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Monday, 15 October 2012

Day 397 - If You're L'00'king For Trouble, Is Maine The Right Place?

Today, I must once again start by thanking George (Edge Industrial Photography) for the great review of Saturday's concert, which he posted in the comments section of yesterday's blog. It is so nice to be able to read a review without having to visit that Solow place.

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It surely won't be long before reviews aren't needed at all. With the rapid advancement in camera phone technology, and with the advent of YouTube, it is now possible to watch a concert from start to finish, albeit that we usually have to wait a few hours before footage is posted. The next advancement will be concert goers loading LIVE videos straight onto YouTube from their camera phones. For now, if we want to follow a concert online 'as it happens', we are pretty much limited to twitter postings, which is VERY similar to 'watching' a football match on teletext circa 1980.

George's review of Saturday's concert revealed that he saw NO roses, so what happened to the BLUE ROSES that we KNEW were being taken by Chio and El Presidente Kyle? Chio has reported that she threw hers towards the stage, but has NO idea if it reached. Kyle has tweeted to say that his was taken off him as he went in, and was told it would go to the manager! WHAT manager?

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(photo courtesy of @monikafabian, who tweeted it Saturday at 7pm NYC time)

George's review also mentioned that 'I Know It's Over' was "sublime and seemed even longer than usual." I decided to time it; It was 6 mins 22 from the start of the song to Moz's vocal finishing and the total song time was 7 mins 16. I have just re-watched the Manchester floppy red rose version, and that is EXACTLY the same length for the vocal, although the total time is shorter because Moz didn't leave the stage like he did in NYC. Our Mozzer had tweeted "I Know It's Over" in the early hours of Saturday, but I don't think that the tweet had any relevance to Saturday night's subsequent performance, and although I agree with George that it was indeed a sublime and quite mesmerizing rendition, it WASN'T as good as couldn't be, could it!


George also reported that during the concert, Morrissey said, "Trouble....there's going to be a whole lot of trouble." Before then adding, "a whole house will need rebuilding." Could Moz POSSIBLY be hinting that 'Trouble Loves Me' is soon to be added to the set? We can but live in hope. Rosy Mires has conceded that Morrissey singing 'Trouble' would DEFINITELY convince her that MorrisseysWorld is real, which actually proves how illogical she is, for Morrissey singing one of his own songs, having not sung it for a few years, a la 'A Rush And A Push', would be much easier to pass off as a coincidence than 'Fake Moz' announcing tours in Argentina! NEVER try and understand a woman's logic!

Lizzy Cat has tweeted to say that Saturday's recital during the pause in 'Speedway' was the same as he recited on his birthday in San Diego. NOBODY is yet to identify it, and on the subject of non identifications, we STILL haven't come up with the names of the two people on the stage back drop. Forget 'WHO IS MORRISSEY?', WHO are these two?:

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GOB (@GirlOnBike2468101214) has suggested a young Anthony Hopkins, but I can't see it. Romina (@Caterita200203029849) STILL thinks Gina Lollobrigida, which certainly is a possibility, but the picture doesn't appear to be from 'Woman in Rome' as suggested by Romina. I thought it was maybe from 'Hunchback of Notre Dame', but that too doesn't look to be right. Do those statues in the background jog anybody's memory?

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Over in The Twitterdilly Arms, Our Mozzer yesterday resurfaced, and one of his first tweets was a re-tweet belonging to EARS (@Airraid2527290). It was a pic tweet of the infamous BLUE ROSE RING, and just in case you are at a Morrissey concert, and a woman who looks like Polly James off 'The Liver Birds' tries thrusting a ring onto your finger, here is what to look out for:

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Our Mozzer then retweeted 'President Kyle' & 'Kyle's Dad', before then re-tweting Tokyo Katie's BLUE ROSE in Tokyo, just as a reminder of the FIRST person to start BLUE ROSE off on it's trip around the globe. We have now had BLUE ROSES at Morrissey concerts in Asia, Europe and America, and already work is underway to spread the word to Australasia.

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After finishing his re-tweets, MW then tweeted:

"Whom does Trouble love?"

It's coming, I tell yer, I feel it in me bones, and I know I've been wrong before, but having now accepted BLUE ROSE, I honestly believe Morrissey is going to sing it for us. NOBODY (accept possibly Rosy Mires) will bat an eyelid if he sings it, and the Solowers will just write that they wish he'd sung 'Billy Budd' or 'King Leer'. It's now just a case of WHEN?


MW also tweeted that he is working on his tour journal, but after all the false promises with the last ones that never materialised, is he to be believed? It's a rum do when you can't even trust an attention seeking parody to come up with the goods!

Other tweet highlights from Our Mozzer:

'@dobcrossdaz' asked: "When's your autobiography out?"

MW replied: "2041. It will largely focus on my gardening career 2012-2041."

'@MSMasoet' asked: "When are you coming to South Africa?"

MW replied: "As soon as you remove Neutral Milk Hostel from your profile."

It would appear that MSMasoet has NOT yet removed the picture from his profile, and so his WHOLE country could miss out on seeing Moz because of it. You think I'm joking, I'm not!

MW: "My career has died of natural causes but the inquest has only just begun."

