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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Day 400 - Why Do You Come Here?

I have awoken this morning, asking myself a number of questions. The annoyance I felt yesterday at losing five hours worth of writing has slightly subsided, and as Manc Lad quite rightly pointed out on twitter, I was being a drama queen, although to be honest, Manc Lad has probably never even WRITTEN five hours worth before, yet alone LOST it! Better to have written and lost, than never to have written before.

One of the questions I am asking myself this morning is; WHY am I still writing this blog? Is there a purpose? I started writing it because I was excited at having discovered MorrisseysWorld, and I continued to write as I followed the journey of Our Mozzer (MorrisseysWorld) making predictions on the MW blog and twitter feed, and TRM (The Real Morrissey) making the predictions come true and giving signs on stage, in interviews, and on True-To-You etc. I felt that I was documenting something VERY special, and along the way, both my blog, and my writing style have evolved into something quite different.

MorrisseysWorld hasn't reached the conclusion that I thought it would, ie discovery by the media, and acceptance by the thousands of Morrissey fans, but I DO feel it has reached some sort of conclusion now that BLUE ROSE has been fulfilled, and this past week has felt a little like 'after the lord mayor's show'.

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing my blog, but I am VERY aware that it has stopped me doing anything else, although in fairness, I haven't WANTED to do anything else, writing about Morrissey on a daily basis has been heaven for me, but I don't want to just write about concerts I didn't attend, there seems little point in that. Perhaps I should just write about MorrisseysWorld, and when it isn't around, as it isn't now, I should stop! Maybe TRM feels that with BLUE ROSE now achieved, there is nowhere else to go with this whole thing. He may of course be bored by it all, or will MorrisseysWorld return, as TRM feels compelled to continue until the fans and media DO eventually notice?

 I gave up work nine months ago to write this blog on a full time basis, which to most people, in the real world, would seem crazy, and it is probably why I have kept it so secret from those who know me, but I just sensed that this whole MorrisseysWorld phenomenon was something VERY special and unique, and that view point HASN'T changed. NO artist has none anything like this before, and when it does eventually come out, which I have no doubt that it will, my blog will have acted as some sort of document of events.

 So, I guess the answer to my question is, I have continued to write because a) I enjoy it and b) I feel it will be of interest to people. I know from the kind comments I receive, that it already IS of interest to people. I think I shall continue, but ONLY if there is something to write about. I have today deleted two of my three twitter accounts; '@TheRatsBack' and '@ODyrbrm'. I have kept '@UpThePier', but only because he runs the chart show. I don't NEED three twitter accounts, and it annoys me that I spend so much time on twitter, it is an addiction. I have to admit, I'll miss The Rat, but 'ODyrbrm' (Morrissey's Shed) was only ever set up because '@MorrisseysMum' started using that name, and I registered it more for prosperity than anything else.


Now that I've got all that off my chest, I should report that Mozzerie-Guts has reappeared on twitter, and there is YET ANOTHER new account in town, '@SocietyRose'. The account holder has tweeted to say that they are the same person who leaves messages on my blog under the name 'BLUE ROSE', so  we are now left wondering, IS this true, and IS 'BLUE ROSE' yet ANOTHER Morrissey pessoa? And I thought THREE was too many to cope with!

Tonight's leisure centre of choice is The Palace Theatre in Albany, and guess what? Yep, it's a 1930's, art deco, former movie house. These theatres that Morrissey is playing in, really are beautiful.

Finally, an anonymous comment was left on my blog yesterday that read as follows:

Glad this idiot decided to take the site down again for the millionth time. Maybe if he spent less time posting rehashed lyrics of old and focused on penning something worth more than a glass of stale Guinness, people would listen; clearly, Morrissey has lost it.

Columbus wants him to stay away.

I normally delete all anonymous comments, especially if they say unpleasant things about Morrissey, but there is something about this comment, which reminds me of the anonymous comments that used to appear on MorrisseysWorld. It is my belief that Morrissey himself leaves anonymous comments, it is yet another form of his self deprecation, or he is just having a laugh. Either way, the comment above contains A SEMI COLON, which ALWAYS raises my suspicions, and what is more, it is the SECOND mention of Columbus not wanting Morrissey that I have read recently. WHY would somebody from Columbus suddenly appear on a fairly unknown blog, which is only read by a handful of people, and leave such a comment? I may be wrong, but I believe Morrissey is telling us, anonymously, that he is going to cancel the concert scheduled for next Wednesday at the LC Indoor Pavilion in Columbus....... after all, it ISN'T an art deco picture house! Remember where you read it first.



  1. Those theatres are really something special, a joy to look at.

    I'll miss Ratty and also the shed - I have to change my Twitter message thing now as I no longer follow a shed. In any event, the shed only means something to those of us who were around at the time that Mum was locked in there. Happy days indeed.

