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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 323 - Thursday August 2nd 2012

Yesterday I said that I didn't think for one minute that 'Our Mozzer' would shut down the MorrisseysWorld blog and twitter account, but it looks like I may have been wrong. MW's first tweet of yesterday was to thank me for the flowers in Manchester, and his second tweet was:
 "True to my word, this twitter and the blog will now close down. The final article will be published shortly."
     This led to a day of mourning on twitter, as everybody pleaded with 'Our Mozzer' to stay. He tweeted to say:
 "The final article on will explain. This is my grand or not-so-grand farewell."

The disciples continued to plead with 'Our Mozzer' not to go, although 'Mrs Marcus The Greek' (@VictoriaMarkou) tweeted:
 "oh please! It's getting very wearing, all this to-ing and fro-ing. Like a toddler attention-seeking. GET OVER YOURSELF!"
 Does Mrs Marcus KNOW who she's talking to? If she'd sent that tweet to Tom Daley, she'd be in prison by now, serving a 10 stretch!

At approximately 1pm, MW posted his final tweet (although he did post a few re-tweets later in the afternoon!), saying:
 "Thank you and good night.".
I raced to the MW blog, expecting to find the mysterious final article that would explain all, but it wasn't there. What I did find, was an article entitled:
 'Morrissey gives another MorrisseysWorld sign at Manchester - update: the Blue Rose Society's big day out'.
Within this article was the following:

"THE BLUE ROSE SOCIETY AT MANCHESTER update: The Blue Rose Society were out in force at Manchester. Many on Twitter tweeted about the concert using the BlueRoseSociety hash tag, there was a Twitterdilly Arms meet up and giant inflatable red rose, numerous blue roses and even a luminous blue rose were seen in the audience. Below are some pictures of the Blue Rose Society's finest hour."


The MW article then went on to say:

"The sacred BlueRoseRing of MorrisseysWorld has been passed, along with knowledge of MorrisseysWorld, on to another. Tomorrow possibly the final satirical article will be posted. Is this the end for MorrisseysWorld?" 

'Drag Boz' (@BozBoorer) turned up on twitter a little later to say, "The last parody article is going to have you in stitches! Never forget BlueRoseSociety."

So, now we await the final article. I obviously don't want to see MW disappear, but a disappearance WOULD add to the mystery and intrigue, particularly if Morrissey were to start wearing a BLUE ROSE at his concerts. The doubters would finally HAVE to believe, but the evidence would have all gone, and it would be down to word of mouth to spread the story of BLUE ROSE. People would see roses at concerts and ask questions. The Blue Rose Society would tell their tales of MorrisseysWorld, and the people would wonder, did MorrisseysWorld REALLY exist, and was it REALLY Morrissey? Oh the beauty.


Alternatively of course, Mrs Marcus The Greek could be right and 'Our Mozzer' might just be attention seeking, after all, he has got previous for it. If that IS the case, we may get to keep him a little longer, even if he DOES have a break first. It's another win/win situation. Now WHERE is that new parody article, or are we going to be strung along for months on end, like we were with the Tour Journals.....speaking of which, WHAT DID HAPPEN TO THOSE???

And finally, it is apparently 25 years ago today that Johnny Marr decided to leave Morrissey/The Smiths, thus breaking up the greatest song writing partnership EVER. As career moves go, it wasn't the smartest move in the world, but if it hadn't happened, we wouldn't have had 'Life Is A Pigsty', 'Trouble Loves Me', 'Let Me Kiss You', 'Everyday Is Like Sunday', 'Come Back To Camden', 'First Of The Gang', 'All You Need Is Me', 'Scandinavia' etc etc etc etc etc etc etc. I've always believed that there is no point in having regrets, but it has to be said, Johnny Marr, you fucked up big time!

The Smiths Is Dead

Long Live Morrissey Solo (no, not the website)

Long Live MorrisseysWorld

Long Live The Blue Rose Society

Long Live Love

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  1. Your blog is too charming by half. I read it every day. I hope it continues, even if MorrisseysWorld does not. Adapt and live, remain the same and die.



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