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Monday, 3 September 2012

Day 355 - Morrissey's Fantasy Set-List & beta blocker me

A number of people have posted their 'Ultimate Set List' in the comments section of my last blog entry, but the one that will stir the most interest is the one posted by Morrissey himself. Here is his entry:

My fantasy set-list, which shall never, ever happen during this lifetime.

Handsome devil
The operation
Hand in glove
You were good in your time
First of the gang to die
So little time (cover)
Irish blood, English heart (ode to Wilde)
Don't make fun of daddy's voice
Something is squeezing my skull
The last of the famous international playboys
Paint a vulgar picture
Action is my middle name
Boredom is a plague
I'm throwing my arms around Paris
I've changed my plea to guilty
The tyranny of tedium
Excerpts from my life story
Song for nobody
The Queen is dead

encore: There is a light that never goes out

Of course the first thing that springs to mind is, if this really IS Morrissey's 'Fantasy Set-List, then why, being as he IS Morrissey, doesn't he just sing it? The second thing that springs to mind is, is there something within this 'fantasy' list, that could be a little clue as to what's coming in the next leg of the world tour? I had never heard of the song listed at number six, 'So Little Time', but it transpires that it is an Andy Williams 'b' side from 1963, and is right up Morrissey's street, in fact it's got his name written all over it (see here: ). It's a beautiful song, just beautiful....mesmerising in fact! It is also interesting to note that number nineteen on the list, 'Song For Nobody', has never been mentioned before, although I have just been catching up on the recent tweets from '@MorrisseysWorld', and this song has been mentioned. Other new songs on the list, include; 'Boredom is a Plague' and 'The Tyranny of Tedium'. There is also 'Excerpts From My Life Story' listed, but I am presuming this is a book reading as opposed to a song, although I may of course be wrong. It is certainly an interesting list.

As I have just mentioned, Our Mozzer has been tweeting again, and yesterday in particular, he would appear to have been in full flow, picking on everybody from; that nauseating bint, Lorraine off the telly, to that nauseating twat Blair, who used to start meaningless wars for fun. I also noticed that Our Mozzer tweeted me three days ago saying, "It's good to have you back Timmy." Don't ask, because I really don't know!

Our Mozzer failed to meet my 48 hour ultimatum, regarding the answers to my interview questions, and for this I thank him. I would have been VERY disappointed if he had complied to such a cheap tactic.

Finally, I have not been feeling very well of late, and this morning I went to the doctor, as I have been having chest pains. I am now undergoing a course of ECG's, chest x-rays etc, but please DO NOT leave messages of sympathy in the comments section, they are no good to me whatsoever, I just want the pains to stop. I have also been put on beta blockers and given an angina spray, so the doctor is obviously convinced I am on my last legs. If this blog thing comes to an abrupt end, please presume I have died. If I feel like I am dying, I shall of course attempt to make a blog entry, so that my loyal readers get to know first. If I fail to make that final blog entry prior to my demise, then a) I apologise, and b) I should like to bequeath my huge collection of number one singles to Steven Patrick Morrissey, of no fixed abode (formerly of Kings Rd Manchester), as this is the only way he is ever likely to get his hands on a number 1 hit single. I bequeath the rest of my vinyl to the nearest car boot sale. I bequeath my signed copy of 'Hatful of Hollow' to Mike Joyce, as this is the only way he is ever likely to get Morrissey's autograph, and I bequest my wife to anyone who will have her.

Signed (In semi-stable state of mind)

The Rat.

Ps.....Dear Moz, just in case I really am on my last legs, please could you give the interview answers? I know it's another cheap shot at getting them, but I'd hate to die wondering.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I would assume that Mozzer is referring to the Diana Dors song 'So Little Time' which is a fabulous song, I would LOVE to hear him cover that. His tweet rampage yesterday was quite spectacular & a fun way to spend a Sunday, although unfortunately, I had to miss a good portion of it. Interesting that the blog is back again too. As for you, Rats, I apologize for wishing you well, but you know we just can't help it - hope you feel better soon.

  3. I could only think of Timmy Mallett with his mallet, and Rats with his inflatable rose when I saw the 'Timmy' reference.
    Would wish you 'Godspeed', but I always read this as 'gods peed' so take what you want from it.

  4. Sucks getting old doesn't it? Last spring they put me on meds because of much the same and they seem to be working for me--after the doctor scared the heck out of me. If we lived closer I could be your home health nurse as that is what I do for a living(honest) As for you being called Timmy I thought of Tiny Tim (singer and Dickens character)or from the Lassie show, she was always rescuing Timmy from the well. But Disney does have a Timothy Mouse from the Dumbo movie who looks a little like your rat but in a circus outfit. Maybe you can ask Moz when he does the interview. Hope you have a good week.

  5. Grammar corrected by SP Morrissey.

    Our Mozzer was on a tweeting marathon yesterday for 10 hours at which point I bailed out and he came back after a break to continue !
    As my eyes were out on stalks I failed to notice when he tweeted to @GirlOnBike and me to say that he was ' writing a new song and Keane were on in the background #true.'
    This song appears in his set list on this blog.
    Our Moz never fails to surprise me !

    Now to you Rats, I can only wish you a speedy return to full health very soon.

    Well spotted GirlWithout, I am sure that you are correct about
    ' Timmy ' being Timmy Mallett. Very funny !

  6. Here is some of Rita Pavone's Heart
    Take care of yours.


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