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Friday, 3 August 2012

Following The Mozziah Day 324 Friday August 3rd 2012

Rustle Brand has obviously lost all interest in MorrisseysWorld as the twitter user names that he used, '@BucktoothedBoy' and '@JodyRoad', have both become re-available. Mind you, Rustle isn't the only one to lose interest in MorrisseysWorld, because it would appear that Morrissey has too, or perhaps he is just disillusioned with it.

It was obvious there would be roses at the Manchester concert, but the MW blog had stressed that it wouldn't necessarily be at Manchester that 'something' would happen, he hinted that it would be Edinburgh. On Saturday night '@MorrisseysWorld' tweeted:
 "Thank you for a beautiful night. I love you all. I pray the BlueRoseSociety delivers at Edinburgh."

We now know that NO blue roses were delivered in Edinburgh, and in fact the ONLY person who even took a BLUE ROSE was EARS, but it fell apart in the Mozpit. So, was the lack of roses in Edinburgh the final straw for Moz? HAS be become disillusioned? We shall have to wait and see.

The 'final' article has STILL not been posted on the MW blog, but a short video scene from 'Fire Walk With Me' has. It is the scene where FBI agent Phillip Jeffries (played by David Bowie) mysteriously turns up, but then disappears, as if he were never there, but video footage PROVES he WAS there. It is EXACTLY what I blogged about yesterday! 'Fire Walk With Me' has SO many similarities to MorrisseysWorld, it's freaky. This whole phenomenon has been freaky! When I first dreamt that 'Trouble Loves Me' was an anagram of 'Love MT Blue Rose', I had NO IDEA, it would lead to links with 'Fire Walk With Me' and ultimately 'Blue Rose Society'. I have NEVER even watched an episode of Twin Peaks, but I am a great believer in fate, and this whole story is fate. It is Morrissey's story, but we are all bit part players, as the artiste and the audience become intwined. It is art. It is mysterious. It is hard to believe.....and yet it's true.

"He's gone, he's gone, Albert call the front desk"

"I've got the front desk now, he was never here"

"He was here, but where did he go?"

Meanwhile, back in twitter land, 'Our Mozzer' has not returned to post anymore tweets, but he HAS posted some re-tweets, so he is obviously still peeking. He re-tweeted '@Banjaxer' saying MorrisseysWorld isn't Morrissey, and '@baggyjumpergirl' saying he is!

For some reason 'Our Mozzer' has started to re-follow '@Banjaxer', having not mentioned him since last October, when he first introduced him to us all. What IS Banjaxer's role in all this? He is obviously a friend of Morrissey's, and his role seems to have been to put everybody off the scent. I previously suggested that Banjaxer could be part of a sting operation to deliver Uncle Skinny to Manchester for a ban, but that obviously wasn't the case, and according to 'Cathy5' and 'RosyMires', Banjaxer and Skinny spent a lot of time in their company in Manchester, and were delightful, with Rosy saying Banjaxer was VERY funny. Banjaxer's tweets have never suggested he is funny, so he continues to play his role VERY well.

'@PaulYoungMozFan' has this morning tweeted to say that Morrissey's autobiography is to be entitled either 'MorrisseysWorld' or 'My World'. I have no idea who the mysterious 'Paul Young' is, but if he's right, and if the book DOES talk about the whole MW phenomenon, it would make sense that the whole MW thing needs to disappear beforehand. Perhaps it ISN'T disillusionment from Morrissey, maybe it's necessity, to maintain the mystery. The twists and turns, the twists and turns.

The only person to leave a comment on my blog entry yesterday was 'Broken'. Regular readers will know that 'Broken' is in fact one of Morrissey's pessoa's. I think Broken's comment is Mozzer's way of telling me to carry on blogging. Your word is my command, I shall continue to 'Follow The Mozziah'. Here is his comment:

Your blog is too charming by half. I read it every day. I hope it continues, even if MorrisseysWorld does not. Adapt and live, remain the same and die.



  1. Thanks, Broken, for your wise words and for encouraging Rat to continue - I couldn't agree with you more. The resemblance to Fire Walk With Me is indeed uncanny. It has been so fascinating to watch all of this unfold and such a privilege to be a part of it. It is indeed living art and an experience we will never forget.

  2. Adapt and live, remain the same and die. Who else could string words like those but Moz? As always I keep faith and look foward to your blog Rat.

  3. Thank you for bringing sense to the madness which is the MW blog
    Rats ! Your blog is always an entertaining read.
    I can't believe that a week ago we were all in a heightened state of excitement with the Mancheste/Edinburgh concerts looming.
    I really miss Our Mozzer on Twit and have lost my enthusiasm for it until he ( hopefully ) comes back.

    Sometimes it seems that we are part of an experiment !

  4. Rat are you Becky off big brother


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