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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Day 396 - Viva El Presidente

I am writing this at 9 am on Sunday morning. I shall soon be setting off to Bagshot in Surrey, where my football management skills will be put to the test in a very tough Under 15 cup match. I have decided to adopt Malcolm Allison's approach to football management, and will today be wearing a fedora hat, and insist that the player's call me 'Big Rat'. If that doesn't get us a victory, then God knows what will!


I have had a very quick glance at YouTube, and it would appear that as I was sleeping, the BLUE ROSE's President was dancing the night away, on stage with Moz! HOW does he do it? Seasoned concert pros like Manc Lad, have attempted FOUR times to give Morrissey a rose, and yet Kyle strolls in to Radio City Music Hall on Wednesday, hops onto the stage at will, gives Moz a BLUE ROSE, then hops off again, whilst LAST NIGHT, in a pit of aggressive 'Meatheads', Kyle just pops onto the stage again during the 'Still Ill' encore, jumps into Morrissey's arms, and then dances with him!


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IN                                                                   OUT
SCANDINAVIA                                          FANTASTIC BIRD
I KNOW IT'S OVER                                   PEOPLE ARE THE SAME EVERYWHERE

The only other videos on YouTube at the moment are of 'Scandinavia' (mesmerizing!), 'One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell' (powerful) and 'Speedway' (awesome as ever), so I've no idea if there was any relevance to 'I Know It's Over', as mentioned yesterday, but it WAS played.

During 'Speedway', Morrissey quoted, "Some are born for happiness, some are born for sorrow, but only for a little while, we'll all be dead tomorrow." I've got a feeling that he's quoted this before,but I haven't got time to look up the quote. 

The evening before, during 'Speedway', Morrissey quoted a section of an old parody song by Victoria Wood, called 'Northerners', so I imagine that Moz probably had his 'tea interview' with Victoria on Friday.

I have no time to write any more, so please add comments below. Thanks to Edge  Industrial Photography for leaving comment yesterday on Friday's concert.

I am presuming that NOBODY managed to get a rose to Morrissey, not EVEN El Presidente, but we can't expect it EVERY day (everyday). And HOW has our president coped with all this excitement?

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  1. kyle and his dad were 2 rows in front of me on the right hand side.
    I wondered 'why is he right at the edge of the barrier, and not in the
    middle?? all was revealed at the end when a quick hoist up onstage
    from his dad and he was very very easily onstage with moz!!
    he scarpered on that stage so fast ... like a ferret up a drainpipe
    ... young uns eh!!

    real cute when moz held him and they danced hand in hand:
    very dallas 1991 sunday. moz specifically took time to come over and
    say hello to kyle previously and asked if was still 11 and when he
    would be 12 (september 3rd)

    people took photos of him on the way out. I wanted to shake his hand
    on behalf of the BRS but they went by me too quickly.

    as far as I could see he did not have a rose, he was sitting on the barrier
    with one arm around his dad and the other outstretched. it was very
    cool to see him at a gig and see him reacting to a moz gig.

    I did not see any blue roses. any roses. not even a gladi.

    before entering I thought the gig might be more reserved that the
    night before. but just from the reaction to Kristeen (lots of nodding
    heads: people were really into it) I knew this wasn't going to be the
    case. and the huge deafening roar as the curtain dropped proved it.

    HUGE HUGE surge forward for 'Sunday. I was quite taken aback
    by it. everything became even more intense after that.

    I loved being in a tightly packed crowd and it not just being manic
    (and dangerous) people were very respectful, yet everyone was
    totally into it in their own way. I loved seeing this. I loved seeing
    the love that american fans had for moz.

    best I KNOW IT'S OVER *ever* the end was sublime and seemed
    even longer than usual. definitely the fans favourite along with Sunday.
    but then he did STILL ILL!! ... imagine if moz had played it before
    Sunday at Dallas 1991, that's what it felt like... people dancing,
    punching the air, euphoria, unity, and then sadness when it ended.

    moz quotes: (after spotting someone holding out a record) 'you think you
    can buy me with rare records (and he said something else) ... YOU CAN!!!

    (paraphrased) 'trouble ... there's going to be a whole lot of trouble ... a whole
    house will need rebuilding' (and then he did another song!!! no morrissey
    no!!!) how high were my hopes though for the rest of the night!!!

    sad the gigs are over, but happy. just wanted them to all go off without a
    hitch and for me to not catch the cold I've been fighting - and it just be perfect.
    and it was.

