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Monday, 17 September 2012

Day 369 - Gone!

Plenty has happened since my last blog entry, with the main point of interest being Our Mozzer going on a tweet rampage with a handful of newly created parody accounts for - Bieber, Madonna, Bush, Blair and Thatcher. I would love to publish some of the hilarious tweets, but unfortunately Our Mozzer soon tired of his new game, and deleted the whole lot, along with his own twitter account and the blog thingy.


'Morrissey1959' apparently appeared in the MorrisseysWorld chat room for three hours on Saturday night, but unfortunately I missed it, as I had spent the whole day at Lords watching Hampshire win the CB40 Cup Final, and was too tired to do anything other than watch Saturday night TV. I have NO idea what topics were discussed, so if those who were present would like to leave notes in the comment box, then please do. The only person who has given me any information is '@Rociosav' (Chio), who sent me a message to say Morrissey1959 had said, "Forget looking for another person and simply love yourself, perhaps love will find you." Chio also informed me that all the old gang was present, along with "me, this humble and shy soul...shyness is nice though." My thanks to Chio.


Kevin 'Banjaxer' Marrinan has at last published his story about MorrisseysWorld, which is why I presume the MW twitter account and blog have disappeared. The whole phenomenon will be far more mysterious with all references gone, but the question is, WILL Banjaxer's article succeed in grabbing the outside world's attention? The article has been published online, on a music website run by John Robb, called It is a well balanced article, which allows the reader to make up their own mind, so now it has to be seen as to whether a major publication picks up on the story. Morrissey-Solo have so far made NO reference to the article, but then again, Morrissey-Solo would appear to be on it's knees. It is ridiculous that the number one Morrissey fansite has failed to show ANY interest in the whole MorrisseysWorld phenomenon. It is the biggest Morrissey story in years, and yet Solow  continue to deny it is Morrissey, and bury their heads. Banjaxer's article can be read here:

Morrissey has recently conducted an interview via email with the New Zealand Herald. There is nothing new revealed, but Morrissey's answers are witty and sharp. I particularly enjoyed his comment, "thank God for You Tube, otherwise my life would never be chronicled."

And finally Esther, and finally Cyril, last Tuesday I undertook an exercise ECG, in an attempt to try and get to the bottom of my recent chest pains. After the ECG, the cardiologist sat me down and said, "you're not going to want to hear this, but it's your heart." It would appear that my pains are angina attacks. With my poor family history, I had half expected it, but it is still a shock when you hear the words. The cardiologist then informed me that I needed an angiogram, to see how bad it is, and to plan the next course of attack. He also said the NHS waiting list for an angiogram is 4-6 weeks. It is at times like this, that I am glad I wasn't born a socialist, tomorrow I am having my angiogram, so there will be NO Top 10 countdown, it will instead be performed at 12.45pm on Wednesday, IF I survive.

*Goes off singing* All over the world, people must meet and part, there's someone like me, feeling a pain in their heart.


  1. It's a real shame that you have missed Our Mozziah's shenanigans. I know you caught the tail end (!) of the other parody accounts. He must have been tweeting virtually non-stop for two days. When he came into the chat room I asked him whether he had square eyes yet and he replied "I am crying oblong tears." He was very sweet, as usual, in the chat room saying nice things about his loyal followers. He also asked if we wanted to meet him one day and something along the lines that we would be disappointed. I doubt it but maybe he would be disappointed with us! He seemed genuinely as surprised as us thinking about how this last year's journey has unfolded. The other thing I remember is that he said there may be some UK and European dates next year. I left after a while due to a splitting headache and family commitments but maybe the others can fill us all in what happened in the next two hours...

