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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Day 379 - "I Know Nothing About Twitter" - Morrissey

Two weeks ago, I received a tweet out of the blue from a guy called Rob Pollard (@_robpollard). He tweeted: "@TheRatsBack - Still think it's the real Morrissey behind that account?" He followed it up with: "Anybody in BlueRoseSociety who genuinely thought the MW blog was Morrissey himself doesn't get him & should probably stop listening to him." Rob also tweeted: "BlueRoseSociety - the most laughable Twitter cult out there."


I suggested that Rob read my blog entry from Friday August 10th, the 'History of Morrissey's Blue Rose Society', but instead, Rob chose to block me on Twitter. I think it is safe to say that Mr Pollard is ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that Morrissey was NOT the author of MorrisseysWorld, so let's presume for a minute that he is right, after all, I have to face the fact that there are FAR more who agree with Rob than agree with me, so let me try and get inside their heads. If MorrisseysWorld WASN'T Morrissey, I have three options:

A) Morrissey knew NOTHING about, or at least had NO INTEREST whatsoever in MorrisseysWorld and just ignored it completely

B) Morrissey quite liked the MW blog and Twitter account, and played along with it, or

C) Morrissey KNEW or even EMPLOYED the author of MW.

 Rosy Mires, on her website '', suggests that the MorrisseysWorld author was either a naughty fan trying to get Moz's attention, or it was a PR stunt commissioned by Morrissey himself to counter the negative criticism in the press and on

Most Morrissey fans, particularly the Solow lot, the MozArmy leader Julie Hammil, and our friend Rob Pollard, have chosen option A. They believe that Morrissey had NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the MW blog or twitter account. This would be the most logical option, because the perception is that Morrissey doesn't like the modern world, so probably doesn't use the internet much, and CERTAINLY doesn't use social network sites (more about that later). What we DO KNOW however, is that Morrissey DOES use the internet a bit, because he has recently admitted to watching You Tube.


For me, option A just doesn't add up. We KNOW Morrissey is aware of MorrisseysWorld, because he went to the lengths of OFFICIALLY denying he was behind it FOUR TIMES. Those fans who have chosen to believe option A, probably made that decision when MW first appeared, because they just couldn't comprehend that Morrissey would possibly be involved in such a thing. Alternatively, they have chosen option A because they just HAVEN'T followed the story closely enough to see the signs, clues and many coincidences that have occurred. The main reason that I can't go with option A, is because of Morrissey making the 'OO' sign on the Conan tv show last November, just after the MW blog posted a collage of famous people doing the same thing. Morrissey MUST at least be playing along.



So, with Morrissey making that 'OO' sign on Conan, even the likes of Rosy Mires had to concede that it appeared as though Moz quite liked the MW blog, and was playing along with it, but WHY would Morrissey be making 'Freemason' signs to go along with a fan's blog? And would Morrissey REALLY go along with a blog AND twitter account of a stranger using HIS name, and making statements (not parody statements) as Morrissey? No chance. Option B is NOT an option.

The final choice is that Morrissey KNEW or EMPLOYED the author of MorrisseysWorld. If this is true, the main candidate would be the journalist Kevin 'Banjaxer' Marrinan, who seems to have had some involvement or other from the very start. In fact a number of people on Solow claimed that Banjaxer (aka Walter Ego) was the author, and when Marrinan published a story about MorrisseysWorld two weeks ago, one of the comments left by 'JeNeSuisPasMorrissey' read, "Funny, cos it's common knowledge that you're behind that ridiculous website/Twitter account, Kevin."

When Morrissey wore his BLUE ROSE tie when accepting the 'Key to the City of Tel Aviv', this further backed up the argument for option C, and also seemed to act as his seal of approval for the BLUE ROSE SOCIETY, but my main reason for NOT believing that option C is correct, is for the same reason as option B. Would Morrissey let Marrinan or anybody else for that matter, make comments in the name 'Morrissey', EVEN as a parody? Morrissey is a known control freak, and would Morrissey trust Marrinan or anybody else to be funny enough to run such a highly amusing parody account? No. Option C just DOESN'T work. 

Sorry Rob, sorry Rosy, sorry all the others who don't want it to be true, but NONE of the available three options stack up, MORRISSEYSWORLD HAD TO HAVE BEEN THE WORK OF MORRISSEY, THERE JUST ISN'T ANY OTHER LOGICAL EXPLANATION!