    I'm seeing youth of today tonight. I'll wear a moz shirt. see if any hardcore
    guys show some love. hopeful because I spotted some at the t5 show.

    oh yeah I liked it when moz introduced boz as from 'yomini' the night
    before. very eurovision!!

    1. Thanks for your splendid review. This sounds like a truly magical and memorable concert, one that will go down in Moz history. Interesting that he mentioned 'trouble.' Hmm...


    2. Many thanks The Edge ( ! ) for your descriptive comments.
      Sounds like it was a thrilling evening and how lovely for
      Kyle to be part of the show again in such a special way,
      sounds like he really rose to the occasion !

      So glad that you had a great time too.

      And what does Moz's reference to ' trouble ' mean ??

    3. Great review Edge - thanks for sharing. The 'trouble' reference - probably stating the obvious -Now my heart is full?

  2. Thank you and congratulations, Kyle! The Society is proud of you

    / \

    (above is Morrissey doing the sign of praise in your honor)

  3. 0

    The first one didn't come out quite right. Here we are and on we go.

    1. What a clever & adorable sign of praise! Kyle certainly deserves it, as does Morrissey as well. The Society salutes both of you and we are honored to have you in our midst. Many thanks to you both!

    2. Thank you. As ever, it is good to be here. My artwork didn't come out right the first nor second time, yet it looked fine in draft. What we intend to put out there is not always what people see.


    3. Blue Rose it is so good to see you here again.
      I love your signs above and what a novel idea !

      We are proud of Morrissey and Kyle, who is our new
      little Moz hero. Viva the Blue Rose Society !
      The last two nights were particularly special due
      to them both.

      You are so correct with the words of your last sentence.
      Perhaps ' Don't judge a book by its cover ' or similar ?

  4. Thank you, Lizzy; and may I state that you and Heathercat are always extremely cordial when I appear?
    Our "little Moz hero" has indeed pulled off what seemed to be an impossibility. Kyle, you've made history.
    About the last sentence in my above reply; to answer your question, it's about open interpretation of actions or words.

    1. I am glad that you find Heather and I cordial, no reason for us not to be,
      you seem to be an interesting and mannered person. * smiles *

      Kyle has indeed done something that none of us could have predicted and twice !!
      But Moz enabled it to happen, so he is just as special.

      Thank you for explaining what you meant in your earlier comment.
      Unfortunately we cannot control how people interpret our actions or words.

  5. And it's about my silly symbol. Moz is very misaligned and that wasn't intended.


    1. Moz didn't look ' misaligned ' at all, he looked as perfect as always.
      I wouldn't have noticed unless you had pointed it out and re-done him.

    2. I think it effectively gets the point across. We're always happy to see you here and hope you continue to visit and make comments. Regarding your comment above, it seems that people only see what they want to see (OO)

    3. I believe open interpretation is a good thing. It gets people thinking and there's nothing wrong with that.
      I enjoy being in your electronic company, as i find you both to be well-mannered and kind.


    4. I agree with you about open interpretation, people can then make their own
      minds up.
      I also believe that communication is a good thing too in this world of ours.

      ' Electronic company ' makes us sound like robots !! But I do know what you

      " It takes guts to be gentle and kind " so thank you.

    5. Thanks for your kind words, Blue Rose - we enjoy your company, too. Of course, we all need to think for ourselves and reach our own conclusions - a lesson well-learned from the MorrisseysWorld experience.

  6. That is the one thing this whole experience has taught me over the past year: to lOOk for myself, follow my instincts and trust my heart! Thank you so much!

  7. Hello Rat, thank you for the funny post and thanks to Edge for the beautiful review! Obviously my special thanks are for Kyle, my hero, and my future son in law, because I decided that my daugther will marry no one else than Kyle....Anyway I'm a little bit worried for you dear Rat, I think you still need some rest, please don't force yourself in a lot of activity and enjoy some free time doing the most difficult thing in the world: NOTHING or otium as it was called in the ancient Rome!

    1. Will you invite us to the wedding, Romina?

  8. I was at all three NYC shows and they were three of the most thrilling nights of my entire rotten existence. I say this without exaggeration. I love Morrissey more than I love my own family and friends, though that isn't saying much. I absolutely cannot wait to see him again in Atlantic City and I will probably cry for a month when it's all over. Viva Moz!

  9. thanks for your kind words everyone.
    please check my blog later in the week for pics of ny moz fans
    and then gig reviews/photos. I know mozfiend how great were they!!
    I'm so glad I was able to see moz not only outside the uk but in my
    favourite city.

  10. Stunning story there. What happened after? Good luck!

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