  2. I really wish that I had taken some 'prompt' notes on Saturday during the chat, but I didn't.
    Our Moz gave a wonderful recipe for pasta with pesto, aubergine, onion, garlic, some mayonnaise or cream ( I quote ) because he was feeling peckish, but it was late and he went off the idea.
    Earlier he said he was watching ' Dad's Army ' and obviously
    multi-tasking by chatting at the same time.
    He asked after Loughton Lil and I said he was still around but busy doing the books in the Twitterdilly Arms !
    He asked which promo of his featured the horned-hand sign and because I watched it recently ( frinky priest alert ! ) I knew that it was ' I Have Forgiven Jesus ' and Moz was impressed that I knew and awarded me 10/10 - praise indeed !
    It was an enthralling evening and if anything else comes to mind I will update here. It was a wonderful experience and special.

  3. Ratty, so sorry to hear about your impending angiogram, it sounds as if you're in good hands. I shall join you on Wednesday for the Top 10.

    Nice to hear Our Mozzer was asking for me - I'll catch HIM in the chat room some day no doubt.

  4. Great to see you again Mr Gill ! We knew you weren't far.

    Morrissey1959 praised a Blue Rose Society member by saying that ' Only Rats can change my words. '

    SBJ, GirlOnBike, Manc and I were also complimented, but modesty forbids me from repeating what was said.

    There was a hint that there could be a mention of a certain group in a certain autobiography. We shall see......

  5. As you said, Kevin's article is very well done. It's interesting (but not surprising) that the only comments so far on Louderthanwar give Kevin grief about it. Although GOB posted the article in the forums on Solow, not a single person has responded to it yet, as if they're trying to ignore it.

    I'm TRULY disappointed that I wasn't able to catch any of Our Mozzer's final chat session, but I'm very happy that others were able to share that very special experience. For those of us who've enjoyed the privilege of being in the chat room with him, we will always cherish the memory in our hearts.

  6. Rats, I wish you good luck with your upcoming visits to your doctors.
    I've commented here before and have made it known that I'm new to this online Moz-phenom.
    Why is it that he comes and goes; closing the MW blog and his twitter after expressing so much appreciation to those close to him-namely the people who frequent this site? You all seem deeply connected with him and Morrissey reciprocates your admiration openly.
    I was fortunate enough to see him in the chat room on the most recent final night of his online appearance though I didn't participate so as not to take up a portion of the limited space in the room and potentially lock out his familiars.

  7. Rats,
    Best wishes for your angiogram appt (and any follow-up treatment needed)! Take good care of yourself!

  8. Great to see you posting here again BlueRose.
    I have remembered something else from the chat room on Saturday.
    Moz1959 encouraged all of the inhabitants of said room to watch
    the Jonathan Ross Show because Justin Bieber was a guest and with
    the hint that something might be revealed. At the end Our Moz
    said " Did you see ? " 'See what ? ' " Wossy wearing a Bieber
    tee shirt and blue rose ? " Not true ! And that is an hour of my
    life that I shall never see again.........

    1. I had to laugh though when Wossy told the Beliebers to shut up though - "The rest of us are bored now!"

    2. Thank you, Lizzy. It's good to be back.
      I didn't see see the show and was disappointed that there weren't clips of it on YouTube. (More 'chronicling' is necessary.) This sign you were asked to watch for never happened then? Pity. Hopefully other signs he's talked about (or has yet to talk about) will come to be.

    3. I've found clips. My search was premature. I'm guessing it has something to do with my time zone.

  9. BlueRose, to be honest you did not miss anything on the
    Jonathan Ross Show. More padding than a duvet !! Plus ad. breaks.

    We are happy to wait for a sign,
    whatever it is and whenever it appears.

    I truly hope that you are happy in your present time zone.
    Please keep in touch.

    1. I agree with you; nothing to write home about within the clips. I'd very much like to believe that Morrissey is behind the MW site and the notmorrissey twitter account and will definitely be watching for new signs along with you.
      I am very happy in my current time zone and I hope you are, too; wherever you are or may soon go.
      I will be around and never far from here.

    2. We all hope that Morrissey is behind the Twitter and MW blog accounts. The perceived wisdom is that this is the case.
      As the American tour unfolds all his followers will
      be watching and waiting for a possible sign.
      Yes I am in a happy place thank you.
      Good to know that you will be sticking around.


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