I bet ALL of them fill there lives talking abut him.


So, what does one do in a bland hotel, with nothing to do? There are of course a number of answers, but I have decided to go through a list of all of Morrissey's songs, and create my 'Ultimate Moz Set List.' I shall publish it tomorrow.

There is still no sign of the answers to my questions from Morrissey. I shall give him 48 hours to produce the answers, and if they don't appear, I shall take legal action. Mozzer, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Don't ever mess with a bored Rat in a bland hotel.


  1. Sorry that you are bored in Loughborough Rat and well done for your ultimatum to Moz !
    ( Time will tell )
    Our Moz was in fine form last night on Twitter.
    ( which he almost always is )
    I particularly enjoyed his exchange with Sally Jessy Raphael who is an American talk show host.
    He told her that he used to watch her programme ' when he lived in LA ! '
    But of course he is not the real Morrissey but
    parody Morrissey. Too funny, he makes me laugh so much !!

  2. I love that Bliar tweet, it's been in my favorites list since it was originally tweeted a few weeks (?) ago. Looking forward to your Ultimate Moz Set List, and I really hope your ultimatum works!

  3. I'd be bored too if I looked out my window onto that grey world featured in your picture. Maybe the people of Loughborough ought to invest in a little paint, lights(like neon or fancy street lamps) and a few floral arrangements---anything to brighten things up. Hope you noticed that Moz mentioned you as one of the top 3 twitters? they were you, Sally Jesse & Boy George(I think).Well it's sunny and warm here(Had to rub it in) might go outside, relax on a chaise lounge and read---get a tan and not all rusty like you might get where you are. LOL Have fun anyways I'm sure you can find something to do indoors even if you have to use your imagination.


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