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Monday, 22 October 2012

Day 404 - #LoveToBetty

I was just about to write a new parody story, starring Moz and Boz on the tour bus, but it has just been announced on True-To-You, that Morrissey's mother is unwell, and has been hospitalized, so I have decided that today is not a  suitable day.

According to TTY, Morrissey has returned to England, and all concerts scheduled for this week are cancelled. It also says that Morrissey will resume the tour next Monday, the 29th.

I would like to offer my sincerest best wishes to Morrissey's mother, Betty Dwyer, and hope she has a speedy recovery.

As Morrissey is known to read my blog from time to time, I would also like to invite BLUE ROSE members to leave their own message of support.

                                  GET WELL SOON BETTY


  1. I'm truly hoping for she'll be better soon, this is a very sad news, but after a sad news got to come a good one, I'm sure! #LoveToBetty

  2. Our mothers are special, even more so when they are Irish and brought us up in Manchester as mine also did. Best wishes to our mozzer and his mother - if collective good will can help then there is lots of it coming your way.

  3. what a beautiful picture.
    so very sorry to read this.
    I wish I could give him a hug.
    my thoughts will be with Morrissey this week.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. (Sorry had to delete due to a typo above.)

    I was so sorry to hear the sad news about Morrissey's Mum.
    We wish her a speedy recovery and many best wishes.

    I am sending love and positive energy to Manchester for them both.

    #LoveToBetty * hugs * for Moz.

  6. oh this is very sad...
    Wishing all the best for them.
    Get well soon, Betty.

    ~ love & hugs from Indonesia

  7. I truly sympathise, with my mum having been really ill this year. All my best wishes, love and positive vibes to Betty and Our Mozzer. #LoveToBetty


  8. Morrissey, I am sure you will be of great comfort to your mum.I hope the love & good wishes here will help you to feel stronger at such a difficult time.

    My heartfelt love & the warmest of hugs to you. We will be here for you.....


  9. Morrissey and Mom, you are in mine and Kyles prayers, we wish you well. Take care of her, we love you.

  10. Sending loving and healing thoughts to Mozzer and his beloved mother. Best wishes for a quick recovery to the one who brought us our treasured shining light. Peace and strength to the family xx


  11. Dear Moz, Hope your momma gets better soon, I pray that your not too stressed out. I know these things can take a toll on your mind and body. I'm crossing my fingers in hopes that the hospital has good tea.
    Love, JJ

    1. My thoughts and good wishes will be with you Moz, your mother and family, all of you will need the extra strenght during this time. I'm sure having you there is already helping your mother.I hope she has a quick recovery and gets well soon. #BlueRoseSociety #LovetoBetty

  12. Your mom has been in my thoughts all day and I'm glad to know you are next to her. Many like me are thankfull for you and that's only because of Betty.
    There so much love for you Betty, from all over the world! #LovetoBetty
    From your Peruvian friend

  13. Dearest Morrissey,
    I wish your mum a speedy recovery. I am sure seeing you near her will make her feel much, much better. I still hope to see you in Chicago but its not so important as the real things in life. Take care xxx ooo Ciao! Awillo (Andy)

  14. Get well soon Morrissey's Mum.

  15. I dearly hope that you both are doing as well as possible. I'm thinking of you two with my heart.


    PS: What a beautiful woman your mother is! The picture Rat posted is the first one I've ever seen of her...


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