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Friday, 28 September 2012

Day 380 - Mesmerise or Mesmerize? That Is The Question

Today I was going to write a 'Moz & Boz in NYC' parody piece, in which Boz, dressed in drag, collapses in a book store, but that has now been scrapped, as it is my duty (as a dedicated follower of The Mozziah) to report that the MorrisseysWorld twitter thing is BACK! *waves palm leaves and throws roses into the path of The Mozziah as he walks past.....but unfortunately, in my excitement, I have forgotten to de-thorn the roses and they land on The Mozziah's head*


I have to confess, I was VERY surprised when I turned on my laptop this morning, and entered The Twitterdilly Arms (through the back of the wardrobe) to find that 'Our Mozzer' had been tweeting. I really thought that we may have seen the last of him, but thankfully, he is as addicted as the rest of us, and just can't keep away....."the syringe is dirty."

Our Mozzer's tweeting session started around 6pm New York time, 11pm UK time. I missed it as I was tucked up in bed, but here is his first tweet:

" - Mesmerizing with a 'z' and everyday instead of every day from the blog. But all just coincidence."

The first bit of this tweet is a link to the Australian interview that I mentioned yesterday. Our Mozzer draws attention to the fact that he used the words 'mesmerizing' and 'everyday' in the interview, and not 'mesmerising' and 'every day'. His suggestion is that this was done on purpose, as a reference to something in the MW blog. The problem is, the blog is still dead, so although Moz knows what he's referring to, I DON'T! Even Heather Cat (who usually remembers everything) can't think what Our Mozzer is referring to. I can vaguely remember reading 'something' about the misuse of 'everyday', but I can't for the life of me remember what it was, and I certainly can't think what the use of the 'z' in mesmerizing is a reference to. Can anybody help? I feel like we are letting Our Mozzer down by not picking up on his signs, but we CAN'T remember EVERYTHING, we just can't!

Thanks to Heather Cat (it had to be), I think I have found the reference about 'mesmerize'. Heather pointed me to the one place where many of the MorrisseysWorld quotes can STILL be read....SOLOW! On one of the Solow links (See here:, there is the following section taken from an original MorrisseysWorld entry from August 2011 entitled, 'I Will Never Again Post On This Blog.' Here is what it says:

"The so-lowers are indeed right c*nts, as I observe on my quasi-anonymous blog. My laughter echoes with every pontification over its authorship. So many questions would elucidate the authorship of the blog - if only they had the wit to pose the right questions. That they do not see the game is intentional. They do not realise the inelegant use of mesmerise rather than the Oxford mesmerize is quite intentional, that the absurdly bloated narcissism is ironically-intended, that my denial I was the author of the blog when nobody had even heard of it was a clue! - IN DUE COURSE THE AUTHORSHIP WILL BE PROVEN - and what of the so-lowers, then?"

I do not remember ever reading this particular article, but then again, I don't remember much!

  New york times square,  manhattan,  New york

Anyway, back to the highlights of yesterday's MW tweets:

"Tulisa is what happens when a woman of limited talent utilises every last ounce of it to imitate a complete oaf." I take it he isn't a fan.

"Twitter, like life, is utterly without purpose. And so we finally live."

"I returned ONLY because Morrissey spelled mesmerize with a 'z'." What 'is' the relevance? For the love of all non existent Gods, will somebody PLEASE put me out of my misery!

"The Internet Jukebox is the Twitterdilly Arms but good sons like you wouldn't know about that."

"I'm the utterly Butterly of the Twitterworld. I'm tasty, spreadable and you'll regret eating me - but not quite as much." (Camera cuts to Rosy Mires house, where we find Ms Mires hunched over her laptop dunking late night toast into a mug of tea and saying to herself, "The real Morrissey would NEVER say that!")

GirlWithout: "How are you liking your new superhero status? You have elderly women swooning at your feet."
MW: My feet are absolutely my best feature." (Camera cuts to Rosy Mires house where she splutters on her greased tea and says to herself, "now THAT was VERY Moz like.")


MW tweets continued:

"Talentless, obnoxious, undignified, tired - Danny Baker, before he came a nobody." It is refreshing to see that the previous 'Bakergate' scandal hasn't stop Our Mozzer speaking his mind. Never one to avoid an issue, if it needs saying, Our Mozzer says it!

"In 2013, a large number of people are going to wish they'd been here."

@LaFernVerte: "Do you disagree with any of Morrissey's views?"
MW: "Too many to remember and too few to care."

"I don't hate Sir Elton. If he'd stop pushing his face in our window, buy some trousers that actually fit and stop singing, I'd be a huge fan."


MW stopped tweeting at about 7pm NY time, but then briefly reappeared at about 3am with the following:

"I am 50% sincerity, 50% insincerity and 50% mistaken."

"Don't worry. The real Morrissey will be joining you soon." Could this mean we are about to see a REAL Morrissey twitter account appear? After all, "twitter seems useful." And then, I presume, Our Mozzer went to sleep!

Yesterday I wrote about the 'Original twenty two', of which Romina Ricci (@caterita22) is one. Romina left the following comment after my blog entry:

Hello Rat! Ther's no mistery about me, just still I got no definitive opinion about MW, but, of course I like it! I supposed, since for the first time, that Morrissey could be involved and maybe planned it as a marketing strategy because he was and still is touring without a record deal, but, obviously, I could be wrong! Anyway I listened on you tube to Lonley Day, I did'nt know that song and it's very beutiful, and Born that Way, by J. Maker, wonderful voice and lovely song, on the comments section someone named J. Maker as the hidden Morrissey, so I guess: Could be J. Maker the author or co-author of the blog and maybe is he managing the twitter account? J. Maker is a very brilliant person, also a writer and time ago I used to read his blog...Oh Rat, this is a mistery without solution! Cheers!