So will the new tour bring new clues, and will Morrissey's fans FINALLY open their eyes? Time as ever, will tell.

Yesterday I mentioned that Morrissey had given an interview to Here are the highlights:

ON WHY HE PREFERS EMAIL INTERVIEWS: "I haven't done a face-to-face interview with a music publication in England since 2007 when I was interviewed by the NME. In print, they re-wrote my replies and re-wrote their own questions, which was very damaging to me and I had to pay legal fees of over 150,000 dollars in order to get the NME to apologise. That incident just about turned me off for life, as you can imagine."

ON A NEW RECORD DEAL: "The horizon remains bleak. But I accept it now. I exist only in the live arena, or on You Tube, and that's the full extent of it."

ON A NEW ALBUM: "I was recently approached by Sony, but the offer was so poor that I'd end up paying for everything with my own personal finances yet splitting the profit with the label. It doesn't make sense."

ON TWITTER: "I know nothing about Twitter."

ALSO ON TWITTER: "Twitter seems useful in some ways because you are no longer at the mercy of press interpretation."
(HOW would HE know? As he says, he knows NOTHING about Twitter. Hmm.)

ON THE SMITHS: "The agents for Coachella offered a 100-per-cent vegetarian event if I would agree to headline with Johnny Marr as the Smiths. Fascinatingly they made it clear that they would 'not require' the Smiths bass player or drummer...which I thought certainly said something."

ON RUSSELL BRAND: "I love Russell, but the films are a bit cheeky-wonky-daft-Dudley Moore British-pottiness for me, and Russell's voice has a higher pitch with each film - it's almost a squeal now."
(Hands up if you laughed out loud at this? *puts hand up*)

ON CURRENT MUSIC: "Lonely Day by System of a Down would be the last song I absolutely loved, and Born That Way by James Maker is the greatest single of the last decade."
(I have to say, I'd never heard either song. I have just listened to them, and quite like 'Lonely Day', but 'Born That Way' does nothing for me whatsoever.)

ON THE KILLERS: "The Killers asked me to sing with them this month in New York, but I'm not the type. I stick to my own backyard."


I also mentioned in my blog of yesterday, that Rosy Mires (yes, her again), had tweeted to say that the mention of the number 22, in Morrissey's Pheonix interview, had reminded her of Day 70 (Nov 23rd 2011) of 'Following The Mozziah', when I wrote about the 22 MorrisseysWorld believers who had A ROSE in their twitter profile picture. So, WHO were the twenty two, and do they STILL believe? Here is the original list, with a comment about each:

1. @stillicling - Stopped believing in MW on Feb 13th, following the death of Whitney Houston.
2. @RosyMires - Also stopped believing on Feb 13th following the death of Houston.
3. @EcubyanSoapbox - Now @EcubyanPoet. No longer tweets about MW. Interest seemingly gone.
4. @GirlOnBike1102 - Stopped believing for a while but now 100% committed, although NO rose pic.
5. @Mancladmozfan - Has taken more roses to more concerts than anybody else....and LOST them all.
6. @Mmedestaelghost - No rose pic & not around much, but maintains a distant, open minded interest.
7. @Lizzycat4 - Now@Lizzycatmoz.Stopped following for a time but now believes again.NO rose pic.
8. @Hector_Lector - Stopped believing & following after Houston's death in Feb.
9. @Heathercat222 - Has remained a believer all the way through & has a blue rose in profile pic.
10. @TheRatsBack - I'm a believer and I couldn't leave her if I tried. Has an inflatable red rose photo.
11. @loughtonlil - Has remained true to MorrisseysWorld from day 1. The rose profile photo remains.
12. @AIRRAID25 - Took a blue rose to Genoa & Edinburgh. Has a blue rose tattoo. Devoted.
13. @amor_y_locura - Yet another who stopped believing after Houston's death. 
14. @Alekaki_ - Not tweeted since Nov 30th 2011. Disappeared.
15. @cathyplus5 - Stopped believing a long time ago but not sure if Houston related.
16. @bucktoothedboy - Closed the account months ago. 
17. @girlwithout - Still a firm believer. No rose in profile but has an orange ball by Colin Rose.
18. @its_Only_Me_K - Stopped believing last year.
19. @jo_beth_s - Account closed last year.
20. @CajunCauliflowr - Stopped believing last year.
21. @caterita2008 - Stated that she didn't believe Morrissey was MW but has roses in pic. A mystery.
22. @i2177 - Still has a rose pic but rarely tweets. Nothing else known.