'@DavinaElizabeth' asked: "Help out an unsigned band!"

MW replied: "I'm afraid all my time is occupied trying to help out a dazzling unsigned band: my unsigned band."


MW: "I remain extremely relevant in Alzheimer's homes throughout England."

'@Harry_Earnshaw' tweeted: "Life is more wholesome when @MorrisseysWorld is around."

MW replied: "You make me sound like a supermarket loaf; white, thickly-sliced and palatably grainy."

And so onto tonight's leisure centre of choice, the 'State Theatre' in Portland, Maine. In many ways, it's not dissimilar to old Mozzer himself; not much to look at from the outside, but the inside is full of beauty and awe.

'The State Theatre' is an Art deco building, which in 1982, at the age of 53, fell upon hard times, and was leased out as a porn theatre.....I am saying NOTHING....but I AM smiling as I write this! The State has also TWICE had large lumps of ceiling plaster fall down during concerts, but this is unlikely to happen tonight, as 1.5 million dollars has recently been spent on a complete renovation of the decrepit old thing....again, I shall say nowt!


*Goes off singing - not for the first time* Trouble loves me, Trouble needs me, two things more than you do.


  1. What do you mean, 'Mozzer's not much to look at from the outside?!' I think your eyes must be as dodgy as your heart, Rats! I certainly hope there's going to be a whole lot of trouble soon - I hope your ratty instinct is correct. I also hope that all goes well in Maine tonight and the sheer power of Mozzer's singing doesn't make the ceiling collapse.

    1. Lol - you must have typed this whilst I was reading. Glad to see that great minds think alike! :)

  2. Oh Rat, how can you say Our Mozzer is not much to look at from the outside?! He is the frinkiest man alive!

  3. QUOTE: "NOBODY . . . . will bat an eyelid if he sings it, and the Solowers will just write that they wish he'd sung 'Billy Budd' or 'King Leer'"

    Quality Rat - you can just see this happening, it's all so . . inevitable.


  4. A cracking blog Rats except for the rude comment about our Mozzer's looks.
    He is a very handsome and attractive man, put yer glasses on !! OO

    If Moz DOES sing ' Trouble Loves Me ' I fear that he really may retire and
    disappear from Twit and his blog - forever !
    For where would he go from there ?

    Be careful what you wish for.........

    1. As the ever eloquent Pussycat Dolls (oh dear, no pun intended) once sang "be careful what you wish for, cos you just might get it"...

    2. There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it.
      (Oscar Wilde)

  5. Rat, you are truly a naughty Rat, and I'm happy for this, because it means that you are in fine form and your crazy heart got no more "trouble"! Aniway how do you know my phone's number? I don't remember, when did I give it? And the other numder is Sabine's number? Good, so I can call her! Tomorrow I'll do my rel comment! Now no time, I miss an a as you could see!


    1. I am quite disappointed Romina that bad Rats did not list my phone number,
      even though it is ex-directory I would be happy for Mozzer fans to see it.
      Perhaps Rats thinks that no-one would want it ?
      If that is the case there will be ' trouble ! '

      By the way, is that a recent photo of yourself ? Just wondered.

    2. Yes Lizzy is a quite recent photo, exactly passport's photo, now my hair are just a little bit longer! Maybe Rat does'nt want to give your number to other people, he's a jealous Rat! Anyway, about the backdrop, the woman is surely Gina Lollobrigida, but the man? probably only his mum could recognize him!

  6. oh my god rat, never thought I'd see a pic of myself on my blogger dash.
    I was all 'what's going on here!!?? (a la 'league of gentlemen)
    and a parody pic too. I really feel honoured!!!

    you're welcome about the review, I was happy to be able to help out.
    it was pretty surreal realising kyle was just a few rows in front of me.
    I thought 'I know it's over seemed a bit longer than normal but wasn't
    sure if it was or just seemed that way due to the emotion of the gig
    and the reaction it received from the people near me.

    re: the trouble mention, to me, at first when he said trouble I thought
    he's going to do that song and then I thought it was just an out and out
    'Now my heart is full reference - and expected that - but neither was

    another quote I forgot about: these songs will sound a lot better when
    my voice breaks ... be patient'

  7. Mozzer is and always has been the best looking human in the universe.

  8. Top entertainment as ever rats.

    *Goes of humming the theme tune to the Liver Birds*

  9. Dear Rat, I could'nt stay for the chart as I said before and you'll never know how much I wish, I start to hate my dentist, he's to expensive and to lazy! Oh, and now he got an haircut similar to jhonny Marr, the only positive thing around him! The word Johonny is always the word I mispelled more, since when I was at gymnnasium, if I'll ever write it correctly be carefull, quite possible I can't be me! Anyway i need to express my insane thought about Morrisseysworld and related twitter account: I do belive is him, or better I prefer beliving is him, because if not him, but just a scouser as huge crazy fan all of us will be involved in a thriller story as Misery by Stephen King! Try to think about this for a moment: a huge fan try to raise in a virtual prison as blog and a twitter account his idol just for manipulate him like a puppet on a string! Oh my God I'm truly scared! Better thinking is him!I got to go now, ciao!


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