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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Day 399 - It's Goodnight From Me And It's Goodnight From Him....Goodnight.

I have spent a number of hours writing my blog today, as I always do, and then my computer crashed and I have lost the whole lot! It was witty, informative and thought provoking, but I am certainly not writing it all over again, I am SO pissed off.

The main points were that MorrisseysWorld has disappeared, there is little footage from Flynn, I discussed Kristeen Young's latest interview, I had a dig at Solow and I wrote a particularly funny bit about a Hirsute Hoaxer in a bedsit in Hereford.

I really am so, so annoyed. I think I've had enough, so it's goodnight from me, and it's goodnight from him.



  1. That blows bigtime! which is why I use google docs autosaves every 3 minutes or so. Toodles Rat. Time to wait again to breath.

  2. That kind of thing has happened to my hubby so many times doing online applications so I can just imagine how pissed off you are! Don't worry about it. Go and do something fun and hopefully we'll have you back another day!

  3. Don't be too annoyed:

    MorrisseysWorld has disappeard - well, we know this already
    Little footage from Flynn - okay, not your fault
    Dig as Solow - standard fare - it will live to fight another day
    Hirsute Hoaxer, bedsit, Hereford - now there would have been mileage in that alright, so perhaps concentrate on that one.

    We loves you Ratty we really does.

  4. Oh Rat, I wish I could help you! I love you to!

  5. Oh bless your dicky heart rats. SO frustrating for you.

    Take it steady & have a *hug*

  6. Damn technology! I know how incredibly frustrating that is and I'm so disappointed that we don't get to read all the brilliant things you wrote. But tomorrow is another day and hopefully you'll be able to regroup sufficiently to write again soon (please!). Love ya, ratty one.

  7. Dear Rat, One must do what's feel right. I personally enjoy your blog and your witty sense of humor...You will be dearly missed. Come back soon we will be waiting with open twiterdilly arms!


  8. How b***** annoying for you Rats, I am so sorry that your lovely blog
    disappeared into the interweb ether.

    Lil's comments were right on the money, take heed of them and come
    back here again another day.

    The MW blog was briefly visible this afternoon and I caught a glimpse
    of the Football Manager Game 2012, there was one comment to read and then
    hocus-pocus it was gone again. I didn't have time to read the comment * sad *

  9. sorry to hear that rat. I know it would've been a great read.
    bit surprised about MW closing.
    especially after the blue rose was accepted.
    please come back soon.

  10. Sorry to hear but understand as twitter just crashed for me, and my computer freezes or crashes almost every time I fill out a job application--usually on last page/not the first. Give your self a break from the keyboard and enjoy the rest of the day

  11. Glad this idiot decided to take the site down again for the millionth time. Maybe if he spent less time posting rehashed lyrics of old and focused on penning something worth more than a glass of stale Guinness, people would listen; clearly, Morrissey has lost it.

    Columbus wants him to stay away.

  12. I am sad MorrisseysWorld has disappeared yet again. And after seeing Morrissey three times last week I am missing him terribly. Sigh. This blog is the only thing I have left unless I want to abuse myself and go to So-Low. I'm not that desperate yet.

  13. Eh never mind - today is another day and in the absence of MW, a concert or any other news, how about giving it another go.


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