Of the original twenty two dedicated followers, only eight remain fully committed, the others have either lost interest, or stopped believing altogether. Whitney Houston's death was a major blow to many of the originals, although I believe their loss of faith came from an MW tweet, not the actual demise of the drug riddled Houston. MW tweeted: "distressed to hear of Oprah Winfrey's passing." Many took this uncompassionate tweet as PROOF that Morrissey WASN'T behind MW, but why anybody should think Morrissey WOULD show compassion towards Houston is peculiar itself, particularly when he once said of her records, "I think they're vile in the extreme." Bizarre.


It has been announced that Morrissey will be appearing next Wednesday on the Jimmy Fallon tv show in New York. I wonder what song he'll sing? I'm going to guess 'Scandinavia', although this week sees the 25th anniversary of the release of 'Strangeways Here We Come', so who knows, maybe we'll get 'Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me'. Roll on Wednesday.


  1. But I am wearing my Blue Rose top - not that you can see it though as I had to crop my picture to fit the avatar!
    Another obvious clue for me was MW's tweet about the Olympics the afternoon of the Manc concert and then virtually repeating it on stage. More than a coincidence!

  2. To explain: I only came back from my week away in Norfolk the day of the Manchester concert and quickly checked Twitter before setting off to the train station. The first tweet I saw was MW tweeting something about not having been invited to the Olympic Opening Ceremony. I tweeted back: "As if you would have gone..." - I didn't see his reply until the next day but he said he would have but left before the arrival of the Queen. During the concert he said: "You may have noticed I wasn’t invited to the Olympics Opening Ceremony". I had told Lizzycat about his tweet before the concert and she nearly had kittens when he said that!

  3. Thanks for bringing that Olympics 'coincidence' to our attention, Sabine - it's quite remarkable!

    And thanks for a great post today, Rats. The photos & captions made me laugh out loud! I was also wondering which song will be chosen for Jimmy Fallon - my money is on Action, but we shall see. Regarding the comment about Twitter being useful for not being at the mercy of press interpretation, I think that could be extended to include press condemnation - if you tweet as a parody of yourself, you can say whatever you want, to whomever you want and get away with it. It's ingenious! As one of MW's more recent tweets said something like: 'Can you imagine what would happen if Morrissey were to say such things?'

  4. exactly Rat - the owl conan sign is THE PROOF. full stop.
    I have no idea why some people have an almost obsession
    to be proven right that moz is in no-way connected to the blog/twitter.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. First Rats many congratulations on the anniversary of your blog,
    and I hope that you will continue with it.
    I am proud of being one of the remaining 8 out of 22, the last
    year or so has been so much fun in MorrisseyLand.

    I have acquired all the proof that I need that the MW blog
    is Morrissey with some admin help and that Our Mozzer tweets.
    In fact he sent a tweet to Rob Pollard on the Saturday before
    his MW account was closed.

    People still say 'Morrissey wouldn't do that ' - well he does !
    It is clear to me that there are two Morrisseys.
    One is the famous iconic singer and one isn't.

    I can confirm that Sabine is wearing a blue rose top in her
    avatar and that she told me about Moz's Olympic tweet before
    the show in Manchester.

    I think Moz will sing 'Action' on the Jimmy Fallon show.

  7. You forgot me. I still believe!

    1. I didn't forgot you Andy, there are lots of other believers too, it's just that you weren't around back in November last year when I compiled the list of twenty two.
      Good to know you're still reading my silly old blog, thanks.

  8. Hello Rat! Ther's no mistery about me, just still I got no definitive opinion about MW, but, of course I like it! I supposed, since for the first time, that Morrissey could be involved and maybe planned it as a marketing strategy because he was and still is touring without a record deal, but, obviously, I could be wrong! Anyway I listened on you tube to Lonley Day, I did'nt know that song and it's very beutiful, and Born that Way, by J. Maker, wonderful voice and lovely song, on the comments section someone named J. Maker as the hidden Morrissey, so I guess: Could be J. Maker the author or co-author of the blog and maybe is he managing the twitter account? J. Maker is a very brilliant person, also a writer and time ago I used to read his blog...Oh Rat, this is a mistery without solution! Cheers!


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