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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Day 358 - The Chat Room Remains

I was going to write this blog entry last night, but the new series of  Dallas was on telly, so I decided to shelve it until this morning. Big mistake.....MorrisseysWorld has completely disappeared, perhaps this time forever. After nearly a year of me following the MorrisseysWorld phenomenon, I have missed the very end, because of JR and Bobby Ewing.

I now have none of Our Mozzer's last tweets to quote, or indeed access to the last blog entry, which was a full denial from the author (it was signed Leonid Albrecht, who was a character in a very early MW article) that he was Morrissey. In fact, Leonid Albrecht wrote that he was aware that Morrissey read the blog, and thanked him for giving it publicity on True To You, but said he had no idea why Morrissey had done it. What a load of old tosh. Unbelievably, the likes of MancLadMozFan and LizzyCat believed him! After all this time, it would appear that even those who have followed the whole phenomenon all the way, STILL aren't sure if it's Moz or not. How has he managed to pull this off? Why can so few see the truth? HOW can doubt STILL remain after all that has been said and done? It's genius I tell you, genius.

Luckily, although I don't have the last tweets or blog to refer to, I was fortunate enough to be among a full house in the MorrisseysWorld chat room last night (just before Dallas started), and I took some notes.

Before I go on about the final chat, it has been brought to my attention, that over the past couple of days (when I wasn't on twitter or in the chat room), Our Mozzer had some exchanges with freelance journalist Banjaxer, about him writing a story about the MW phenomenon. It looks as though Banjaxer (aka Walter Ego, aka Kevin Marinan, aka Kevin Marrinan) is about to write a piece about MorrisseysWorld, but what isn't clear at this point, is whether it is a piece saying that it IS/WAS Morrissey behind it, or that it WASN'T. Our Mozzer has said on a number of occasions that Marinan wasn't involved with MorrisseysWorld, but he also contradicted this by mentioning him in the 'Minutes of Bans and Concert Ejections Committee - 16/8/2011' article on the MW blog, and by including him in the 'Leaked Minutes of a Private Meeting of the Inner Sanctum of the Blue Rose Society of Morrissey, private tea room, The Dorchester Hotle, London, England. Date unknown' piece, so we STILL don't know if Marinan is in cahoots with Moz or not, and even if he DOES publish a story about MorrisseysWorld, it won't necessarily make it any clearer.

Another thing about the mysterious Banjaxer. He quite often runs little competitions from his twitter account. On Aug 9th, he wrote: "RT if you want a special Morrissey related gift. And I mean special. Very luck winner chosen at random." The winner was announced as '@OrlaBianconi', who has since announced, "Passport required" , "New York! Morrissey", and "Letter arrived today omg I am beside myself with glee. How can I thank you @banjaxer." Could it be that 'OrlaBianconi' has won tickets to see Moz in New York? If that IS the case, Banjaxer HAS to be involved with Moz, he just HAS to be.

Before everything disappeared, '@MorrisseysWorld' sent a tweet to '@Banjaxer' saying that if he publishes an article, the blog and twitter will completely go, to which Banjaxer replied, "Yes I'm going to. Bye then." It would appear that this was the cue for MW to go.

So, the final chat. It was one of those rare moments when most of the original gang were all on twitter at the same time, so the following piled into the chat room (The Worlds End); Morrissey1959, TheRatsBack, mmedestaelghost, girlwithout, AIRRAID25, Menippus, Lizzycatmoz and JanBaxer. GirlonBike and MancladMozfan were locked out. Heathercat and JG joined as I left. I didn't write down everything, but here are some of the highlights:

Morrissey1959: "You've all grown familiar with me and utterly bored by me. This is why it is time to end MorrisseysWorld."

Morrissey1959: "These are our final moments together and I shall miss you all. It's been a truly unique experience."

Morrissey1959: "You see me in astonishing terms - you see the words of the songs, which are beautiful, and you remember my youthful face, and you hear the soft voice singing in your head. But I am fat and old and sad."

mmedestaelghost: "So am I. But why swell on this?"

Morrissey1959: "I don't dwell; I get on with life but it remains true. I am impervious to love and lust ends long before my body begins."

Morrissey1959: "I hope to tweet you again someday, perhaps under a pseudonym."

Morrissey1959: "If I had written Livin' La Vida Loca (sic?) life would be so much easier. But sadly for all of us I'm the man who wrote 'Now My Heart is Full."

