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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Day 392 - A Little Somethin' For Ya

It always gives me a bit of a buzz when Morrissey leaves a comment on my blog, as it shows he still reads it, which makes it all the more worth while WRITING it. Yesterday was such a day, but Mozzer's comment has left me baffled. It wasn't a comment as such, he posted some lyrics, lyrics to the 1995 number 2 hit,  'I've Got A Little Something For You' by MN8. WHY, WHY, WHY? Has Our Mozzer finally lost it, or could it be he is planning a surprise for the BLUE ROSE SOCIETY?

It occurred to me, and a few of the others, that perhaps Morrissey would do/wear/say something on last night's Colbert Report, so this morning I rushed to watch it on YouTube.

The Colbert interview itself offered NOTHING new, and I thought Stephen Colbert was both rude and incredibly stupid, but I later learnt that Colbert is a 'parody' talk show host, a little along the lines of Alan Partridge. Having learnt this, I re-watched the interview, and found it far more enjoyable, and very funny, as Colbert asked 'cliche' questions, and made the sort of 'cliche' comments we've all come to expect from talk show hosts.  It just goes to show what a thin line it is between reality and parody, but of course, those who follow MorrisseysWorld, ALREADY know that!

Before the Colbert show started, one of Morrissey's roadies, Joseph Joannides (@JosephJoannides), posted a photo on twitter. It shows the band doing a sound check, but it's interesting to see that Boz is wearing the MUGGER t-shirt that ALL the band later wore on the show. It's a bit like David Beckham turning up for a football match already dressed in his football kit!

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Here are Morrissey's responses to the cliche subjects raised in the interview:

On being a living legend - "(legend) means something that might be true and might be false, so it doesn't really apply."

On the Queen's diamond jubilee - "sixty years of dictatorship."

On the Queen being 'YOUR Queen' - "I am not a subject."

On the Royal wedding -  "I think they're arrogant, horrible, dictators. The world does not need them."

On Pippa Middleton - "She's horrendous."

When Morrissey asked Colbert if HE had a royal family, Colbert replied "yes, it's called the Romney's", to which Moz said nothing, he just stared into the camera. It was hilarious.

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(Is it just me, or are Mozzer's eyes a little hypnotic in that picture?)

On a Smiths reunion - Colbert said, "You guys could cash in huge", to which Morrissey replied, "Not EVERYBODY is a fat old slag."

On being vegetarian - "animals are nicer than humans, they're conscious beings." "If you stick your grandmother in an oven, she will probably be tasty, but is that any reason to eat your grandmother?"


On the album and song Meat is Murder - Colbert said, "when I hear that, I just think murder is delicious." When I watched the interview the first time, I thought that Colbert was just an idiot for making such a comment, but KNOWING he's playing a satirical character makes this line quite funny, and it is interesting to see Morrissey smirking, he TOTALLY gets the parody humour. Morrissey responded to this by saying "to a REALLY intelligent being, murder is NOT delicious", so Mozzer STILL managed to make his point!

After the interview, Morrissey sang 'People Are The Same Everywhere' and 'I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris', but the only POSSIBLE link to the MorrisseysWorld phenomenon, is Morrissey wearing a number 22 on his Mexico football shirt, with '22' being the number of original BLUE ROSE members, but he's worn that shirt before, so I'm not convinced that it was the 'little something' that Our Mozzer has planned. Tomorrow I shall scan YouTube and lOOk for a 'little something' else.


Tonight, Morrissey plays the first of three sold out New York shows, and the BLUE ROSE SOCIETY are hoping that Moz WON'T be able to resist the charms of Kyle Douglas (@mozkidkyle), who will no doubt be on his father's shoulders, right at the front, BLUE ROSE in hand.
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And WHAT leisure centre is Morrissey playing in tonight? Radio City Music Hall on 6th Avenue! It would appear that there is no desperate need to become a fat slag JUST yet!


  1. You have put everything into perspective Rats.
    I thought that Colbert was a rude idiot until
    I read that his character was a parody which
    made the interview with Moz easier to stomach.

    Moz looked very sexy in his black jacket,
    black football top and black trousers.
    He sounded great too !

    Love the photos of Radio City, wish I was
    there, what a beautiful auditorium.

  2. Morrissey did indeed take the Blue Rose from Kyle!!! I was front row at Radio City tonight and saw it with my own two eyes.

  3. I thought the interview was great. Colbert's humour is of parody/pundit type and leans heavily on politics It can be really funny when he interviews a politician and they have no idea he's actually making fun of them. Sacha Baron Cohen does this but as another character like Ali G, whereas Colbert presents himself often as a friend in agreement other times he comes across as an off putting know it all--and Moz kept up with him. I think that if his show were a UK show Moz's and his take on the royals would probably be very similar, but Colbert would state it as satire Moz is straight forward. As for MN8's song, maybe Moz was just trying to show you how modern lyrics can be I mean so meaningful and stirring, I mean can you beat:
    I got a little somethin' for ya
    I got a little somethin' for you
    Na na na na na na na na na

  4. Hello Rat, great post as always! Reading this I understood better Colbert's interview, as you know I'm italian and, for me, nothing is more difficult than understanding an American who's talking in english! I did'nt understand even my grandma who came from Denver, probably these is the reason 'cause I'm a so confused mind! Thank you Rat!

  5. Hello, just have to say that young Kyle there is the most wonderful child in the world...I think we all wish we could have a son and heir with such exquisite and refined tastes! And the Colbert interview was really good, if anything nowhere near long enough; the interview style and humour really suited Morrissey, none of those "sycophantic slags"...

  6. Bless this archive of memories, I googled "Morrissey Mexico Jersey" and It brought me back here, of course.
    Sucks about the Twitter thing but you'll survive, FTM must survive.


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