Romina's use of broken English has always made me smile, and also more than raised my suspicions about her claim to being just an Italian housewife. I was going to add Romina's old twitter picture to my blog today, so I googled it, and guess what, it transpires that Romina Ricci is a famous Argentinian actress and model. Hmm.


Anyway, forgetting Romina's modeling career, the reason I have printed her comment, is because of her reference to James Maker. I have to confess, I know nothing whatsoever about Maker, I have never listened to his music, not read his book, and know nothing at all about his friendship with Morrissey. Many people who have watched me write this blog obsessively for the past year, would be forgiven for thinking that I am a Morrissey fanatic, but I'm not, at least, I WASN'T until I discovered MorrisseysWorld!

 I have to admit that this past twelve months has made me fairly obsessive, but before my discovery of MW, I was pretty much just a casual Moz fan, who just bought the records, and went to a couple of his concerts a year. I was never a visitor to Solow (except to read concert reviews), wasn't a member of the MozArmy on twitter, and didn't really follow Morrissey in the press. It is only the discovery of MorrisseysWorld last September that turned me into the Morrissey stalker that I have now become.

So, back to James Maker, could he POSSIBLY be involved in MorrisseysWorld, like our Argentinian actress suggests? I have had a quick read through the blog of his that Romina mentions (, and Maker DOES seem to make a lot of use of the semi colon, just like the MW author, but that is where the similarities in writing style ends, and what is more, Maker has been writing a novella called 'Axed Pat', and there is NO WAY he could write a book AND write the daily shenanigans of MorrisseysWorld at the same time. I decree that James Maker IS NOT the author of MorrisseysWorld, but I remain VERY open minded about Maker being....Romina Ricci!


It is also the little things that keep reminding me that Morrissey IS the sole author of MorrisseysWorld, little things like his Top 10 on True-To-You, just hours after the first Twitterdilly Arms Top 10 was published. If it was one of Morrissey's friends writing MW, Morrissey's own input wouldn't be so quick and decisive, and as I wrote yesterday, Moz is far too much of a control freak to let anybody else run 'his' parody site, they just WOULDN'T live up to his high expectations!

And finally Esther, and finally Cyril, Manc Lad (@MancLadMozFan) has stated that he is taking both a red rose and a blue rose to the Boston concert next Friday. He has said he will give the red rose to Kristeen Young, and will attempt to give the blue rose to Moz, but he says that he DOESN'T expect Moz to take it. Manc Lad has ALSO purchased a luminous blue rose, exactly the same as the ones that I (@TheRatsBack) threw onto the stage at the Manchester concert (see here at 1 min 48 secs: and EARS (@AIRRAID25) threw onto the stage at Edinburgh. We all wish Manc Lad the best of luck with his quest to deliver BLUE ROSE.
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  1. We are indeed very thankful that Our Mozzer has returned to Twitterdilly and pointed out the obscure references to 'mesmerizing' and 'everyday.' In reviewing bits of the MW blog that I have saved (thanks to Sabine sharing them), I have noticed that 'mesmerizing' appears several times. I also found an excerpt from the blog that was posted on Solow in August 2011 that explains that the use of the spelling with a 'z' is intentional. I have tweeted the link to Rat, for anyone who is interested in reading it. It would definitely appear that the use of this spelling in the Australian interview is yet another 'coincidence' that we would've overlooked without Our Mozzer's informative tweet. As Rat said, it's difficult to pick up on all these subtle clues!

    We certainly wish Manc the very best in his rose delivery, as well as Chio, who will also be bringing a blue rose to Boston.

  2. Just to muddy the Romina/Maker waters, I'm happy to see that Romina enjoys a 'globalised' breakfast of Weetabix, McVities Digestives and Twinings Green Tea. I'm sure James would also enjoy something like that.

    ** strolls off laughing, but watching out for a left jab from Romina **

  3. Oh Rattus is it the pantomime season already? I've only popped in to Grrrr at you, but while I'm here .... It's NOT MOZ !!
    mixed-up rosy mires.

    Ps. Why would Romina like Irish band, The Raglans??? ;-)

  4. Hello, I' m Romina quite tired to say that I'm just what I wrote in my twitter profile! Not a model or an actress, but a huge Morrissey's fan, please belive me!

  5. Oh Rat , where do you find these hilarious pictures all the time? Thanks for making me laugh! And well done to Heather for finding the Solow link!
    P.S. I gladly shared my MW stash with you! :)

  6. this is so funny. thankyou Rats! ;)

  7. I can shed light on the use of everyday which M1959 explained
    during his last visit to the chat room 13 days ago.

    He explained that when he wrote ' Everyday Is Like Sunday '
    he didn't know that it should be ' Every day ' so there is
    the explanation !
    Apparently it wasn't until he was about 30 years of age that
    he learned properly about spelling and grammar etc.

    I hope they don't mind me saying but I have always been
    suspicious of Caterita, who sometimes uses fractured English
    and other times perfect English.
    Methinks she is not what she appears...........


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