*Quick Note from TRB - It's funny how having denied on the blog that he is Morrissey, Morrissey openly talks about being Morrissey in the safety of the chat room, where there is no way of tracing it. Parody Moz? I think not! End of quick note, back to Moz*

Lizzycatmoz: "You are your own worst enemy you know."

Morrissey1959: "Oh I know."

Morrissey1959: "We are all similar, except TheRat, who's a bit of a brute but a funny brute, with ginger hair and a pierced nipple on the right. Rat is sweating GTN spray."

Lizzycatmoz: "Anyone else a bit teary?"

AIRRAID25: "Constantly Lizzy!"

mmedestaelghost: "a bit - and confused."

Lizzycatmoz: "Why are you confused Mimi?"

mmedestaelghost: "I even forget why I am confused."

Morrissey1959: "I'm not crying. I'm laughing but only slightly."

Morrissey1959: "The only thing I have is my voice."

mmedestaelghost: "Don't tweet and cook. Dangerous."

Morrissey1959: "Not as dangerous as tweeting and sex."

Morrissey1959: "My mind cracks and crumbles by the day and I paper over it with song and love and the last remnants of my youth. As one ages as an artist, one becomes like a patchwork version of one's earlier self, held together by glue and wallpaper. A Picasso without the the forethought."

girlwithout: "So M, is your life an opera, a book, or something else? And don't ask Boz."

Morrissey1959: girlwithout, my life is a succession of people saying goodbye."

Menippus: "My life's a succession of people saying "are you still here?"

Morrissey1959: "haha. I so rarely laugh."

girlwithout: "I imagine you in hoots whilst writing your blog."

Morrissey1959: "Yes I do smile when I write the blog. Especially the parts for Boz Boorer esq.

Morrissey1959: TheRat, your blog is almost as charming as mine."

It was at this point that I left the chat room, to go and watch Dallas. Perhaps Moz is right, perhaps we have grown too familiar. If somebody had told me a year ago, that I would walk out on a conversation with my hero, to go and watch a crappy soap on Channel 5, I'd have laughed my head off. If anybody would like to post the rest of the highlights, then please do, and if anybody wants to know what happened in Dallas, I'll be happy to fill you in!

STOP PRESS: I have just tweeted Banjaxer to ask where his story about MorrisseysWorld  will appear. He replied: "No blog = no story."

So, that's it, MorrisseysWorld has gone, and the world NEVER got to know about it. Perhaps MorrisseysWorld was just a dream, and Morrissey shall emerge from his shower tomorrow morning, a la Bobby Ewing, as if it never happened, but I know it did, I have 358 days worth of notes. If Morrissey starts to wear a BLUE ROSE, which I truly believe he will, then our society will grow, and the only proof that he was ever involved, will be this little old blog, which only a few dozen people know about.

There are a few remnants of MorrisseysWorld, the chat room remains (see here:$0 ) , as does a forum, which is hardly ever used (see here: ). Manclad has set up a topic, ready to discuss the first concert in Boston on October 5th.

And so, The Mozziah has gone, just one week before the 1 year anniversary of me following him. So what do I do now? Do I carry on blogging (now there's a name for a film), do I carry on following the Mozziah (now there's another name for a film), do I call it a day, do I continue to champion BLUE ROSE? Tomorrow I shall write a parody piece. Good day to you.


  1. Maybe not last night, the night before, he asked 'janbaxer' if he wanted a penis extension, that Moz could forward an email from his junk folder.

    He also said last night 'my mind is broken'.

    He's not been himself the last few weeks, or maybe he actually HAS been himself, I don't know. It all sounded a bit final last night but we have seen that before.

    Hope you're feeling better Rats.

  2. Thank you for this excellent summary of last night's chat. We do hope that you'll continue to blog and look forward to the upcoming parody piece. I am so thankful I was able to join the end of the chat last night. It was very moving and difficult to say goodbye. Our Mozzer seemed very downcast, which broke my heart even more than the fact that he was leaving. I hope that he is able to feel the love and support that he has here among us. He will be sorely missed.