    Keep blogging please, Cousin Pier, it's our lifeline.

  2. Thanks God you're still blogging dear Rat, sorry Pier...My 'usband got a cousin Pier, he's a famous lawer and a fox playboy! Have nice day!

  3. Thanks God you're still blogging dear Rat, sorry Pier...My 'usband got a cousin Pier, he's a famous lawer and a fox playboy! Have nice day!

  4. Thanks God you're still blogging dear Rat, sorry Pier...My 'usband got a cousin Pier, he's a famous lawer and a fox playboy! Have nice day!

  5. Thanks God you're still blogging dear Rat, sorry Pier...My 'usband got a cousin Pier, he's a famous lawer and a fox playboy! Have nice day!

    1. Oops! Looks like you had a slight technical hitch posting here today :(

  6. Not only the blog itself is indeed very special Rat; after reading what wrote today, I must say so are you.


  7. The rat is dead?!! Life will never be the same. I think we should have a memorial service to pay our respects. May we still call you Rat? This truly makes me very sad, he will be greatly missed, but I'm so relieved to hear that you'll continue blogging. This has been such a special and unique experience and your time and efforts definitely have not been wasted. Thanks so much for being our lifeline.


  8. Glad to see you are blogging today, but very sad at the demise of Rats and his long
    swishy tail - I shall miss him.

    Another beautiful venue for Mr M to play this evening, I love the Art Deco style.

    I am interested to read your suspicions about the Twitter BlueRose and 'anonymous from
    Columbus ' yesterday. Once again time will tell.Although having seen the Columbus
    venue which looks like a municipal social club, I wouldn't blame Our Moz for cancelling
    the show.

  9. I am sorry, but I will still carry on calling you Rat on here even if the Rat is dead! Old habits and all that! I am glad for you that you have truly lived out your passion over this past year - how many people can say that! I am sure you'll find away to take it further in your own way, at least I hope so!

    So, is @SocietyRose the next phase or is Our Mozzer already bored on tour?

  10. Hello! You had me worried there for a moment with all that talk of giving up blogging, but I really do hope you continue, because, as you know, lots of us DO enjoy reading!
    A really interesting idea about the Columbus thing, and, as someone still on the fence, would definitely swing it for me with regards to confirming the identity of Our Mozzer. It's all exciting stuff...

  11. Goodness, I am glad to find your blog still here. I saw a few tweets on my phone at lunch time but didn't have time to find out what was going on.

    I always enjoy reading your blog & greatly appreciate your dedication.
    Thank you!

    Rats will NEVER be forgotten.

  12. Due to amnesia, I can never remember where to find this it here?
    (or am even I..???) x


  13. Do I come here often ' Anonymous ? '

    I might be as confused as you sound !!

    Anyway you wear it well !!

  14. Only 'three' accounts *cough, cough*

  15. indeed Columbus has appeared all over the show with anti Morrissey statements..please be on your guard L, you just might have to earn your money.. rat, every time a new name appears on twitt you think its..well you know, might see you in the chelsea, not made up my mind just yet

  16. Don't quit blogging Rat. I am fairly new to the whole Morrisseysworld phenomenon. I certainly haven't been around as long as the regulars, but I enjoy and look forward to reading your blog everyday, especially because MorrisseysWorld is only up intermittently. Without your writing about Morrissey's concerts every night all we fans are left with is So-Low. And everyone knows MorrisseysWorld fans and even Morrissey fans are not welcome there. Don't give it all up yet. Who knows what will happen next and who will be around blog about it if not you???

    1. agree! I am also fairly new. I visit this blog every day, even if there is nothing new written here. I enjoy all the writing, the excitement, the experience, the story and history, and how we try to bring together all of these puzzle pieces :)

      Thank you, Rat! Keep blogging please...


  17. Thank you for keep blogging.

    I'll always be on your side, Rat...


  18. but I think your blog has became so much more than just reporting on m.w
    and that whole journey. just look at the parody pieces, I think they are
    as much a part of this blog now as m.w findings. that's the beauty of blogs
    they change and evolve in ways you never expected. I think your blog is
    somewhere for moz fans to come to and it now just encompasses everything
    moz related. I'd be lost without it.

    I do agree that anonymous comment was strange. so similiar to the ones
    that were always being left on m.w.

  19. "Although having seen the Columbus venue which looks like a municipal social club, I wouldn't blame Our Moz for cancelling
    the show." You don't get it at all do you? So the theater is a little dreary looking. So what? You think Moz cares more about that than his audience? And so much for your latest impersonator tweeting, let's see, 12 hours ago? I don't think so. Get real you guys.


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