  3. Thank you for your blog today Rats. However you are wrong that I didn't believe that it was the real Morrissey. I know that it was him. It was just sometimes too amazing to accept.
    Last night was incredibly emotional and moving. Mr M was on Twitter for quite a while exchanging tweets and retweeting, but he was indicating that it was coming to an end.
    He then tweeted to say he was going into the chat room which became a kind of confessional for him. The usual regulars were in attendance which seemed perfectly appropriate.
    Our Moz seemed very low in spirits and full of self-doubt but I will protect his privacy by not repeating what he said.
    Suffice to say that we were all very sad to hear how he felt.
    I totally agree with Heathercat that his sadness made me more upset in a way, than the fact that the MW blog and his Twitter account have closed.I shall miss him hugely.
    I didn't imagine for a moment that being famous and an icon was a bed of roses, but Moz showed how lonely it can be, to be in that position.It must be very difficult to trust people.
    It is a year today that he became a Twitterer and why I joined Twitter the same day. Happy Anniversary Moz, take care,you are loved so much. Perhaps we can do it all again one day ? Lizzy xxxx

  4. I actually saved all my favourite bits from the blog, just to remind me that it wasn't all a dream! They are only for my personal reference, of course and will only be shared amongst the regular irregulars (for those who haven't got them). Same with our Mozzer's best tweets.
    So glad I managed to get into the chat long enough to say good bye. In a way I am glad I wasn't there to witness the last stand as I would have cried! One of our Mozzer's last tweets was that he still wants Blue Roses so we may have to start a Twitter campaign nearer the time!

  5. oh rat i wasn't locked out and how would you know what i think... you really are slipping these days rat..not quite yourself one might say

  6. I found that last post very interesting.
    even thought for a second if that really
    was the case. but only for a second.
    too many co-incidences. the owl-eyes (alone)
    will forever be TOO MUCH OF A CO-INCIDENCE
    to be anything else than what we believe.

  7. It really pulls at my heart strings to witness Morrissey so downhearted & self deprecating. I hope he is able to draw some strength from the love & affection there is for him.

    It is always a privilege to share time with Moz in the chat room. Whilst I found last night deeply moving & sad, I was also left with a warmed heart as I reflected on the past year being on board the MW voyage.

    For Morrissey: I leave you with Nico - She says it so beautifully

  8. fear not fellow morrisseyworlders, moz will be just fine, that is, once he starts touring again, he must love touring no matter how exhausting it must be..i for one will give him a wave with my blue rose..will he smile though when it catches his eye, now that is a question..

  9. Please continue your blog. Morrissey knew before he made himself accessible to you that he was loved and sought after. He needs to know it still. If you all go into hiding with the discontinuance of his twitter account and the Morrissey's World site, then what will he have to return to? I've admittedly missed all opportunity for interaction with Morrissey (or the person(s) who so believably assumed his online identity). Coming in on the last day of this incredible year-long phenomenon is tragic. The carriage is a pumpkin and there's a stylish shoe on the stair whose owner I might never meet. Yet I'm glad for you who went to the ball and witnessed the magic. As for me, I'll keep reading if you'll carry on writing.

    1. Thanks for your insightful words. It has indeed been a magical year, and we plan to stay right where we've always been (hopefully with the Rat by our side).

    2. Thank you for your reassurance and for the compliment. I do hope the Rat stays. He's a very charming man.

  10. aaw blue rose fear not..i am in the middle of an enforced break, one i should have taken a few weeks ago, rat and heather will still scour the world for storys and the others will still be here, i myself will be back in time for boston..anyway i need to log on to rattys blog to catch up as fear not

  11. aah thats STORIES...STORIES..STORIES..i tells ya...forgive my poor council estate education blue rose

  12. Please do take and enjoy your break. No need for apologies about your education. I'm sure we went to the same school.


    1. Welcome BlueRose,

      What a coincidence about the school !!

      * laughs uproariously *

    2. Thank you. I am made humble and grateful by your graciousness in welcoming me into your online community. I tend to feel like an intruder in places such as this and am content to lurk in a shadowy corner unless someone or something speaks to me. The post by the Rat succeeded in drawing me out.

      School- thank heaven I'm too old to go back.
      *smiles,shakes head, sighs*

    3. Thankfully I am also too old to return to school.

      I have memories of warm milk in small bottles, dusty chalk
      and blackboards and an old abacus instead of the calculators
      that young people use these days.
      (My mind may be playing tricks on me about the last part.)

  13. Re no "access to the last blog entry" - thanks to Google cache, here it is:

    Note that "an essay will follow".

  14. Oh, and the Google cache of the MW Twitter account too:

  15. This sucks knob big time!

    Urban is dead and my name is Thomas Munster I live in Bavaria and use a swedish IP.

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